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March 6th 2015 1:42 pm
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Yes I ate some peanuts last night. Meowmie put some in a little dish next to her water on the little table next to the sofa where she watches tv. Before she settled down I got onto the arm of the sofa and stuck my nose and mouth into the peanut dish.

Rattle rattle rattle! Meowmie heard the telltale sign of a cat invasion in her private food territory. Bibi!, she exclaimed. What are you doing? She took the dish into the kitchen, grabbed a spoon and put some of the offending peanuts into my food dish. Wow! crunch and munch, crunch and munch, yummers and down they went along with the wet food left in my dish.

All went rather well until the morning when Meowmie awoke to the sound of my barfing up the peanuts. Gross! I guess there won't be any more peanuts for me.


Flea Free in 2015?

February 20th 2015 10:43 am
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I read somewheres in Catster that I5 is working on making Catsterland flea free in 2015! they are aiming for the spring. and to bring back features we are all missing. Pursonally I would be delighted to catabrate The Spring Without Fleas. Kind of sounds like a made for tv movie (MOL)!


Spring Around the Corner

February 10th 2015 5:50 am
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This is Toosday. Meowmie has a second snow day from work -- that's right, two in a row. I'm furry glad to keep her company as she writes my diary. I'm in my basket with an old full of holes sweater to make it warm and cozy.

Poor meowmie! She got up extra early and did everything to get ready for work, including checking for any messages. There weren't any. So she put on all her layers and re-shoveled the front porch and steps and front walkway. Then she took a deep breath and started up the hill and then down the hill to the bus stop. She only made it halfway down the hill because the cars coming up the hill were skidding and sliding and spinning their wheels. Meowmie was hiding in a driveway opening while this was going on and decided to go home. She called work and those @#$% people closed the office but didn't tell anyone until 7:00 am! Poor meowmie-she checked at 6:30.

So the moral of the story is that the early bird doesn't necessarily catch the worm. Or maybe there's more than one worm in that basket. Or there's a silver worm hiding in every basket?

Anyhoo I hear spring is around the corner, which right now isn't a big consolation because the corners are soooo high. They are higher than the tallest thing I can jump up on. They are like skyscrapers for cats!

If you're in the snow zone like us please be extra careful outside, stay warm and nap!

Purrs, Bibi


The Blizz-ard Song

January 27th 2015 8:10 am
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I wrote a new song this morning and here it is:

We're off to see the blizzard, the wonderful blizzard of odd!
We hear it is a wonderful blizz if ever a blizz there was.
We're off to see the blizzard, the wonderful blizzard of odd.

MOL! We have lots and lots and lots of snow. Brave meowmie! She went outside for 15 whole minutes to clear a vent that goes to the air blower, without which the furnace doesn't work. I think I will rename it the "fur-nice" because it keeps us warm. Nice furnice, keep purring us warm. Keep safe, the blizz isn't done yet.
xoxo, Bibi


Your cat eats that!

January 23rd 2015 8:41 am
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Thanks, Meep, for starting a tag game. Its nice to see something is going on in your brain while you nap on your sofa!

My "your cat eats that!" is taco chips. Yup - plain, hint of lime flavored, you name it. And I don't just lick the salt off either. No no no! I crunch and slurp up the whole enchilada, so to speak (MOL! I am a specially clever girl cat).

I can smell and hear what meowmie is eating and loudly vocalize my intent to share those chips with her. She crumbles a few bits into my dish and voila! I think she is learning to speak Cat!

Meow on and I too tag everycat to play!



Happy Pawlidays

December 24th 2014 8:58 am
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Happy Pawlidays! Wishing you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons. May your cat dish be full, your water bowl flowing, your bed warm and cozy. May you get along with your furmily and family and have smoochies and scritches all year long. Meow meow meow!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27th 2014 5:51 am
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Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am very thankful to have Catster furriends who are so kind and fun. I am very thankful to have a warm home and good food to eat and a nice meowmie to pet me and cuddle with. And boxes to chew and rip (MOL)!
Here's hoping all furs are warm, safe and have enough to eat.


I am the Bravest!

November 10th 2014 12:37 pm
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Yesterday meowmie had a birthday party for two people who have the same birthday (today). There was a dozen people all walking around and talking and I watched them from my secret hiding place and they did not know it! Then I got brave as can be and I walked out and let them see me! Someone noticed me (the nerve) so I went back to my special place. Not even meowmie saw me sneak out! Then everyone except my Auntie Bean and Uncle Deeda left. I told Meep the coast was clear and he came out of hiding with me but was still nervous. Finally we got supper (including some real turkey treats) and relaxed. What an exciting day!


National Cat Day

October 29th 2014 10:55 am
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Hapy National Cat Day,everycat! Purrsonally I think every day is National Cat Day, but its nice to be recognized. Hope you are getting extra treats, extra pets and extra everything nice. Meow! (I really do say meowsometimes.)


I'm In!

September 20th 2014 5:16 am
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Hi Everyfur!
For the first time in 7 or 8 days we're able to log in and stay logged in. This is amazacat! Suddenly this morning it all straightened out, well, almost all. We can read and comment on diaries (not sure this will post) without logging in 20 million times, but we cannot send zealous or read paw mail or send paw mail.
Sadly we missed talked like a pirate day. Arrrgh! Arrgh! Arrgh! Thanks to those who send Jolly Rogers - we are unable to send a personal thank you but you really made our day today when we saw them flying high and clear. Its a great day for sailing and finding adventure.
We've had a chilly nip here the past few nights and the furnace came on this morning. Its going to warm up so we are waiting for Mother Nature to warm our tootsies. We slept in a big pile last night and meowmie woke and said she had funny dreams last night. I think her brain was confused by all the purring vibrations passing into her neurons. MOL!
Okay guys-that's all for now. Love you-Bibi

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