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Tails from Middle Earth told by a shieldmaiden of Rohan

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It's about time mom reactivated our catster page!

December 25th 2013 11:06 pm
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This summer we moved into a big house! It is so different from the tiny apartment we lived in before. Sookie my sister and I loved it! We could go upstairs and look at everyone coming in the front door from a safe distance. I can chase Sookie all over the house and there are lots of windows! There is a screened in porch upstairs and downstairs! Sookie and I love to sit in our cat tree and watch the neighborhood!

Everything was purrfect until one day they brought home a DOG! Sure, it's a puppy, but, really? I'm still keeping my distance but I keep an eye on him. He seems okay maybe. Sookie and I discovered a MOUSE a few weeks ago but we scared him away.

We hope to meet new pals and reunite with old furriends on catster!
Now, time for my nap.


Have a Purry Murry Christmas!

December 2nd 2008 12:12 am
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..Ok its a bit early but tis the season!!! Headbonks to all!!!
Purrrs to all my Catster furiends! Hope you all had a purrfect Thanksgiving and a great Holiday Season!

Arwen and I are just living the cat life...making mischief...napping...eating...playing...making sure the humans don't cause too much trouble. It sure is cold in Minnesota! Arwen is lucky she's a mediumhair, I sure get cold in my shorthair coat! Hope you kitties are staying nice and warm.

Arwen and I want to congratulate President elect Obama on winning the election. Hope our economy get better, its hard times! Us kitties have had to cut back on new toys and fancy cat food and treats. We try to not complain about it too much. Atleast we have a warm home with loving pawrents.

Because we've had to cut expenses we cancelled out Plus membership on catster so we don't have all the bells and whistles anymore but we also don't get on here as much anyway. We still love all of our furiends on catster for sure!!

When are the holiday zealies coming out??? I hope it's soon.

Well, that's all I have to say for now compawdres, Wishing you all a blessed and magical Holiday Season!!!!

Love and Purrs~Filly The Swift of Rohan & Arwen >^..^


I cant get enough of my new "toy"!!!

October 3rd 2008 10:36 pm
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Today meowmy got another package in the mail. this time it was in a long rectangular box and instead of feeding it to the loud black monster that comes every day, she opened both ends and gave it to ME!!! First I didn't know what the big deal was, but then she played chase the ball with me and the mice. they would come out the other side of the tunnel! I would chase them and try to catch them before they came out the other end! he he he! sometimes I got 'em sometimes I didn't. THEN Arwen my sisfur wanted to get in on it so I stayed inside and didn't let her come in. Its MY box anyway, meowmy gave it to ME! Of course then she tells me to share, but no way, I'm lovin' my new toy toooo much!!! I'll let Arwen play with it when I'm tired of it. I go so excited I've been wining to meowmy to play with me alllll night!! Arwen told me to be quiet cause she wants to take a nap, but I just can't get enough!!! sigh. Now meowmy is tired of playing but not Filly the swift of Rohan!! Filly is never tired of playing!


Missing Kitty in Minneapolis!! Help find him please!

August 24th 2008 8:37 pm
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Moms friend lost her cat. He went missing on friday the 22nd a.m.
His name is Marley
He lives near 41st and Pleasant in south minneapolis
He has on a pink and red collar with mice on it.
He has white patches on his belly and chest otherwise he is all black.
12 lbs. male.
He may have crossed lyndale or Nicollet Ave. Check garages and trees.
My friend is beside herself worrying about him!
I will post pics on my page of him.
If u live in mpls please look and see if u have seen him!


Thank you to all my pawsome furiends!!

August 11th 2008 9:40 pm
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I would like to give a very special thank you to all my furiends who sent me the beautiful febreeze collars!!!
You are all so sweet to think of me!
Love, purrs, Kneads, & Headbonks,
Filly the Swift of Rohan : )


Home from the hospital!!!

June 4th 2008 9:09 pm
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I am back home after my spay/declaw surgery, finally! They shaved my stomach and leg and make me wear this funny yellow "vest" to keep my pain med patch on. The medicine makes me silly and hyper. I don't feel like sleeping but mommy says I should rest up so I get better. I'm so happy to be home again!


Tagged, and Vet apt. this week!!

May 31st 2008 6:37 pm
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Meows to all! I've been busy keeping up my title of mistress of Mischief in my realm! Now that meowmy is home for the summer I've been driving her crazy all day! ha ha ha! I have been getting lots more playtime which is awesome.
On Tuesday I have to go to the vet and get spayed and declawed!!! Not looking forward to that one!
Meowmy and daddy are going on vacation to Tucson next week so Grandma is going to come take care of us. I hope she gives us lots of treats and plays with us. I'm gonna miss meowmy a lot. So is Arwen.

Well, I've been tagged so here goes, its the 4 x 4 tag game:

Four jobs I have had.
1. surviving in a horse barn
2. testing the window screen strength.
3. testing the door frame strength.
4. Arwen's personal fitness trainer

Four places I have lived.
1. A horse barn.
2. The shelter
3. my house now
4. be decided

Four Places I have been.
1. The Petco
2. The horse farm
3. the shelter
4. the balcony

Four things I'd rather be doing:
1. climbing the screen
2. chasing a mouse or bird
3. playing with balled up paper or sparkly toys
4. playing with Arwen

The four kitties I tagged are:
1. Mathis Der Meowler
2. Rocky Ann
3. Pawstuckaway Serengeti
4. Sawyer


wHaT dOeS YoUr fAvOrItE CoLoR SaY aBoUt YoU?

February 20th 2008 6:44 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] ouquiz/?newleftcolumn=yes&order=2 (mine is yellow)


Happy Wednesday Catsters!

February 20th 2008 3:02 pm
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Does anyone want me to add them to my corral? I may have missed someone. How are you cats doing? Just relaxing with my family. If anyone is cruising diaries and wants a furiend I always love making new furiends! And I am a part of many fun groups! I'd love new members to join in on the fun! Sending headbonks to all my furiends! (Love ya Sterling Mithril!!xoxo )Purrrs~Filly


Meow! Sterling Mithril Asked Me to be his Valentine!!!!

February 13th 2008 2:38 pm
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I am just all purry and blushing! He is so cute that Sterling! And we are about the same age too! What a cutie! check him out #609566!!!
Hope efurryone is having a great Valentine's Day Eve! I am getting into Mom's sweet potatoes and the usual mischief. I know I have been tagged and have to do my tag which I will! Soon! Now I don't have to be jealous of Arwen and Dereck hee hee!

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