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I've been TAGGED!

April 16th 2008 6:23 pm
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I've been tagged by my furfriend Hector

4 jobs I've had:
*Personal alarm clock to mommy during her spring break from school (hey! If daddy has to get up early, mommy should too, right?)
*Sniff inspector for dirty laundry on the floor outside the laundry room
*Shoe and purse inspector for everyone who enters my house
*Mommy's fuzzy crying blankie when she gets sad for her Spock (RIP)

4 places I've lived:
*Someplace with some mean people who didn't want me (sniff!) and they dumped me!
*With a nice boat captain who took me in and took care of me for awhile
*With my new family: mommy, daddy, and Boy. I needed a mommy and mommy needed a kitty---purrfect!

4 places I've been:
*Pet Supermarket on mommy's head when she first got me and I was REALLY excited!
*The V-E-T
*The Tangerine post office in my stroller
*Around town in my stroller

4 places I'd rather be:
*IN any room when the door is shut and I'm on the outside---especially bathrooms. Pleeeeease don't leave me out when you go into the bathroom!
*In my crinkle tent
*In my stroller cruising through town (gotta get mommy's feet better, though)
*On the table if mommy has flowers, helping her rearrange (I just think the flowers would look better if I removed all the baby's breath!)


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