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The Trials of a Bottom-Rung Kitty

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Today is my First Bridge Anniversary

January 3rd 2014 5:34 am
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It's been one year today since I went to The Bridge. MomKatt's been talking about me a lot lately with DadKatt, feeling the time of year encroaching upon her. Mostly she is remembering how I had to supervise most of what she was doing in the kitchen on the counter or near the sink. And how fierce I was with cat-toy stalking. Or how, when it was just Sharif & me way back in the day, I'd cuddle up to him and try to generate more body heat. He didn't always appreciate my efforts. MomKatt has a picture on her work's PC monitor of us on their bed, with my front paws wrapped around Sharif's head and another of him licking my tummy. He was such a good brofur. We are both missed very much.

But Miss Rachel, I understand, has taken over my kitchen supervision duties and it sounds like she's a pro. So I am there in spirit.

But I know MomKatt would still rather have me - and Feisal, and all our family's angel kitties - there in purr-son. She misses having Abys in the house.

I miss you, too, MomKatt ...

Your loving


Ferryman Paid

January 3rd 2013 3:34 pm
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I've arrived at The Bridge. It's quite nice here, though I'm a bit confused right now. But I see Feisal, and Sharif, and Torrie, and Kukla ... it's like old home week! And I'm cleaned up, my butt doesn't hurt anymore, my eyes are clear & bright and I've got energy to burn. I think I'll like it here ...

But Mom&DadKatt are hurting ... but she says she did the right thing, and she did. She told me she'd be with me 'til the very end and she was. Her voice was the last thing I heard, reading this line to me from "Hamlet" ...

"Now cracks a noble heart - Good night, sweet prince[ss] / and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

It's her favorite Shakespeare play.



Metting the Ferryman

January 3rd 2013 6:25 am
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I will be making my journey to The Bridge this afternoon. Mom&DadKatt know it's the best thing for me. I'm not going to get any better and I'm really pretty miserable as it is. I don't feel good at all, I increasingly cannot control my poops (which are all liquid and have been for some time). My vet, Dr. L, has said there is nothing more that HE can do outside some type of invasive procedure & Mom&DadKatt don't want to put me through anything like that at this stage.

Thank you all for your purrs & thoughts & messages. This isn't how Mom&DadKatt wanted to start a New Year but I know they're doing what's best for me and I love them for it.

I will be my serene, lady-like self 'til the very end, just you wait & watch me. And I'll be my loving self 'til I draw my last breath.

Love to you all,


Welcome 2013!

January 2nd 2013 1:39 pm
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Except that I'm not feeling well. Actually I'm not doing well at all. I've been having problems w/my poops for some time now, but yesterday was worse. I'm having trouble controlling them ... MomKatt says I'm "leaking" a little bit. It's hard to meow about but I've lost a lot of weight and I don't feel good. I'm finding it hard to sit down properly so I start out after I've pooped kinda "crouching down", until I feel like my butt can stand being on a surface, any kind of surface.

I could use some purrs. I really don't feel good ...



Today, I am 12.

April 16th 2012 5:55 am
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Well. Today I am 12 years old. MomKatt says it's hard to believe it's been that long since I came to live with her after they picked me out. I went for my "well kitty" on Sat., and we're waiting on news of my bloodwork today. I feel fine, now that I'm over that nasty URI I had last month, though I have some corneal scarring that, the vet said, most likely won't go away because, when a kitty gets a URI that bad, it causes ulcers in the eyes & scars the corneas. :(

Oh well, it's OK. Nothing in life should be perfect and, besides, my energy is back full force, I'm eating like a horse again and am only sneezing occasionally. They think it's pollen. That yellow stuff is nasty & gets everywhere, and MomKatt's a fresh-air fiend so, before it gets too humid, she likes having our doors & windows open (screens in, of course).

Anyway, I'm going to celebrate my birthday by napping a lot today. We'll probably play some this evening when MomKatt gets home from her spin bike class. I am happy and loved and well cared-for and no 12-year old kitty can ask for more, can they?



Thank yous!

March 15th 2012 7:13 am
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I just wanted to meow "THANK YOU" to everyone who's been concerned about me & my illness & my progress.

Today, 3/15, I'm doing better, still sniffly a little but the sneezing is mostly gone (we hope!) and I'm making efforts at eating. I'm also getting Forti-Flora in my baby food and Lysine in anything I eat that MomKatt can get it into to help build me up. I also last night finally ate some treats, which I normally love but which I've been refusing lately ... MomKatt KNOWS I don't feel good if I'm not pestering her for treats!

It's just going to take me awhile to get back my form back. MomKatt is patient, however, and I really AM a good kitty & try to cooperate as much as possible, even though I hate eye drops!

Thank you again - it's wonderpurr to have so many caring furriends!



I'm the only Aby now

August 30th 2011 7:03 am
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I'm the only Aby now at my house since Feisal left to go to the Bridge on Fri. MomKatt says I bear a great responsibility, representing my breed in our clowder ... and being the only Aby she has to love on now.

I miss my brofur. After MomKatt got back, I sniffed and sniffed ALL OVER the carrier. Why wasn't he there? Then she put it up on the counter & forgot about it and I climbed in & sat there & didn't come out for a VERY long time.

Something told me he wasn't coming back when he left that morning. I'd said my goodbyes the day before, hanging with him & MomKatt at his bed in the dining room.

On Sun. (or was it Sat.?) she washed the boogie mat that was in his bed, put the material that holds the 'nip back in it & laid it out all nicely in his bed. Then she cried.

A couple of hours later, she came into the dining room to find me sitting there serenely. I was thinking about him there, remembering what a special brofur he was.

I miss him.

Sad purrs,


I'm a Daily Diary Pick today! 4/20/11

April 20th 2011 5:41 am
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Concats to ME! And thank you, Catster, for this honor! I've never been a DDP before!

Excited purrs,


Today is my 11th birthday!

April 16th 2011 7:24 am
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Happy birfday to me! I'm 11 years old today! IT's hard to believe it's been 11 years now that I've lived with Mom&DadKatt. They don't think I look 11 - whatever 11 looks like. I certainly don't ACT 11 - unless it's 11 months old, maybe. Hee hee!

Happy birfday to me!




June 3rd 2010 10:49 am
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