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I've been tagged!

July 10th 2008 7:53 pm
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I've been tagged by Ciao-Li!

Four things I like:

Getting to lick the tuna fish can after Mommy makes her sandwich.

Laying on top of Mommy while she reads a book.

Sleeping in my football bed with my blue mouse.

Playing with the milk bottle ring after Mommy opens a new gallon of milk.

Four things I don't like:

Going outside on Mommy's balcony.

The noise the fire alarm makes when it goes off in Mommy's apartment.

The noise the water makes when Mommy takes a shower.

Someone knocking on the door of Mommy's apartment (I run into the bedroom when that happens.)


Mommy at Safeco Field

May 8th 2008 10:24 am
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Mommy went to the Mariners games on Tuesday and Wednesday to watch the Mariners play the Texas Rangers. The pitcher for the Rangers on Tuesday was Sidney Ponson, who is her favorite player and the person I am named after. He pitched a great game, going 7 innings and giving up only one run as the Rangers trounced the Mariners 10-1. Then, because pitchers generally don't sign autographs they day that they pitch, she went back on Wednesday to try to get him to autograph the Cardinals jersey of his that she has (there's a picture of me laying on top of it in my photo section). She was able to get his autograph, and an usher took a picture of Mommy and Sidney together with her camera. She was thrilled!


Mommy at the Pierce County Convention

April 12th 2008 9:51 pm
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Mommy left home at 6:30AM this morning to go to the Pierce County Democratic Convention in Tacoma. She went that early because she was a volunteer helping delegates sign in. The sign in went a lot smoother than at the LD caucus last week, because they didn't have to elect more delegates, everyone just signed in and got a blue card indicating they were a delegate. Mommy came in her America in Solidarity t-shirt and helped out at their table. You can visit their website at to find out more about them. She managed to make it all the way through the day at the LD caucus, but today she felt tired and decided to leave early. She came home around noon and took a nap until 5PM--she must have been really tired! When she got on the internet tonight to read the local paper, she found a report about the convention: when they got to the point where they were to vote on resolutions, a lot of the delegates had left, and someone called for a quorum and they didn't have enough delegates to proceed! Of the almost 900 delegates who had signed in at 8AM, a little over 300 were left by 3PM. So the resolutions that were submitted will now have to be voted on at the state convention. This was the last thing Mommy was elected at the precinct caucus on February 9th to do as a delegate for Hillary Clinton, so she is now done with the caucus process as a direct participant.


Mommy at the 27th Legislative District Caucus

April 5th 2008 6:40 pm
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Mommy was elected a delegate for Hillary Clinton at the precinct caucuses on February 9th, so she got to attend the Legislative District Caucus, the next step in the process of determining who will be Washington State's delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August. She arrived at 7AM to be a volunteer and they didn't get finished until after 5PM! She wasn't elected as a delegate or alternate to the next step, the Congressional District Caucus on May 17, so after next Saturday, when she will attend the Pierce County Convention as a Clinton delegate, she will be finished with the caucus process as an individual. Then she can stay home and spend more time with me! She helped with registration, which basically went fairly smoothly. The seating of delegates started at 9AM and lasted until 2PM. People were kind of restless and they tried to keep things interesting by asking local politicians who were there to speak while the credentials committee were trying to figure out which delegates were present and which were absent and needed to be replaced by alternates. Obama won the Washington State Caucus by about a 60% to 40% over Clinton and that's pretty much how the delegates turned out. Then they broke into separate meetings for each candidates supporters to elect their delegates. People were given 30 seconds to speak if we wanted to be a delegate. Mommy is not much of a public speaker, so she wasn't surprised that she didn't get elected to go on. The election of delegates took until about 5:30PM. A lot of people left before the final vote. The Clinton people had 70 candidates on the first ballot (for 10 delegate slots) and were down to about 20 when the alternates were elected. It was an interesting process and Mommy got to meet a lot of interesting people. But she thinks that next time they are going to need to come up with a better system for seating the delegates.


It's Mommy's birthday!

February 26th 2008 12:36 pm
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She is 42 today. Her friends had a party for her on Sunday. Her apartment complex has a party on the last Monday of the month for everyone who has a birthday that month. She was the only person for February, so she convinced them to change the day to Sunday because she goes to play with the Lakewood Community Orchestra on Monday nights. Usually the cake is provided by someone who bakes it themselves, but Mommy wanted a store bought cake so she had to buy one for herself! MOL! She tried to get me to try the birthday cake but I wouldn't even stick my nose in it. Doesn't she know that I want catnip cake! MOL!


Mommy is sick :(

February 12th 2008 5:44 pm
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The day after she went to the caucus, Mommy came down with a bad cold and has stayed home all week. She hopes that she will get better soon as she wants to finish up her work at the Kucinich office. Washington state has a primary on February 19th that she and her friends would like to see Kucinich get some votes in. The state Democratic party doesn't use the primary results for anything, they allocate all their delegates based on the caucuses. Mommy signed in for Kucinich, but there wasn't enough support to get him a delegate at her precinct caucus, so she changed her vote to Clinton and was elected a delegate for her. Now Mommy gets to move on to the Legislative District caucus and county convention, which are both in April. She expects that the nominee will already be decided by then, but it's an oppotunity for her to participate in contributing to the state party platform and to vote on resolutions.


Laundry Day

February 10th 2008 9:31 pm
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Mommy did laundry today and she was cross at me the last time because I got into the laundry and got my hair all over her clean clothes. Today she covered her laundry cart with the liner lid so I wouldn't get into it. But she forgot to put the cover back after getting some clothes out and I jumped up and got back in the laundry cart (see photo above). MOL! I love jumping in her laundry, it's so nice and toasty!


I hid Mommy's barrette - hehe

February 3rd 2008 11:21 am
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Mommy wears her hair long and uses a barrette to hold it in place. A few days ago she couldn't find it. She finally decided to look under her desk, which has a small hole on each side that I like to push things under. There it was, along with two pens, two pencils, three plastic milk jug cap openers, a push pin, and seven twist ties. She moved the other side of the desk and found a pen, two pencils, two plastic milk jug cap openers, five of my toys, a push pin, and three twist ties. I think I should be congratulated on getting all that stuff in those little holes. Maybe I should play hockey---GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! MOL!


Mommy still working at Kucinich office

January 29th 2008 3:03 pm
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I thought maybe since Dennis Kucinich had dropped out of the race for president that Mommy might be quitting her volunteer job with the Kucinich campaign, but Mommy says she and her friends have decided to keep working to get Kucinich delegates in Washington state. That means she will still be gone a lot--until February 18th, the day before the Washington state primary. No strolling until then! :(


Mommy's new volunteer job

January 16th 2008 3:43 pm
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Mommy has volunteered to help staff the Washington State Headquarters of the Kucinich for President campaign. This means that she will be gone a lot, and her upstairs neighbor has told her that I cry a lot when she is gone. But as a good Democat I know this is important to her. It also means no strolling until further notice. :(.

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