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I haven't written in my diary for a while

September 14th 2007 6:14 am
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I haven't written in my diary for a while so it was about time I did. Mum helps me with my diary and she's been busy with school. I must say she does take the time to make a fuss of me and that makes me feel special as she let me know she loves me and i let her know how much I love her back.

The football is back on tonight i never saw the point of yelling at the tv all in the name of sport. In this case it watching grown men chase around a leather ball for the best part of three hours and then someone win (well that's most of the time anyway). They also keep me awake while they do it which drive me nuts sometimes, well most of the time actually.

My greatest wish at the moment is for some rain in Australia we are in a drought and if we don't get some serious rain soon there is a small chance we may run out of water here in Ballarat where I live and it quite a scary thought.

I would also like some sun so I can out and sit in the sun and recharge by batteries once in a while but the water situation here is getting quite serious so I will take the rain first as we need it pretty badly.

I would like to send a big purr to all the cats on catster and especially those who aren't feeling very well. Hope you feel better soon.


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