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The Noblest Cat

Cat of the Day

October 18th 2010 3:02 pm
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Noble is Cat of the Day. Which is pretty neat. :) Thanks Catster! And thanks to everyone who sent rosettes. :)


What's in a name?

June 19th 2008 2:31 am
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An ode to my daddy.

What's In A Name?

You named me Noble because you thought it fit me.
You watched me grow from a kitten.
You held me as I dreamt of dogs.
You let me bite your neck when I was still feral.
You took me from the cold, cold forest-
when no one else was there.
Instantly, you fell in love with me.
Instantly, I became yours and you became mine.
There's something about the human and animal relationship-
it's magical the way it works.
I see love in your eyes when I headbutt you for a kiss.
I see a smile on your face when I paw you for attention.
I hear music in your voice when you praise me.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
You named me Noble because you thought it would fit me.
You call me the Noblest cat.
And, trust me on this one, if it came down to it;
I would always be there to help you.
I'll comfort you when you're down.
I'll purr when you need a friend.
I'll kiss you when you need protection.
I'll always be noble.
I'll always live up to my name.


Feline Thoughts

April 8th 2008 12:17 pm
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I never did understand the bond people have with their dogs.
What's up with it?
Dogs stink.
Dogs are loud.
Dogs are hyper.
So, why do humans love them so much?
Is it the beady eyes?
Or the wagging tails?
I purr.
Isn't that just as cute?
Besides, dogs beg for food.
Most of us are just happy with 9 Lives or Meow Mix or Fancy Feast or, even better, tuna.
And, we use a litter box.
Sure, dogs may use paper; but isn't it easier to scoop our mess than it is to change their nasty, stinky paper?
And, we walk ourselves.
If we're outdoor cats, of course.
But, even so, we don't really need a walk or two every day.
And, we clean ourselves.
How cool is that?
And, when we're overweight, you won't be judged for it.
Well, so what if humans own dogs.
We own humans.

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