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Jennifer's Celestial Seasonings

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Thank you!

May 28th 2011 7:13 pm
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Yesterday, mommy was flooded with memories of our original gotcha day and even though she felt the usual twinges of sadness because she misses Pete and me and always will, those memories of her first kitty babies are very precious and dear and made her smile too.

Thank you for stopping by yesterday and making my gotcha day so special and for the comments and rosettes and special gifts! Catsterites are the BEST friends ever! We've sent out thank you's to everyone and hope and purr we didn't miss anyone!

And a special purr of thanks to Anonymous for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon rosette!



Gotcha Day Memories

May 27th 2011 11:05 am
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I adopted Pete and Jennifer 34 years ago (*gasp!*) on Friday, May 27, 1977. Even though I knew they'd soon be ready to leave their mother and come home with me, I didn't know when that would be. The woman who had their mother cat didn't alert me ahead of time that she'd be bringing Pete and Jennifer to work with her that day and simply showed up at work with Pete and then brought Jenny during lunch hour.

Talk about being surprised and unprepared! I had no cat carrier with me. As I was leaving work for the day, my boss found an empty box and we lined it with a blanket and put Pete and Jenny in the box and put the box on the back seat of my car. I remember saying to my boss I was afraid the kittens were not going to stay in the box. He said, of course they will . . . they're way too tiny to get out of it. Hah!

I had to drive from my job in Bala Cynwyd, PA to my home in Merchantville, NJ. It normally took between 30-45 minutes. But this was Memorial Day weekend and everyone else was taking the same route to the Jersey shore for the holiday weekend. It was bumper to bumper traffic all the way home and ended up taking almost 2 hours to get home!

What a nightmare trip that was! I don't think I was out of the parking lot before both Pete and Jenny managed to get out of the box! To give you some idea of how bad it was, try to imagine that long drive home with 2 teensy weensy kittens climbing all over the seats and floor, climbing all over me, getting under the accelerator and brake pedals and climbing into my lap and on to the steering wheel. I almost had a serious rear end collision on the Ben Franklin Bridge because of a kitten underneath the brake pedal!

But we got home safely. I got them into my apartment and then had to run out for food, litter and litter boxes. My apartment hadn't been made kitten safe and there were more places for them to get into and lost in than I could ever have imagined. And stupidly, I also bought some milk. Pete didn't drink any but Jenny did. The milk made her sick and by Saturday night, she was vomiting and had diarrhea and had to be rushed to the ER and given fluids and meds. The vet told me she would have died if I hadn't brought her in. What a welcome that was to being a new cat mom!


Birthday Thank You and Purrs Request

April 17th 2011 10:18 pm
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Wow, Petey and I certainly had a wonderful birthday party on Friday! All of our angels friends attended and what a blast we all had! There was an enormous buffet that had every kind of food and drink to make any kitty drool in delight. There was something fun for everyone to enjoy: music, dancing, singing, jokes, games, sports, fishing and sailing. Those who have romance in their hearts enjoyed moonlight strolls along the lake shore.

And I didn’t eat all the birthday cake! MOL!

I want to thank all of our friends who celebrated with Pete and me.

Thank you to friends who left comments.

Thank you to: WeeBeesSiamese (Minko & Pipo) for my birthday picture.

Thank you Riley, Chef Rooster Who Loves Hazel Lucy, Dinah (Forever Loved), Little One (Love you 9/24/05) and Jezebel for the pawmails.

Thank you:

Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy & family for the Bunny
MILO, Smokey Joe, Timmy, Ziggy, Sam for the Rainbow Ribbon
Tia Sydibil, Charley Bleu Eyes and family for the Tulip
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne for the Angel Star
Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert and family for the Rabbit
Soc (Soc & Lulu Together) for the Easter Eggs gift
Cassie, Saber, Simon, KitKat and family for the Angel Star
Nonny, Pinkie, Biggles, Buddy and family for the Heart
Christopher Spot for the Angel Star
Gump for the Tulip
Adam Dylan, Eve Layla, Puddin Keket and family for the Cross
Edgar, Emily Felicity Precious Angel & family for the Rainbow Ribbon
Zoe our Princess 4ever Loved for the Pink Ribbon
Sally Maria, Trinity and Emily Beatrice for the Heart
Joshua Bush 1993-2002 for the Rainbow Ribbon


NORMAN who has a blocked gallbladder and is having surgery on Wednesday.

ONYX who will be making her journey to the Bridge



Happy Birthday Jennifer!

April 15th 2011 5:52 am
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Happy Birthday my precious Jenny-any-kins!

I remember the first time I saw you. Your brother Pete arrived in my office in the morning and you arrived at lunch time. You were placed into my arms and what a sweet little black and white girl you were! Your were so precious and tiny! When I put you down on the floor next to my desk where I had placed the food, water and litter box, you didn’t even greet your brother but ran to the food dish and consumed every last piece of food in the dish. No matter how many times I refilled the dish, there you’d be, eating! I could never get a good glimpse of your face and barely knew what your face looked like. Your face was always in the food dish! Oh, how you loved to eat! I was told you were the runt of the litter. Maybe you were pushed out of the way by your brothers and sisters and never got enough to eat? Perhaps that explains your life-long love affair with food!

Hope you and Pete are having a blast celebrating your birthdays at the Bridge! I’ve heard that Angels throw furrtastic birthday pawrties and can imagine how they must go all out when there’s a double birthday to celebrate! Have lots of fun and please don’t eat all the birthday cake!


Birthday thank yous!

April 18th 2010 8:51 am
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Last Thursday was my birthday. Thank you to all who helped me celebrate and made my day so special!

Baby-G and Little-One for the red rose rosette
The family of Alfie, Albie, Lucy, Jack for the heart rosette
Sally Maria for the heart rosette
Dude of Da Tabbies O Trout Towne for the Angel Star
Christopher Spot for the Crown
Nonny for the pink ribbon rosette

Love, hugs & angel kitty kisses!


Bridge Day Anniversary

January 11th 2010 4:21 pm
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Today is Jennifer's 15th Bridge Day Anniversary. Jennifer was a very special kitty and very dear to me. We share a close bond of love and understanding that death did not diminish. We always were and still are on the same wavelength. She is deep in my heart and is the only one of my cats who still communicates with me through dreams and in many other ways. I miss her dearly but know she's happy and content where she is. (She always was a happy kitty!) As time has passed, the pain of losing her has softened and eased year by year because I know she's *alive* and thriving and that we'll meet again. Today I remember her without any tears or sadness. Memories bring a smile. :)

Happy Bridge Day Anniversary sweetheart Jennifer!


Thank you!

October 20th 2009 2:02 pm
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First of all, I want to thank all of my furriends for the comments, pawmails and gifts. Mommy and I were overwhelmed (in a good way!) by such an outpouring of love and furriendship! Thank you! It was also nice to find out that someone does read my diary! :)

Mommy has been under a lot of stress lately and had an emotional meltdown yesterday. She let her emotions overcome her good sense and judgment. That's why she wrote about what she did in my diary yesterday. I warned her that she'd regret it and she does.

A day has passed and mommy has had lots of time to think about what she wrote in my diary yesterday. She has unpublished yesterday's diary entry. She didn't delete it completely because of all the comments from my furriends which we want to keep but no one can see the diary entry on my page anymore. Mommy and I believe that's the wisest thing to do.

Love you all!




It's my birthday!

April 15th 2009 10:32 am
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Today is my birthday and my brother Pete's birthday too! We are from the same litter and truly brother and sister. He was the first born and I was the runt of the litter.

Mommy never asked the lady she adopted us from exactly what date we were born. We came home to live with mommy on Friday, May 27, 1977 (Memorial Day weekend). We were six weeks old then. To figure out our birthday, mommy counted back 6 weeks from our Gotcha Day. That would have been Friday, April 15, 1977. So April 15 is the day Pete and I have always celebrated our birthday. :))

The Bridge angels have thrown us a PAWSOME birthday pawrty! All angels are invited to stop by for cake and ice cream and join in the fun and games!



Thank you for thinking of me on my Remembrance Day

January 12th 2009 5:00 pm
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Wowza! Big hugs to all my special furriends who were thinking of me on my Remembrance Day and sent pmails and gifts. Mommy loves me and always will and it's so nice to be remembered.

Hugs for all of my dear furriends for making my day extra special:

Angel pup Daisy (In Loving Memory) for the Candle

The family of Samantha Angel and Sadie for the Red Rose

Lilly Bush 2000-2007 for both the Heart and the Red Rose

Albie ~A Sweet Angel Now ~ for the Candle

Bear (In My Memory Always) for the pawsome Wings

The Family of Sally Sweet Angel, Lucy & Sophie for the Diamond

The Family of Piewackit, Shadow, Zeke, Buddy, Callie, PJ,
and angels Lacey & Cagney for the Rainbow Star

Abby - In Loving Memory - for the Rainbow Star

The Family of Sally Maria, Trinity & Emily Beatrice for the Diamond

D-Max -- In Loving Memory for the Red Rose

The Family of Tutti RIP Dec. 19, '07, Junior Fluffkins,
Tethys Fluffkins and Jake for the Rainbow Rosette



Today is my Bridge Remembrance Day

January 11th 2009 10:59 am
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Today is my Bridge Remembrance Day. It was 14 years ago that I came here to the Bridge. Mommy has been thinking about me all day. Some memories are bittersweet and make mommy tear up and ache with missing me. Most of her memories are sweet and funny and make her smile.

Mommy remembers how she'd take me out on a leash in our back yard in warm weather. I'd be laughing and so delighted to be outside in the sunshine, fresh air and grass. We'd stop and I'd roll in the grass and eat it too! Squirrels screeched at me from the top of the trees. Whenever a butterfly flitted by, I'd get so excited at how pretty it was and I'd run and jump and try to catch it. Mommy would be holding the leash and had to run with me.

She remembers how happy and joyful I was, how sweet I was, how I LOVED to eat and how much I loved to play, always laughing and smiling. She used to call me her Little Entertainer. Yes, I truly did laugh and smile! And I still do!

Now I'm an angel at the Bridge and so happy! I laugh and smile all the time. There is always fresh air, blue skies, sunshine and sunbeams, green grass, pretty flowers and so many beautiful butterflies I can't count them. And the food! Anything and everything to delight any kitty's heart! I spend hours lollying around in the grass, napping, rolling in catnip, chasing butterflies, fishing and soaring through the skies over field and mountain with my angel friends. My brother Pete is with me. We're always together now and will never be separated again.

I miss mommy and she misses me. Someday we'll be together again, but not yet. In the meantime, mommy knows I'm a happy little angel and loving my life here at the Bridge. When she thinks of me running around here, chasing butterflies and laughing in delight, it makes her smile and laugh too and gives her peace.


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