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Stitch's Pawprints

Delicious Changes

January 9th 2009 9:48 pm
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Whoops, I just realized how long it's been since I last posted in my diary here! Well, now is as good a time as any to update again!

This new year has brought some new changes for us cats here. What I thought was going to be a disaster has turned into something awesome!

It all started when one day as I was watching Mommy dish out my food, I noticed that our bin of kibble was EMPTY. And not only that, but I didn't see another bag anywhere! Mommy looked at me and said, "from now on, no more kibble."

WHAT?!?!!? I freaked. Why wasn't Mommy going to feed us anymore? I know I can be naughty sometimes, and jump on counters and get into things I'm not supposed to, but come on. Cutting off my food supply for good was hardly fair.

I mourned, oh I mourned. I wasn't sure how I would survive. I fretted about it all night.

But the next morning for breakfast, there was still no kibble, but there was a special surprise instead!!! CANNED FOOD! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven or something, but a paw-bap from Kittie reminded me that I was indeed awake, not dreaming, and that I better get to my spot to eat.

And the dream never ended! Actually, it got even better. You're probably thinking, what could be better than getting to eat nothing but canned food, right? Well let me tell you. Wednesday, Mommy came home from work with a bag of raw meat medallions from work, and yesterday, she started mixing in the raw chicken with the canned food at every meal. My siblings for some reason don't appreciate this delicacy, but I do! I gobble it all up. Mommy is so proud of me, she says that starting tomorrow, I'll get nothing but medallions! YIPPEE!!!


I like it here, I think

February 8th 2008 5:51 pm
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Well my brother and sister have already posted in their diaries about this, but I wanted to also. Today Mommy moved us to a new house. I like it here. I've already explored quite a bit and I approve of the place. There is another cat here named Tiger but so far he doesn't want to play with me. Mommy's friend Bryan is very nice and he will play with me though. :)


The Food Police

January 31st 2008 8:41 am
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Mommy has turned into the food police. Every time she feeds us cats, she sits there and watches us eat. I eat fast, so I always finish first. But I'm always still hungry! So I try to sneak around... first I go to Kittie's bowl and see if I can snatch some of her food. Usually she is tough and stands her ground, so it's hard to steal food from her. But stealing food from Cirrus is easy! So I hit him up next. He eats really slow, and is so laid back that I can eat out of his bowl while he's standing there next to me eating out of it as well. But now that Mommy is being the food police, I can't get away with anything! She always catches me while I'm slinking around. Boo! She spoils all my fun. So I just give up and sit in her lap instead. If I can't get extra food, at least I can get extra lovin's.


Stitches for Stitch

January 16th 2008 7:22 pm
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Last week Mommy tricked me. I thought we were going for a fun ride in the car, but she took me to the vet! She left me there too. Once I figured out her evil plan I started yowling and crying. While I was there I got my last round of shots and got spayed. When I woke up I was feeling pretty uncomfortable, and when I tried to investigate what they had done to me, they told me not to pick at my stitches and put a lampshade on my head! They call it an e-collar, but whatever ya call it, it's annoying! It makes it strange to eat and drink.

Mommy says my stitches get to come out tomorrow, which hopefully means she'll take this silly thing off my head!

Oh, and Mommy finally updated our pages a little bit. Now she just needs to get some more recent pictures of me!


I'm a keeper!

August 6th 2007 5:46 pm
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Mommy took me to the vet today and spent lots of money on me, so I guess it's official now that she's keeping me! The good news is that my test results all came back negative for bad stuff. The bad news is that they poked and prodded me a whole bunch, and I have to go back for more poking and prodding in a few more weeks! Oh well, besides the poking and prodding they were very nice to me at the vet and everyone said I was just so cute.

Mommy also found out for sure today that I'm a girl. When those kids gave me to her, they told her I was a boy! But when Mommy looked, she was pretty sure I was a girl so she got confused. But the vet told her for sure that yes, I am a girl. Silly Mommy, all ya had to do was ask me! So now Mommy says she'll have to buy me a new little pink collar - I can match Lola!

Mommy also made me this spiffy Catster page just now, so I guess that's also a pretty good sign that I'm staying here for good. No more life on the streets for me!

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