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O Stewball Was a Racehorse amd I Wish He Were Mine

The river flows it flows to the sea, wherever that river- goes that's where I want to be. Day 2

August 10th 2009 3:26 pm
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Day 2.

Today is a little better.. slower. I raced so hard yesterday I didn't even get to see where I came from or where I was heading. Just down the highway..

I took a few sideroads today taking in all around me.. I even stopped to eat which I didn't yesterday, I guess I forgot, and besides was not even hungry.

The area around here is nice, clear, cool and shady. I love the mountains and the smell of everything. It clears my head giving me time to think. I don't want to think really at times.. but at my age I guess I need to reflect on my life of nip brew and outrunning the law. It is a new era, not like when my Great, Great Grandpa Stewart was alive.

I have lost some and loved much. Totally unable to settle down for long, my sisters and brothers worrying about me all the time. It seems my life on the streets as a young man/cat sort of outlined my life, but I'm growing tired.

Well there's a Long John Silvers up ahead a ways and guess I'll hop on my bike and run there for some supper. Never gonna be as good as some I've had recently and I sure could use a nip beer but not while driving ....


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