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January 5th 2017 10:08 am
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Thank you to all my dear furriends who made my birithday so very special. I turned 15, or will soon, we don't know because I was adopted by meowmie in 2005 and the humans thought I was about two years old. I know the math doesn't quite add up but what's a year here or there? The best news is we are still here in Catsterland and you catabrate with me. Its so nice to be remembered and to share.

Here's hoping for a wonderful 2017 for everyfur and their furmilies too. Purrs, Bibi


Happy Pawlidays

December 23rd 2016 8:32 am
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Happy Pawlidays to one and all!
May you be warm, your tummy fed, and your shelter safe and dry.
May you have the company of other cats, the indulgence of your humans, and things to scratch and places to run around in.


Chief of Security

November 21st 2016 5:38 am
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I have a new job here at my den: Chief of Security. I helped meowmie enter her password and did such a good job that I got promoted permanently. So now in addition to mouse patrol, bird watch and general snoopervision, I am Chief of Security. No buggies on my computer! Grrrr!


Post Howl-o-ween

November 1st 2016 10:32 am
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Cheers, everyfur. Last night, as you know, was Howl-o-ween. Meowmie was a good participant. She decorated the front door, put a jack-o-lantern on the porch and turned on the lights so the trick-or-treaters would ring the bell and get candy.

Meep, per usual, hid in the bedroom. I, on the other hand, was the queen of the sofa. I perched on the top, napped, glanced at the goings ons and generally was the coolest cat on the premises.

This morning I was furry hungry and I actually said "meow". Meowmie was thoroughly startled and stopped her dilly dallying and put the food dishes down where they belong. I rewarded her by allowing her to pet me a bit before I ate. Such a lucky meowmie!



October 24th 2016 12:03 pm
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Hi Everyfur! In case you haven't read Watchdog's latest post, check it out in Catster and Dogster All Paws Bulletin/Community Update. Watchdog has nothing specific to report but is encouraging everyone to keep giving gifts, posting, reading, clicking and generally being here. He wrote this would help the Powers that Be keep us because traffic on-line is what they are all about. So keep on clicking, writing, posting and gifting.

On the other hand, the transition of all the Channels (?) to (?) was completed and they did not move the community portions to the new site. I am scared they will then be free to re-scrutinize us here at Catster and Dogster. So please

I love you Catster! Purrs, Bibi


Hello Out There..

September 28th 2016 9:34 am
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Hello Out There! We have been on Catster all along and today is the first time we can make new diary entries.

The seasons are flying by. Suddenly it is dark-ish out when the mom gets up to go to work. Yesterday I kept head bumping, purring, snuggling, walking over and doing everything a cat can, but the mom would not wake up. Finally at almost 7:30 she opened her eyes and barely took the time to feed us and ran off to work. When she came home she said, Bibi, tomorrow I'm listening to you. Very catlike, tomorrow came and I slept in! Meowmie just had to get up on her own, poor thing.


Now it really is curtains -

August 9th 2016 7:15 am
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on the home we've called Catsterland. We fell down the rabbit hole and joined up on Aug. 7, 2007. Nine years.

Now its time for re-homing. I'm glad Meep is coming with me and so many of you too will find homes with us all together. We joined up on and - please if you are pawing around for a new home say hello to us there.

Thank you for all the joy.

Love you,


Another way to save your pages

July 9th 2016 9:59 am
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This one is a no-brainer easy way to copy pages on an Apple Mac:

Open each page, click on "File", then "export as pdf", and then a box comes up where you can fill in where to save the pdf and name it, or just accept the default that comes up which is to downloads. It really works!


Fare Thee Well

July 9th 2016 8:59 am
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Its almost unbelievable that these words are even being said. I guess the third time is the "charm" or jinx or whatever you may call it, but it surely is last call and curtains.
I take my bow in front of you all, with a grateful heart for being my furriend, for all the cheers and presents you have given, for the wonderful silliness and lunacy we have shared. We had no idea when we first signed on that we would become so genuinely attached to you all.

We don't know where we'll wind up yet - we're going to spread our paws and scratch around United Cats, pets4pals, cathugger and even (gulp!) maybe Facebook. We will look for you and please look for us.

We are proud of everyone here, everything we've learned from all of you and so happy we got to share our lives with you.

Meowmie's eyes are starting to get leaky. Now we must send off all our zealies and save some pages. We're sure we'll meet in cyberspace soon.

Love you now and forever,


Hello There!

May 17th 2016 10:50 am
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Hello There, Catster Pals!

We're still hanging out here from time to time, and I just want to say hi to everyfur.

Yesterday we had some adventures. Meowmie stayed home and I thought it would be a quiet day. Instead the doorbell went dingy dingy in the morning and a stranger came in. He inspected the basement and then he came upstairs. I stayed on the bed and Meep hid in his special hiding place. The stranger went into every room and changed all the light bulbs, he looked under outlets and did not find what he was looking for, he put something new on the sink and then he took out a little tool that had a red beam coming out of it and said it was to measure the building for an estimate.

Meowmie said he came to save us energy but I think he was an alien and used a tool he stole from the Enterprise. I am not sure what he was measuring the building for but I hope it's not to see if we would fit on his spaceship. Meowmie says its for insulation but I think she should be furry careful.

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