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The Life of Ka - zar

I am one very happy boy

August 19th 2007 5:36 am
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I went from having a great day yesterday to an excellent day today. I feel like I have so much more energy and Mum was saying to uncle Grant if cats have mojo she thinks I've got my back and that's gota be good.

I ate another full breakfast with Grandma and then waited for Mum to get up and play with me, but by the time she got up it was time to go back to sleep so the play with Mum didn't happen today but I did get a cuddle instead which was just as nice. I sat with my head on her left knee which seems to be giving her a lot of trouble lately and she says my laying on it is good therapy for it so I will keep doing it.

I spent most of day in front of the tv asleep as there was nothing else to do. Mum watched the netball and yelled a lot at least it wasn't at me for once and then we watched the football (aussie rules) and after that finished I had tea.

Then I really got full of energy and started running laps around the lounge room which was fun until I realised Mum was trying to do some homework on her laptop and started giving me dirty looks all the time so I stopped so she could have some peace so she could some work done and now I will go back to sleep.

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