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O Stewball Was a Racehorse amd I Wish He Were Mine

Just Plain Lazee

September 7th 2007 1:09 am
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Meow Meow to everykitty and everydog. My name is Stewart. Mommie calls me Stewball for a nickname. I think it is because she loved that song by Peter,Paul, and Mary.
I love living in a house. I know a lot of kitties take that for granted, but I don't. I remember how I was a outdoor kitty that didn't quite ever get enough to eat. I would go across the street to my present Mommie's house and she would always put food out for me.
I overheard her telling my Dad that she wasn't trying to get another cat....isn't that funny? I worked my manly charms on her and look where I am .
I remember living outside in the ice and snow, and in the heat with no water. Water fascinates me. I am the first in line everyday when my Mommie puts out fresh water for all of us. I just can't seem to get over that I can have all the clean water I want.
I came down with a sickness called distemper in the middle of winter. My Mommie went to the vet and got me some medicine and put out a nice, warm, dry covered box on her porch. I snuggled so tight in it. Then she went across the street and bargained for me. ME! Can you believe that? That is why I love her so much.
I remember when she came outside one day to check on me that my friend, the opossum, was in bed with me. It was so warm to have him snuggle next to me. The only thing is Mommie didn't know he was there, and when she reached into the box to pet me and give me my meds....there was Ol'Possy.
Mommie screamed so loud because she never touched one before, and that was before she knew that opossums are not a violent creature. I laughed so hard at that.
When I got well, (the vet wanted to be sure my new brothers and sisters wouldn't get what I had, even though they had their shots) , Mommie brought me inside. I couldn't believe it. It was so warm, and had all the fresh food and water I could want. I felt like I was in a dream.(Sometimes I still do.)
I will continue this story another day.....Meow I am so tired.
Love to all my furriends. xoxoxo


♥ Stewart


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