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Today is the first day of summer in Australia

November 30th 2007 3:05 pm
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Today is the 1st December and in Australia it's the first day of summer. Which means we get hot weather and plenty of sunny days. Well in Ballarat that the theory any. Ballarat has interesting weather to say the least it can be 25 degrees and sunny one minute and then freezing cold andwet the next you never know what you're going to get.

I love it when it warm as my humans come outside and spend more time with me especially my Grandpa who sits outside and listen to the horse races or reads a book and I stay outside and sleep on a chair in the sun. I wll go outside on m own but it so much better if I have some company.

Mummy alot happier when the weather warmer as her knees and wrists don't hurt her so much and it makes her so much more happier and I like to see my love ones happy as it makes me happy too especially my Mum as I love her very much and hate to see her suffering.

I hope all the catster cats that are in counties that are in their winter are nice and warm and have a nice warm place to sleep. I also send out a big purr to all the cats that aren't feeling very well and hope you get better soon.


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