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The Life of Ka - zar


January 5th 2008 4:10 pm
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Just thought I would write in my diary as it been a while since my last entry and this is my first entry of 2008 . Not that there is anything really interesting to write about as it been too hot to do anything again.

I must be starting to get old as the heat really gets to me and never used to. Mum loves the heat as it help her wrists and knees but I don't, there are times when I wish my fur coat had a zipper on it and I could take it off when it's hot and out back on when it cooler.

I had a pretty good day yesterday Mum watched the tennis on tv and I gave her a cuddle even though it was hot it was nice and I like to let her know that I love her and I put my head on her left knee and she tells me it helps to make it feel better.

Well there is nothing left to write so I will go


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