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Days in the Life of Orange Fluff

Happy Purrthday sweet Tom J, you will always be a legend in- our family, of a kind.

August 2nd 2013 12:22 am
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A story from my Meowm for my purrthday!!!! xoxoxo

Happy Purrthday sweet Tom J, you will always be a legend in our family, of a kind.

16 years ago today when we were living in Arkansas my grandsons, Charles and Joshua brought me this brown paper sack they were holding very carefully. I opened it and inside were the sweetest 1 or 2 day old baby kittens ever. They had found them in a dumpster outside a business. I took them and began taking care of them.

It was excruciatingly hot that summer with heat indexes up to 118 that day and very humid. It is shocking they survived an hour there. The temps dropped suddenly 2 days later as they are known to do in the south, to about 59 degrees during the day. In the process the kittens caught pneumonia. I lost 3 but managed to save Tom J. Raised him from that day forward on goat milk at first then on to solids. His littermate was a small stuffed Pluto toy. He boxed with that and preened him often.

He is a curiosity for sure. Not even like a regular kitty who had his Meowmy. He had to always be kept down off high things because he didn't catch himself like most cats but would fall flat on the floor! Of course I could not teach him how! He has no clue how to fight and it's hilarious watching him "take on" the other kitties.:))

He treats me as a Meowm Kitty to this day. Other people are his "owners" such as my son but me? I'm the MEOWM! He gets mad at me, slaps me when he is angry and absolutely HATES to hear the words.......TOMMY NO!!!!


♥ Tom J. Katt


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