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The Life of Ka - zar

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Thank you

June 1st 2015 7:12 pm
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It's was my 17th birthday and second birthday at the bridge yesterday and I want to thank everyone for all their wishes.

Mum nearly forgot my birthday and said on facebook she was a bad kitty mum for almost forgetting. Mum I'm here to tell you no you're not. I know lately you've had another things on you're mind and I know you talk to me every day via those photos of me you have on your bed room wall and when you hear the wind chimes your lovely CCL friends send you as memorial gift in my honor. I do hear you and I know I will be forever loved.

Banjo my earth brother is turning out to be quiet the little man. I was watching from the earth window this morning and I never thought a cat could be more scared of the vacuum cleaner than me.

When Mum got close to her room where Banjo was hanging out with Grandma he ran straight under the bed. I never did that and he made mum feel really guilty. Banjo keep up the great work you're doing with looking after mum.

I do have some news that I need to tell you with a very heavy heart. My Grandpa joined me at the bridge three months ago after losing his battle with liver cancer. It's nice to have him here but I know Grandma is really missing him. I want her to know that Grandpa is still keeping everyone laughing here.

Sorry it took so long to write this entry. With catster having fleas all the time it been hard to get on here and write my diary. I hope to do it sooner all being well.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie angel mate.

Ka - zar.


It's been way too long

January 11th 2015 3:43 pm
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I been trying to get on the net here at bridge for quiet some time. My last diary entry was 20th September last year. I find it really difficult to type it myself and the motivation just isn't there anymore.

Doing my diary was something that I shared with my mum when I was on earth. I really miss being with her. Especially with all the stuff that been going on with my earth family lately.

My Grandpa was told last year that the chemo they were giving him for liver cancer didn't work. So they are trying to find a drug trial that will help him. I don't want him up here so please purr for him that they find something.

My Grandma was diagnosed with central nervous system non Hodgkin lymphoma last September and after three months of intensive chemo. I am happy to say it has gone. The nervous system part was a fancy way of saying it was in the brain.

Banjo my kitty earth brother has grown like a little weed and this week celebrates his 1st birthday. I am so proud of him for the way he taken up the duties of looking after the family. My heart ached that I couldn't be there for them when all this was going on but Banjo did a great job in my place.

Mum will post some more current photo of him on his page when the site will allow her to.

I have nothing else to write. I will try and make my next diary entry a lot sooner than this one.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie angel mate

Ka - zar


It's been way too long.

September 20th 2014 5:32 am
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I am not sure if this will post but I am going to try anyway. Since there has been a lot of fleas on catster the last thing I posted about my Grandpa was that he had the liver tumor removed.

Well the surgery went well for that and Grandpa came home about 10 days later to recover. Then he had another scan 8 weeks post surgery and they found that the liver had grown back with cancerous lesions on it 6 of them to be exact.

They are doing chemo once every 2 weeks and then doing a CT scan every 8 weeks to keep an eye on what's going on and to see if the lesions have shrunk once they have Grandpa might have to go back to Melbourne for more surgery. As mum reckons that not the worst thing in the world.

Please keep my Grandpa in your prayers and purrs as we all love him and I don't want him up here at the bridge anytime soon I know if anything happen to my Grandpa my Grandma would be lost and devastated.

I help with greeting the new angel as they arrive at bridge. I think we're going have to make a deal with God to stop calling them home there are two many for us to keep up with.

A message to Caoin's mum he got here and he well again. I will take good care of him as he gets used to life at the bridge he came here too soon but we will love and care for the little guy.

Better go since I have gone to the earth window to see what mum and Banjo my earth brother are up to.

Purrs and Hugs your Aussie angel mate

Ka - zar


Grandpa had his surgery today.

May 21st 2014 1:25 am
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I've been purring like mad all day today for Grandpa since he had his liver tumor removed today. I am happy to say it was one tumor not two. It got twisted and it looked like two on the scan.

They also took out a gall bladder that has been troubling him for a while and a hernia that is going to give him trouble in the future that was left over from bowel resection.

I want to thank everyone that joined me and my earth brother Banjo in purring for Grandpa. Just because I am an angel now my love for my earth family will never change. It was great that we got better news that first thought and I have the power of the paw to thank for that.

I am glad that my earth brother Banjo got to see first hand how powerful the power of the paw can be. I am forever grateful to everyone that look the time to purr and leave comment of support on my diary too.

I am going to fly down the hospital tonight and sprinkle healing angel dust on Grandpa. Hopefully the worst of this is over.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Angel Ka - zar


A call to purrs for my Grandpa

May 18th 2014 4:28 am
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Today has been the first time I've had a chance to write an update about my Grandpa since catster has had a lot of fleas and now I am up at bridge I have to do it myself it can be a really slow process.

As some of you may already know my Grandpa has been diagnosed with two tumors on his liver and today he along with Grandma and uncle Grant went to Melbourne.

He will see the surgeon that going to do the operation and have pre op testing done all going well will have surgery to remove them on this Wednesday morning.

Grandpa's oncologist is pretty sure it secondary cancer. When bowel cancer spreads the first place it will go to is the liver. On the good side of coin the tumors are in the bottom of Grandpa's liver away from blood vessels and other arteries.

So all they have to do is cut the bottom of Grandpa's liver out and the good thing is that liver is one organ that re grows over time.

I know I've been asking for you to join me and my earth brother Banjo in purring for him a lot lately but can you please spare one more lot of purrs it would mean the world to me.

It breaks my heart that I can't be there for them but this is least I can do. I'll be going down to see Grandpa and sprinkle healing angel dust on him once the operation is done.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie angel mate

Ka - zar


An upddate on Grandpa

May 11th 2014 5:57 am
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Been meaning to update my diary to let you all know what's going on with Grandpa.

He is going to Melbourne next Sunday. On Monday he will have a pre op assessment done with a view of doing the surgery on Wednesday if everything is ok.

I know my earth family are just keen to have the tumors out of Grandpa. If it is done by keyhole he should be home in a week. If they have to open him up he should be home in two weeks.

He will then go and have a appointment with his oncologist a month after the surgery. We are all hoping this is the last time we'll have to deal with this and want the cancer gone once and for all.

Sorry this as taken so long get into my diary. There have been a lot of new arrivals here at the bridge and I am part of the welcoming committee.

Please keep Grandpa in your purrs and I will update you when we know anything new.

Purrs and hugs Angel Ka - zar


Another call to purrs

May 1st 2014 1:29 am
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I need to make another call to purrs for my Grandpa. It seems that order for the surgery my Grandpa need to get rid of the tumors on his liver were not made and they only found out today.

They are getting thing in motion to get the order made so Grandpa can go to Melbourne for the surgery but before that can happen it has to be asked for and then a request put in with the hospital in Melbourne.

A pet test was done a week ago to see if the cancer had spread anywhere and thankfully it hasn't I am asking you to join me and my earth brother Banjo in getting the purr motors going that it stays that way.

The theory being that the longer the tumors are in Grandpa the more chance they have of spreading to another place in his body. I believe in the power of the paw and purring will help prevent this.

I am also going to come down from the bridge to sprinkle Grandpa with angel dust. To make sure the cancer doesn't spread.

Purrs and hugs your angel Aussie mate

Ka - zar


I've been watching from the earth window

April 29th 2014 5:50 am
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Since I've been at the bridge I go to earth window and watch my family every night. I love them and want to know that they are ok. Banjo is being quiet a hand full for mum but I'm pretty sure she doesn't mind.

I picked Banjo for mum with the help of Zabu the cat mum had before me. Since coming to bridge we've become great mates. Banjo is quiet the little man and running the house.

Mum keeps saying he's like me and his own little man at the same time and that's why I sent him to her. I knew when I passed that three weeks was more than enough time for mum to be without a cat. Mum without a cat is like a pub with no beer it not just right.

Please keep my Grandpa in your purrs he has been told that his cancer is only in his liver so he can have the surgery it just a case of getting to Melbourne first for the consult then the surgery they still haven't called to make an appointment yet and Grandma is getting a bit nervous about it.My whole family just wants it done and over with so we know what will happen next.

Purrs and hugs your angel Aussie mate

Ka - zar


A call to purrs

April 7th 2014 3:57 am
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I haven't had to do one of these since coming to bridge and I'll have to fly down and visit my earth brother Banjo and explain to him what one is.

My Grandpa who I still love very much is in hospital. He complained of it being really cold and had the shivers this morning when it was quiet nice and warm the kind of day I used to like going out if not for the wind.

He went back to bed to try and warm up and then Mum pricked on the fact something wasn't right. He got up to try and read then go the staggers and told mum he wanted to go to hospital to get checked out.

When Grandpa says this you know there is something wrong he doesn't winge or whine about anything. So off they went and he had a whole lot of blood work done. They said his cancer numbers are all over the place but nothing too serious and they think he may have another infection.

Or it could be connected to the two tumors that he found out on Friday he has on his liver. I would love it if you can join me and my earth brother Banjo in purring for Grandpa I am great believer in the power of the paw and I want Banjo to see it's power at work. If we all do it it's bound to work.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie angel mate

Ka - zar


Thank you for being our friends

April 2nd 2014 11:24 pm
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Mum took the little mite Banjo to the vet today which I watched with interest and brought him home and got a wonderful surprise in the mail.

A memorial gift from all our mates that we had made over the years on catster and facebook.

Mum just say down and read the memorial book that was sent with the gift and we didn't know how much we were both loved until this gift arrived. We thank everyone that took time to put a message in the book and we want you all to know that the greatest gift we were given is your friendship and love.

I didn't want to go when I did but I had nothing left to fight with and I thank mum for her last gift of love. I also sit at the earth window everyday and watch her with little Banjo and know things are ok.

She thinks of me and that how I know our memories will live forever even though I am no longer with her and Banjo is her mate on earth now and I am her angel at the bridge.

As for the wind chime it hanging over my grave and making the most beautiful sound.

Again thank you to everyone that sent a message.

Purrs and hugs

Angel Ka - zar and Vicki

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