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Why I'm looking forward to Chirstmas

December 13th 2007 1:15 am
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Chirstmas is not that far away and since I haven't written in my diary lately (Mum'a been very slack and won't let me use the computer) I thought I would write an entry about what i look forward to at chirstmas time.

These are in no particular order but all mean alot to me.

1. Spending time with my human family - I love them very much and there is nothing better than spending christmas day with them all.

2. Having turkey for lunch - Grandma and Grandpa always cook a roast turkey and vegies for lunch. While I don't eat vegies I love to get my share of turkey and if I sit next to Mum while she's eating and look very cute she shares some with me and then I go and do the same to uncle Grant and I get some more.

3. Getting cuddles from everyone on chirstmas day - This is something I like to get everyday but it has a special meaning on chirstmas day as it's nice to know that the people you care about love you on chirstmas day and it one thing that no one should go without.

4. I know this drives Mum up the wall but I like to watch the chirstmas day repeat of carols by candlelight it a chirstmas eve tradtition in Australia and it repeated on the television on chirstmas day and I enjoy it.

Mum has a thing about chirstmas carols as she was in her high school band and they had to learn them and play them from September to December and she did this for five years of high school. Mum love chirstmas apart from the carols.

5. At the end of the day if Grandpa is outside I like to go and sit with him and keep company and have a long sleep especially after lunch as I like to sleep with a full tummy and I generally get a full tummy by the time i go around to all the family and they have fed me.

Well that what I look forward to around chirstmas time.

If I don't write in my diary again before chirstmas may everyone on catster have a safe and merry chirstmas.


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