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Hello There!

May 17th 2016 10:50 am
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Hello There, Catster Pals!

We're still hanging out here from time to time, and I just want to say hi to everyfur.

Yesterday we had some adventures. Meowmie stayed home and I thought it would be a quiet day. Instead the doorbell went dingy dingy in the morning and a stranger came in. He inspected the basement and then he came upstairs. I stayed on the bed and Meep hid in his special hiding place. The stranger went into every room and changed all the light bulbs, he looked under outlets and did not find what he was looking for, he put something new on the sink and then he took out a little tool that had a red beam coming out of it and said it was to measure the building for an estimate.

Meowmie said he came to save us energy but I think he was an alien and used a tool he stole from the Enterprise. I am not sure what he was measuring the building for but I hope it's not to see if we would fit on his spaceship. Meowmie says its for insulation but I think she should be furry careful.


Shed a Tear and Then Move On

March 25th 2016 7:28 am
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We are shedding some tears because we realize just how broken the Community Pages are. We couldn't get in for two weeks and we are reading this was happening to almost every cat and every dog. Clearly we don't matter as much as the site owners claim. We don't like being strung along and don't give an ear flick about who runs it. We will not be here nearly as often and are looking for a new place to play. Its just too sad to stay here and be treated so bad. We don't like being strung along with "oh we're working on it" and "oh we're trying to fix it." Bottom line: we don't affect the bottom line. We loved Catster because it was a haven. Now it is just another ad-driven click counting website. You, the cats and their humans, you are the true Catster and we will love you always. But we are tired of feeling sad when we come here and will let you know where we go before the final farewell.


So Sad...

February 10th 2016 1:24 pm
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We just read the news that Lori is no longer an employee of I5. Darn! Thought we could go limping along, at least sending p-mails, posting diaries, community threads, sending prezzies.... Now we are concerned the whole community will vanish.

MRAWWWWW! Roar roar roar!


The Watering Hole

July 21st 2015 7:25 am
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Yup its hot and toasty roasty summer and we sure are thirsty. Meowmie always gives us fresh water in a bowl and I do drink that. But the real favorite is drinking from the bathroom sink. Meowmie lets it run very gently and I stretch my head out sideways, let the water drip down my forehead and muzzle and then I lap up the drippies coming off my nose and face. Yummers! This is very tasty, fresh and all mine because Meep is too big to fit into the sink. He is relegated to the bathtub where he has his own technique for drippies. Then I have a snack and a good long nap (like all day)!


How to Read Paw Mails

July 18th 2015 8:36 am
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Hi Every Cat-
We found the directions in the Plus Members Help Forum:

Click reply in your p-mail box. Then under the box where you put your reply, check the box that says "include previous message". Then you can read the message -- clunky but it works.

Thanks to Lady for posting this most important message.


Paw Mail-HELP!

July 18th 2015 8:26 am
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We cannot read p-mail as of today--Tigger we hope you read this because you posted something about clicking on "previous"--we can't figure out where to do this -- could you please post directions in your diary and we'll make sure to pass them on to whoever needs it? Or any cat that has figure this out - HELP!


Sneaky Me!

May 24th 2015 12:49 pm
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Hee hee hee! I don't have squeaky clean and silent paw sox on my feet for nothing!

On Caturday meowmie put out lots of garbage and was furry careful to keep the doors shut so no kitties got out. She was also furry careful when she brought the mail in. She vacuumed a whole bunch and didn't see me for quite some time and she figured I was hiding under the bed rather than deal with Mr. Vacuum Cleaner.

Then she went out in the middle of the afternoon for a good hour. She walked and walked and enjoyed the sunshine and brought home some treats. As she walked past the driveway, who did she see but me! Yes! There I was on the railroad tie on the side of the driveway, tucked in in pot roast position sunning myself. Meowmie thought, who is that black and white cat, I haven't seen that cat in the neighborhood. So I gave a big blink and gave here the look that said, duh, its me, your cat. Meowmie did a double-take and realized it was me!

She called me in and I went behind the bushes, across the front of the house and up the stairs and then inside the front door and the foyer door. When everything was all locked up, meowmie said, Bibi, how did you get outside! I tried to explain but she didn't understand. She did get that I am a very very smart kitty and know where I live even though this is only the second time I've snuck out. She was furry happy I stayed safe and didn't meet any mad kitties, crazy dogs or ferocious wild beasts like skunks, raccoons, coyotes or skunks.



March 6th 2015 1:42 pm
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Yes I ate some peanuts last night. Meowmie put some in a little dish next to her water on the little table next to the sofa where she watches tv. Before she settled down I got onto the arm of the sofa and stuck my nose and mouth into the peanut dish.

Rattle rattle rattle! Meowmie heard the telltale sign of a cat invasion in her private food territory. Bibi!, she exclaimed. What are you doing? She took the dish into the kitchen, grabbed a spoon and put some of the offending peanuts into my food dish. Wow! crunch and munch, crunch and munch, yummers and down they went along with the wet food left in my dish.

All went rather well until the morning when Meowmie awoke to the sound of my barfing up the peanuts. Gross! I guess there won't be any more peanuts for me.


Flea Free in 2015?

February 20th 2015 10:43 am
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I read somewheres in Catster that I5 is working on making Catsterland flea free in 2015! they are aiming for the spring. and to bring back features we are all missing. Pursonally I would be delighted to catabrate The Spring Without Fleas. Kind of sounds like a made for tv movie (MOL)!


Spring Around the Corner

February 10th 2015 5:50 am
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This is Toosday. Meowmie has a second snow day from work -- that's right, two in a row. I'm furry glad to keep her company as she writes my diary. I'm in my basket with an old full of holes sweater to make it warm and cozy.

Poor meowmie! She got up extra early and did everything to get ready for work, including checking for any messages. There weren't any. So she put on all her layers and re-shoveled the front porch and steps and front walkway. Then she took a deep breath and started up the hill and then down the hill to the bus stop. She only made it halfway down the hill because the cars coming up the hill were skidding and sliding and spinning their wheels. Meowmie was hiding in a driveway opening while this was going on and decided to go home. She called work and those @#$% people closed the office but didn't tell anyone until 7:00 am! Poor meowmie-she checked at 6:30.

So the moral of the story is that the early bird doesn't necessarily catch the worm. Or maybe there's more than one worm in that basket. Or there's a silver worm hiding in every basket?

Anyhoo I hear spring is around the corner, which right now isn't a big consolation because the corners are soooo high. They are higher than the tallest thing I can jump up on. They are like skyscrapers for cats!

If you're in the snow zone like us please be extra careful outside, stay warm and nap!

Purrs, Bibi

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