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Humans do some strange things at night

October 4th 2007 5:57 am
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I don't know what it was but my Mum did something really strange tonight. She did the vacuuming not that's strange in itself but Mum usually does this in the afternoon so I can go outside and hide as I don't like the vacuum cleaner it a big gray thing that makes way too much noise and I'm sacred it might suck me up and I will never be seen again.

when Mum does the vacuuming a night it usually mean we must have someone visiting in the morning and Mum's not a morning person at all until she had at least one caffeine hit in the morning it's talk to the hand and she won't even talk to me but she will come up to me and rub my tummy so I must be special.

Mum's first port of call once she has a caffeine hit in hand is the computer to catch up on the morning news and take her morning tablets for her arthritic knees and hands. I really love my Mum and hate to see her suffer in the cold but the warmer weather is coming to Australia soon so I hope it helps her. When she's really bad I sit on her knee across her left one and she tells me it helps to make them feel better. They cats have great healing powers.

To all my Catster friends who are feeling unwell I send a great big purr out to all of you and hope you're feeling better soon.


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