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Second Chances

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Mom and I are still trying to hang in there...

September 23rd 2013 6:45 am
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Hi, Iz Fans

Once again, Mom and I apologize for not updating my diary in so long. Mom has been very busy getting our grandma settled in the nursing home, and now, our Daddy is also in one for rehabilitation. Dad thought he had a kidney infection a few weeks ago, but it turned out to be much more serious. He actually had an infection in one of the valves in his heart and it made him very, very sick. He had to go to the emergency room and Mom was afraid he wouldn't come out. He also had something called "atrial fibrillation" and his heart was beating much too fast. So, he had to go to the hospital and stayed there for a week. Now he is at a nursing home/rehab center for a few weeks while the people figure out how to get him back on his feet since he is STILL having problems moving around. Mom is very scared for him and I have been trying to be very nice to her. I sleep with her at night and don't bite her toes, just cuddle. I don't tease my doggie sisfurs and I haven't torn up any papers in a while to make a mess even though that's hard not to do since Mom has SO many papers around everywhere.

I know Mom is trying very hard to take care of us and keep moving through the days. We will all be glad when Daddy is home again.

Please say a prayer for us, Catster friends. Right now we need His help more than ever!

Your pal Izzie


Rough times, Catster Friends...

July 18th 2013 6:29 am
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Hello, Iz fans,

Mom says she's very sorry to not have kept up with my diary, but she does have a good reason. Things have been pretty awful here this summer. One of our friends that we met on Catster and who lives in New Orleans, said that someone is "burning a black candle" on Mom and she absolutely believes it.

Our grandma crashed and burned back in June. Mom went to pick her up to go shopping and grandma wasn't waiting for her in the apartment's lobby. Mom went up to her apartment and found our grandma sitting and sleeping in a chair. When Grandma woke up, she was disoriented and not making sense. Mom had to call the Fire/Medics and they took her to the hospital where she stayed for almost 2 weeks. She had all kinds of tests and they told Mom that Grandma has "vascular dementia" and also had a bad bladder infection. Grandma got really mad at everyone in the hospital and tried to fight with the nurses. Mom was very upset because our grandma is not the sort of person to do this. So Mom knew something was very wrong. Mom had to make the decision to send our grandma to a nursing home. Grandma is 91 and everyone says she is in "really good shape" for someone her age, but over the past few months, she can no longer live alone and this week didn't recognize Mom.

Our Dad is also not doing well. He says he "can't feel his legs" and has started using a walker. He has to have tests but Mom and Dad's medical plan won't pay for the tests until Dad has physical therapy. Mom's also had to call 911 twice when Dad's legs went out and he couldn't get back up. Mom says she's getting to know the Fire/Medics really well and owes them a big pan of lasagna! Dad is scheduled for physical therapy next week and Mom and Dad are hoping it helps, even a little.

So I have been very quiet, Iz fans. I ran out the door the first time the ambulance came to help Dad. It was nighttime and it wasn't as much fun as I thought. While the guys were here, I came to bang on the screen door and Mom let me back in. I hid under the bed for the rest of the day but Mom wasn't mad at me. The guys thought it was funny that I was banging on the door and that probably helped make Mom not be mad at me!

We would like to ask that you send a few good thoughts our way, Iz fans, and maybe that will help to blow out that black candle. We will try to write more diary entries as often as we can.

Love you all!




May 6th 2013 7:08 am
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Happy Monday morning, friends of Iz, who is now one year older but still acting like a kitten....or so Mom says.

I had a very quiet birthday. Mom took the human kitten grandbabies to a baseball game, so it was just me, Dad and the girls. I spent most of the day like I usually do when the weather gets nice. I sit by the patio screen and wait for my friend Toby Cat to come around or look at the birds on the deck railing and dream....Mom did leave the deck door open last night a little longer because I was being so good about just watching and not trying to push out the screen like I did that time.

I've been very affectionate with my doggie sisfur, Cady. And, actually with Mom too. Mom says she thinks I'm mellowing out in my "old age". I've always been Cady's #1 fan. Mom says it's because we are both trouble-makers.

I wanted to say thanks to my friends like Kally Kat and Momma Liz who sent me SUCH nice birthday greetings. Kally is a wonderful furrend and I know if we knew each other in purrson, we'd be great pals! She's a beauty!

Going to go stretch out in front of the patio door again, friends. We wait a long time for this weather in Cleveland, Ohio, and we have to enjoy it while it's here!

Love from Izzie!


Still waiting!

April 11th 2013 7:13 am
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Mom says a few questions have gotten through that mess on the Answers Page, but it's still 99% messed up. She still misses it, too. She doesn't understand why anyone would pick on THAT particular page and destroy it. It's just some people looking for help and advice about their kitties!

HQ says they're working on it, but it sure is taking a long time!

We had some very nasty storms here last night and mom says there's more to come tonight. It's typical for our area at this time of the year, but mom says that there were lots of lightning strikes last night all over. One hit the home of one of mom and dad's former neighbors. The garage and the attic got burned, but mom says everyone, even the dog, got out OK. Phew! More storms on the way tonight, too. I don't mean any offense to Mom, but we hide under the bed when it gets THAT bad. If it's just a little rain, we all climb up on Mom, but we were afraid last night that we'd be chosen to play the part of The Cowardly Lion in a remake of "The Wizard of Oz."

Hope all our friends out there are OK too.

Love you lots!



This is SOOOOO frustrating!

April 4th 2013 6:56 am
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We would like to say a special thank mews to our beautiful and sweet-hearted friends, Miss Kally Kat and Momma Liz for their very kind and complimentary comment on our last diary entry about the spammers who have ruined our Answers Page.

Nothing has been done so far, and the nonsensical "questions" keep coming like water over Niagara Falls. Mom misses having her morning coffee and answering questions. She is frustrated and angry. She wrote to the Head Cat but so far hasn't heard anything. She heard it was spammers and liked the suggestion about shutting down the page until they stop. And, it still worries her that somecat will need help and she won't be able to "get to" them.

On the bright side, if there is one, our little double-wide is pretty picked up, most of the laundry is done and Mom and I are working on her knitting machine. She doesn't sit on the computer answering questions, so there's more time to pots around the house! 8o/

We hope this is fixed pretty soon. We don't understand why anyone would want to mess with the page in the first place.

Hanging in there, Iz fans!

Mom and Izzie


What the heck is going on with the Answers Page?

April 2nd 2013 6:52 am
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Mom is getting more than a little annoyed over what's happened to the Answers Page here. If you follow us, you know we try to answer anyone's questions about their kitties. Mom has answered over 7,000 questions. All of the sudden, someone not very nice has taken over our little page and we are upset!!! Mom has written to the Head Cat but hasn't heard anything yet. We hope they can find out who has pirated our page and kick them out!!!

If you have time, Iz fans, take a gander at what's going on over there. But mom says be careful not to open any of the questions in case it's a virus or something else not so nice. And then write to HQ and let them know about it!!



Mom says some people have too much time on their hands...

April 1st 2013 6:56 am
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Hi, Evfurone!

Mom usually spend this time on the Answers Page, but someone has been posting page after page after page on something that Kally Kat's mom told her is Arabic. It has nothing to do with cats and looks like an advertisement for some sort of boxing or wrestling. She doesn't know. And since opening the page could give her computer a virus, she just decided to send HQ a short note to ask them to investigate it. She hopes they can do something, because someone may have a problem with their kitty and need an answer. With all these bogus posts clogging up the page, Mom is afraid something bad might happen to some kitty somewhere who needs help!

We had a great Easter! We got some beautiful eggs on our pages and mom even gave us each a little hard-boiled egg yolk in our supper/treat last night.

We got a new loveseat on Saturday, only no one told me. The man turned the old one over so he could take it apart and get it outside. Mom was teasing him and said, "I hope there's no cat inside!" Well, don'tcha know! I was actually hiding inside there!!!! Who would have thought that wasn't a safe place anymore!! I've been hiding in there since I was a little cocktail weiner type brat and not a full grown Bratboy! Wow was that guy surprised when I flew out of there!!! Mom was glad he thought it was funny! The other guy, mom said, had the personality of a toad and probably wouldn't have though it was so funny...

Winter plods on here in Streetsboro, Iz fans. No big storms this year, but just lots of dark, cloudy and cold days. Baseball starts this week, too! Mom was telling me she remembers one opening day that was actually snowed out! Well, we can't wait until it warms up and mom can open the slider doors again. She tried putting out suet and seed for our bird friends, but they don't seem interested. Not like in our old house where mom had 6 feeders and my sisfurs and I had constant cat television to watch on many channels!

So, anyway, if you are worried about the Answers page and what's going on, Mom says she hopes The Head Cat can take care of it. it's sooo annoying!

Lova and some peace, too!



We were lucky!

February 11th 2013 6:57 am
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Happy Monday, Friends!
First of all, we'd like to send prayers and hopes that everything is OK to all our Catster buddies who live on the East Coast. We've been seeing reports that they got as much as thirty inches of snow! Even though "Nemo" was cute in the movie, he sure wasn't so cute when it came to snow and ice over there. Be safe, furrenz!

Well, Mommy got a new toy for me! It's called an Innovations Round Knitting Machine. She puts it on the kitchen table, wraps some yard around the top, and then wraps it again when I unwrap it. The she starts cranking the little handle and all the yarn goes round and round! Then she gets up and chases me across the family room when I take the wonderful ball of yarn and run with it. I can exercise us for HOURS doing that! Well, Mom said she had a few pounds to lose since Christmas and I can't think of a better way than playing chase with me!

We are all snuggling with mom in the evening and it's wonderful. I even let her trim my claws the other evening because I was too lazy to run away. Dad laughs because I wait for Mom to throw the nice, warm fleece blanket over her legs before I lay down. Hey, I am The King, aren't I?

We hope you are all doing well. We know evfurone is waiting for Spring, just like we are. Mom put up something called "suet" on our deck railing for the birds, but it's just not the same as our old house. There just aren't many birds here and that's very disappointing for all of us. The birdfeeder is still as full as it was before Thanksgiving because there are just no birds interested in it. That's a shame. In our old house, we had every kind of bird at our feeders. So sad.

Take care of yourselves and do like we have--find yourself a warm lap and chill out until Spring!

Love and peace too!



I'm still here!

January 17th 2013 6:11 am
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Hello, Evfurbuddie!

I finally talked Mom into writing another entry in my diary...whew! What a job! Actually I can't blame her. It's been crazy here, as usual, with baby-sitting, our 91 yr. old Nana not feeling so good and Dad winding up in the hospital AGAIN 2 days after Christmas.

We are sitting under a pile of stuff that makes us think we're starting to look like Hoarders. I enjoy the "ins and outs" of that, but Mom says we have to clean it up eventually. We're lucky we have a really good Special Olympics Donation Box not too far away, and I am proud of Mom for taking the stuff there instead of just throwing it away. There are so many people in need now. I know the Zoo Gang is lucky that we always have food in our bowl. Some friends don't.

Anyway, evfurbuddie here got that nasty flu virus that's going around (and around) Mom had to leave a Christmas party early because she was coming down with it. 2 weeks later, she still had it and then Daddy got it. Our human sisfur and the hoomin kittens all got it and her husband and our Nana got it for New Year's. The Hoomin Kitten's other grandma is on her THIRD round of it! We actually thought Daddy had it, too, but everyone sorta got better and he didn't. The Hoomin Vet put Daddy in the hospital and we guess they decided he had some sort of nasty things in his blood. He stayed there for a couple of days and we got lots of snuggle time with Mom. Now he's home and we are back on the yukky "low sodium" food. Mom put a tiny bit on the table for me the other night. I sniffed it and gave her a dirty look. Yuk.

We did have a pretty nice Christmas, though. Our hoomin brufur came up from North Carolina with his wife and Mom was a lot happier than last year when he stayed home. We got some new chitter mice for Christmas but Delilah the Divine Diva is hogging them all. I found a ping-pong ball in the back of the sofa, so I just play with that. We got some Willow Wormies from our friend Morgan whose Swabie makes Morgan's Beds and Lizzie LOVES those. She also got a new bed because "somebuddie" keeps taking her's. I don't mind sleeping in a bed with pink roses on it. It's comfy!! Morgan's Swabie does a grrreat job!

So that's about all that's happening here, furenz. Nothing too exciting, as usual for winter in Cleveland, Ohio. At this time of year we just put one paw in front of the other and try to make it to May!

Sending much love and some peace to you, too!



Happy and Merry Evfurthing!

December 4th 2012 7:27 am
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Hola, Iz fans!

Mom just noticed that it's been a while since we bored (I mean told) you about what's been going on.

We hope that fall and the approaching winter is going OK for all our Catster friends. So far, here in Cleveland, Ohio, things have been OK. We've had no snow and not much cold weather. We know we'll get hit sooner or later, but because we're cats, the weather doesn't bother us much. We like the open windows, but there aren't many birds around here so Cat TV is kinda worthless. Mommy and the older Hoomin Kitten set up a birdfeeder for us, but so far we haven't had any takers. The only birds around here are the bigs ones like Geese and Hawks.

The kitty sisfurs and I had the house to ourselves over Thanksgiving. Mom, Dad and our Hoomin Sisfur went to see the Hoomin Brufur in North Carolina. Mom gave us an extra litter box and a BIG bowl of food and water. It was pretty quiet and we got a lot of rest.

I've been behaving myself (for once) because Mom got an Elf on the Shelf for the Hoomin Kittens, but I know she's watching ME too! Probably especially me! We're waiting for that big green cat tree/playground to go up. It's not as much fun as the one in the old house, but we manage!

Everyone have a wonderful, safe and blessed whatever you celebrate. Trying to talk Mom into Turkey for Christmas. Yum!!!

Sending much love,

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