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I'm In!

September 20th 2014 5:16 am
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Hi Everyfur!
For the first time in 7 or 8 days we're able to log in and stay logged in. This is amazacat! Suddenly this morning it all straightened out, well, almost all. We can read and comment on diaries (not sure this will post) without logging in 20 million times, but we cannot send zealous or read paw mail or send paw mail.
Sadly we missed talked like a pirate day. Arrrgh! Arrgh! Arrgh! Thanks to those who send Jolly Rogers - we are unable to send a personal thank you but you really made our day today when we saw them flying high and clear. Its a great day for sailing and finding adventure.
We've had a chilly nip here the past few nights and the furnace came on this morning. Its going to warm up so we are waiting for Mother Nature to warm our tootsies. We slept in a big pile last night and meowmie woke and said she had funny dreams last night. I think her brain was confused by all the purring vibrations passing into her neurons. MOL!
Okay guys-that's all for now. Love you-Bibi


All Paws!

August 15th 2014 8:46 am
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Hi Everycat-

Hazel Mazel (Maizie) has asked everycat to pass on the word to check out the All Paws Bulletin. It contains news and a place to give feedback to I5, the new Boss Cat. Seems like things are moving in the right direction, technically speaking.

We're glad that site navigation has improved and will continue to as the new Boss Cat works on the site. And that they have extended a paw to ask about features the dogs and cats would like. This is all excellent.

But then there's the Biggest Issue as we see it: content. For those of you who remember the Airplane Incident you will know what I mean. Shudder.

So we're taking this opportunity to say our (and ask all other paws to say their) opinion on the Catster Guidelines which up to now have been to include only stuff which is not vulgar or abusive or predatory. We are all for keeping what keeps us here: a spirit and practice of kindness, fun and generosity, that the community is really about us and not products or buttons or clicking features.

Most (all?) of us put our hearts and souls into our pets and really do love them. Catster has been a safe place to share those feelings and actions that are a result of feeling so. These are tender things and we hope very much that I5 gets that and feels it is worth keeping.

Okay-done sermonizing! Let's put on the TGIF hats and have a great weekend-


Return of the Neighbor Cat

August 3rd 2014 5:59 am
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Dear Diary:

I can't believe what happened last night.

In the early evening the door bell went ding ding ding ding ding ding. So meowmie went to answer it and it was the neighbor lady and man who live in the house behind us. They used to have a cat - Brady - the one who came trick or treating a while back and who also went to cat heaven last year. So. There they are again ...

but now they are the Neighbors with Another Cat! Yes, they came to introduce meowmie to their new cat, a four-month old named Max, a Maine Coon with white socks and swirly black and tan markings, and a giant fluffy tail and big kitten feet. I don't like to admit it but he sure was cute! And nosy too! He had a harness and a leash and the Neighbor Man walked him down the side of the house and the kitten went nuts smelling something.
Well it wasn't me or Meep! Must be some other cat or the skunk or a bug or something. Which was all fine except meowmie petted him! How could you do that meowmie! Only me and Meep, but especially me are allowed to be petted by you. Those are the Rules.

Okay I forgive you - you did brush me extra and tell me what a nice Booboo Girl I am. Sigh. But please don't let that cat come back, okay?


Cat-ching Up

July 21st 2014 10:46 am
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We're still cat-ching up with everything here in Catsterland. I hear I was another DDP! Whooee! Thanks for letting me know!

Between the flea infestation and vaca its been hard to keep up with everything, but now it looks like slowly it is all straightening out. Today we cannot post diary comments or read diary comments or send zealies, or get news of what you all have been doing past 7 days. But at least we can otherwise navigate without being kicked out to log in again or get the back end error message. (What? Cats don'r back up much unless we have to...)

So we're hoping the new I-5 is genuinely interested in keeping us running and jumping and playing cause we're not going until the door closes.



July 8th 2014 12:48 pm
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So exciting - I was a DDP yesterday! Thank you to everyfur who stopped by, sent warm wishes, prezzies and etc. The fleas are running wild and I want to thank everyfur individually but I cannot send pawmails today - hopefully this will post and I can send thank you's soon.


Ode to My Favorite Boxes

July 5th 2014 5:30 am
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Ode to my favorite boxes.

Sleeping box on top of the file cabinet, where I nap and hide away, I love you. Old curtains bunched up underneath me for warmth and comfort! No one can see me when I hide in there. Ear tips sticking out past the box edge give me away. Meowmie at her computer - I can keep an ear out watching you.

And box number two. Living on the floor I chomp on you. One flap nearly gone, three to go. Bits of cardboard tracked around the house, your tasty goodness displayed for all to see. The broom and vacuum ruin my good work. Meowmie-why can't you just let those bits be?


Pictures! Yahoo!

May 28th 2014 12:20 pm
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OMC! not only did I get into the diary, there are pictures!!! I'm so happy to see everyfur again. I really did miss seeing your beautifur faces.

I've been snuggling a lot with meowmie, keeping her lap warm when she watches tv, keeping her chin clean when she is sleeping, and making sure she gets up at a reasonable hour, say 5:30 am when the sun is shining, showing my beatifur tummy for pets and chin for scritches, and letting her know exactly when I need some snacks and suppers. Oh! such a good life and what a good kitty am I (MOL MOL!!).


Happy Mother's Day

May 11th 2014 5:50 am
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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Us who are or have been cat moms, our two-legged moms and their moms too. Extra purrs all around and headbonks too.


Help for Disaster Cats in Washington State

March 28th 2014 10:04 am
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Hi Furriends-

Petflow is giving free shipping on any products you buy from them to be donated directly to the Everett Animal Shelter in Everett, WA (where the terrible mudslide was). Visit their website for paritulars. If you would like to donate directly the shelter's particulars are:

Everett Animal Shelter
333 Smith Island Road
Everett, WA 98201
phone: 425-257-6000

Our purrayers are with the pets and their families that more will be united and safe.



DDP again but almost cancelled

March 15th 2014 12:15 pm
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Wowee! Twice in about a week! Diary Gal, you're the best (MOL)!

Well, we had a big fright yesterday because we got an email from the Caster Controllers saying our plus was cancelled. They wrote we were being nixed any minute. Mom mom, you gotta write back right away, we said. So our mom paw-mailed immediamentally and got all nervous we would never be plus members again and maybe this was part of what was changing despite evidence to the contrary.

Thank goodness Watch Cat wrote us back and said they had to cancel the auto renewal since they were transitioning to the New People but were extending our plus for free until everything was In Place. We sent our most greatful thank yous to Watch Cat and impatiently await what the new Catster will be . . . my tail is twitching . . .

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