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Hello all

September 6th 2007 12:50 am
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Sorry I haven't written a diary entry in the last few days as good human help is very hard to find. Well I shouldn't say that too loudly as Mummy who types my diary for me has been busy with school this week. I'll be glad when she finished as she will be home more and can spend more time me as I miss her when she's not home as I love her very much.

I went to bed with Mum the other night as it was very cold and Mummy likes to take me to bed to make sure I'm warm and Mummy has a big double bed all to herself and she doesn't mind sharing it with me. I slept at the head end of the bed with her as I normally do and the next thing I know I banged against the wall and ended up on the floor scaring the hell out of Mummy who was sound asleep next me.

I don't know how I managed to do it, I must have rolled over in my sleep and got too close to the edge and fell off. Once I got back on the bed Mummy dusted me off and gave me a cuddle and then I went and slept in Grandma's bed as its safer as I sleep in the middle between Grandma and Grandpa and I can't fall out.

The weather here is getting better all the time and I'm even starting to spend time outside in the sun I really love going outside and having some me time alone and once I'm over it I cime in and spend time with my people.

Well there is nothing left to write. A big purr to all the catster cats.

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