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Kvetch, Kvetch, Kvetch ...

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One Year Ago Today ...

September 10th 2013 6:35 am
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... darling boy, you let me know it was time to let you go. It was quick, you did not suffer long and you had a long 16-year life in which you weren't sick for one single day with so much as a sniffle or a cough. You were SO much fun, especially during the "Mr Bee/Beeman" years (what fun one can have with one's cat and a cheap stuffed bee from the NC State Fair). You were our first kitty, our first Meezer, our first boy, and no one will ever replace you in our hearts.

We miss you but I'm glad you made the trip the way that you did.

You'll always been Mom&DadKatt's "MeezerMan".

We love you & miss you, Sharif.

MomKatt Laura & DadKatt Gary


Today is my Gotcha! Day

April 9th 2013 6:05 am
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I share it with Selina - MomKatt forgot that BOTH our Gotcha! Days are on the same day.

Today would have been my 17th GD had I lived. MomKatt remembers the night I came to live with them. She was having a dinner party that night but figured she'd have enough time to pick me up at the airport then zoom home to put the casserole into the oven and greet her guests.

Didn't quite work that way: my flights were all screwed up, then they LOST me for a tiny while (!!!) so she ended up getting me home after 11 PM that night. BOY was she mad at that airline for losing me & screwing up all my flights! It was a long way from California, where I was flying from, and she was worried that I hadn't been properly cared for during the flight & all the delays ... then there was that "lost" part ... scared her to death!

But all was well that ended well. I came out of my carrier, just a tiny little thing, to all these people standing there admiring how cute I was. :)

It was a good day.



Happy Birthday to Me

January 23rd 2013 5:44 am
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I would've been 17 this year. Today, in fact. MomKatt would've given me lots of 'nip today in a big plate, if I were still there, and probably some treats, too.

I will miss that today. And so will she. So she plans to give Morticia some 'nip tonight after she gets home from work, in memory of me. (She won't eat it, of course, like I did. She just covers herself in it, freaks out, then returns to normal & tries to pretend she didn't just do that. MOL Silly girls ... always worried about their images.)

*singing quietly in the meadow next to the Bridge* "Happy birthday to me .... happy birthday to me ...



A DDP today & a big thank you

September 22nd 2012 4:35 am
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Hi all,

Well, I'm a Catster DDP again today! Thank you, though I don't know how my humble scribblings rate being picked by anything ... :)

Mostly, this entry is simply to thank the many people who sent rosies, PMs, thoughts, good karma, encouraging notes on FB to MomKatt, etc. about me. Mom&DadKatt are again amazed at the number of loving, generous hearts there are on Catster, and her many friends on FB.

My Bridge trip was very hard for her, and she's still not 100%, but she's feeling a little stronger, emotionally, and she's been reading some of the messages, etc.

We are just very, very grateful. Also for everyone's comments about DadKatt's father, who is, I'm afraid, increasingly worse. He appreciates your kindnesses, even if he doesn't know any of you as well as I or MomKatt or Morticia do.

We're all one family, really, and it's like someone on MomKatt's FB page says: "Our hearts ARE connected by paws."

Sharif (imagining an endless line of joined paws encircling him)


Wow - I'm a Daily Diary Pick today!

September 18th 2012 6:10 am
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Wow, I'm a Daily Diary Pick today! Thanks to the folks at Catster for this honor. I'm just sorry my recent entries are not the happiest I've made in my diary.

I'm very proud of this honor & grateful.



One week ago today

September 17th 2012 6:14 am
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Hi all,

It's been a week since I went to The Bridge. MomKatt & DadKatt were on vacation last week but, for her, it was not much of a vacation at all. It was just a bad, bad week, starting with my trip to The Bridge.

Now it seems we can't post comments or post new pictures on our profile pages here on Catster. MomKatt has an Email in to the folks on the site, asking what's wrong.

She wanted me to tell ya'll that she's still not in a good place and was crying even this morning, from the very kind sympathy card she got from our vet's office. Then she was crying more at work. She's really grateful for all of your messages and thoughts and everything - she's just not ready yet to come back. Frankly, a lot of things are kinda going on right now and I guess my Bridge trip was just kinda the last straw.

MomKatt, don't be sad. I had a VERY good life and I know you loved me tons & did what was best for me in the end. I had to go, you knew it & you allowed me to go with dignity and love. You & DadKatt were right there all through the procedure, just like you promised that you would be, and that's all that I would ever ask.

It's very comforting to know we have so many friends thinking of us right now, that care about what I went through and what MomKatt's going through. DadKatt is holding up better (MEN, she says) but he's very sad about my going, too. He's being strong for MomKatt as usual.

Meanwhile, I'm getting used to my new digs but it's been great seeing Feisal, Torrie & Kukla again ...



My Bridge trip is scheduled

September 10th 2012 10:14 am
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I'll be leaving w/Mom&DadKatt's help at 4:30 Eastern today ...

I will miss you all, and I want to thank everyone for their good wishes & concern for me. This has all come up pretty quickly, but I'm ready to go & am blessed with loving pawrents who know the signs, have sought help from our awesome vets & made the right decision to let me go.

I know they'll miss me, and I'll miss them, but I won't be in any pain after it's all done, and I'll get to see my sibs Torrie, Kukla & Feisal once more. It will be a joyous reunion, to be sure.

And I think I've so many furriends at The Bridge - we should be able to have Big Fun there.

Meanwhile ... I must wait 'til they get here to go on my journey. Dr. L & Dr. B have made me comfy in this nice cage in a big, soft cat bed ... MomKatt always says this place is called "The Spa". Well, as long as I'm not poked or prodded, yeah, it IS a pretty cool place to hang out ...

I've had a good, no an EXCELLENT life. Never been sick for one day of it 'til recently. Never wanted anything more than to be in my loving home. Never put up (much) of a fuss going to the V E T (but I've done some fabulous Wagner performances in the car going to & from there, mind you). I'm just, as MomKatt says, "a good boy". Always have been and I will be the same this afternoon as they send me on my way ...

But I shall miss everyone ...



Not Doing So Hot

September 10th 2012 5:51 am
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MomKatt took me to Dr. Lofgren again this morning. She was crying when she left, but I know she'll be back. I haven't eaten much at all this weekend - I haven't wanted it, but it wasn't because she did not try to get me to eat. I'm supposed to have a "mini panel blood workup" this morning - whatever that is, I'm guessing it involves me donating more blood - to see what my kidneys/liver are doing ...

But I really just want to be left alone. I'm not coming downstairs like I used to anymore - I just want to sleep all day & not be active, though I don't mind when Mom or Dad come in & make over me & pet me & talk to me. She's been up & down the stairs visiting me all weekend, checking on me, offering me food. I DID eat some last night but, when she brought more FF to me this weekend, she begged me to eat some but I just turned away. I really did not want it.

Now I'm waiting for my test. So please, if you have a minute, purr for me. At least I and Mom&DadKatt know I'm in the most excellent of veterinary hands. They'll take good care of me & make the best decision for ME that they can.

Tired purrs,


Mewsings ... on love ... & spring

March 17th 2011 7:30 am
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Maybe ... I've decided, as I sits here & thinks ... just maybe it's time for me to find a nice Meezer girlfriend & settle down ... I miss Sooks very much but ... I don't think she'd want me to pine for her and it's been a suitable period of mourning.

So ... I thinks I needs a nice girl kitty to hang out with ... A Meezer preferably ...

Do you all know anypurr that's available that would dig a 15-year old Geezer Meezer who's still got life in the old paws yet?

Sharif (wondering about on-line Meezer dating services)


On turning 15 yesterday

January 24th 2011 7:09 am
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Yep. 15. Wonder what that is in hooman years?

Anyway, MomKatt bought me a heated kitty cup bed! Man, was *I* surprised! I climbed right in it, curled up and stayed there ALL DAY yesterday! Aren't I DECADENT?!

I'm working on doing the SAME THING today!

It's good to be 15, I think!

Happy warm purrs,
Sharif the b'day boy Meezer!

PS - They've had me as long as they've been married so if they forget either my age or how long they've been married, if they can remember the OTHER event, they'll not forget!

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