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The Life of Ka - zar

I lead a pretty boring life

October 29th 2007 12:02 am
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I thought it was time to write in diary as I haven't done for a while as I don't have that much to write about. My life is pretty boring really. I get up in the morning when the first human in the house does. Bug them until they feed me and then go back to sleep in front of the heater until it gets warm enough to go outside and get some vitamin D from the sun.

Once I've done that I go back inside and bug my humans again and have another nap until lunch time and then get up and have some lunch and then go outside again and get some more sun.

The one thing that makes my day at moment is when Mum gets home from school and plays me and makes a fuss I love my Mum very much and I miss her when gone for a long time.


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