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What have I done this week ?

October 7th 2007 1:15 am
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Well come to think of it. I haven't done a lot this week. The weather is starting to get better so I've been outside a bit more and got some vitamin D from the sun but one thing that still annoys me is that the sun doesn't stay out all day and when I go out the sun goes behind the clouds and the sun is hard to find.

Mum has been home for the last two weeks and I've enjoyed having her around a lot but she goes back to school tomorrow and for the next two weeks it for five days. I hope she still makes time for me as I know she will be very busy. She's spent a lot of time playing with me lately and I really enjoy it.

Mum thinks I'm a kitten trapped in a cats body and I think she's right but is it normal for a cat of my age to still play I'm nine years old and I love to play I just don't do it as long as I used to. I also love the fact it makes all my humans laugh and that's the best things about it making people happy.

Well that's my week for you. A really boring week really. Hey it a cat's life. It my job to sleep and do not much else.


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