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BLOO BLOO's Life of Love


February 8th 2008 8:50 am
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Hi Catster Cool Cats, I have been "TAGGED" by my GOOD FRIEND from Australia, named, Rizza to play a game. I must post in my diary, 7 facts about myself(BLOO BLOO) and then "TAG" 7 cats and send them pawmails to let them know they have been tagged and to see my diary.
So here goes................

7 Facts about me (BLOO BLOO the Great!!!)

1. I have many good friends on Catster from around the globe who I correspond with and love very much.

2. I eat lumpfish caviar and love all seafood flavored cat food and smoked oysters.

3. I am very loyal to my Daddy, Ken , Who I love very much.

4. This Winter, I have been sleeping under the blankets with my Daddy by my side.

5. I belong to "THE POWER OF PRAYER" and other prayer groups and always take the time to say prayers to my fellow cats (and Dogs too) when they are ill or in need. Blessed be.

6. I have one of the "busiest" and most multi media intensive web pages around LOL like Snoopy's dog house on the Christmas Charlie Brown cartoon lol.

7. I have a studly boyfriend in Pennsylvania named Marlon Brando check him out his catster id is......#605137


1. Horus catster id#564823

2. Lucy-Lou catster id#618396

3. Punkin Pooh catster id#257538

4. Bella catster id # 667816

5. Percy catster id # 626008

6. Annie R catster id # 632417

7. Sterling catster id#666036



December 12th 2007 11:04 pm
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Hello To All, I have been "Tagged" by my good friend Bobbi Boi, and I must list 5 things in my diary that I want for Christmas, then "TAG" 5 people. SO here goes.......

The Number 1 thing I want for Christmas, IS what I wish for every year but never get. That IS PEACE ON EARTH!!!! Come on people why cant we all just get along already!!!

2. New pair of brown cowboy boots.
3. New pair of Black leather chaps.
4. Plasma TV (46 in.)
5. Long , Happy Lives for all my Catster Buddies (and Greenies too.)

Well there you have it, my 5 things I want for Xmas. Now I will Tag
1. Marlon Brando
2. Scottie
3. Horus
4. Rizza
5. In Memory of Razzle Dazzle Furf.


Horus' "TAG" game

October 17th 2007 9:44 pm
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Hello fellow Catster Cats, I have just been informed by my good friend "Horus" that I have been "Taged" and now must ...............

I have to pick and list 10 fellow members and say a nice thing about them and the cat who tagged me. I then send a pmail to the 10 cats I picked.

These are the RULES!!! .......................So................

I was Tagged by Horus who is one furtastic Buddy Who Lives In Germany and is nice enough to send me postcards of his wonderfull Country.

The 10 cats I "TAG" are as follows (please visit their pages and give some "PAW", as they are all furtastic)

*MARLON BRANDO*.........because he is my Super Studly Boyfriend and I want all the cats to be jealous!!!

*RIZZA*.........She is a BEAUTIFULL Orange/red Tabby who is my good friend and lives all the way in Beautifull South Australia. She sends me postcards of her beautifull Country and Her and her Sister and Meowmy have a special place in my heart.

*PUSS PUSS*..................Puss, is Rizza's Sister, and she is also a very special Black n White beautifull cat and good friend. She is also "Daddy's Little Princess."

*ANNIE R*............AnnieR is my Dear Deeparted OOfala Kitty's (see her on Bloo's family page) "Virtuall TWIN" She is a Beautifull Tortiseshell Cat who likes to play fetch and be a sweet girl.

*SCOTTIE*............Scottie is a good friend From the Bay Area where I Live. Scottie likes to go out for strolls in his stroller with his Mom and 2 Brothers.
He also really enjoys these strolls and can't get enough of them, he also loves "Greenies."

*Chico CA LOST SABRINA*............ Sabrina is a beautifull cat who at the moment is currently LOST and desparatley searching for her way back home. Lets all say a little prayer to bring "Bri" back home to her loving Mommy, Pam.

*BELLA*............Bella is a beautifull Black and White Tiger Stripped Tabby who has a spooktacular Web page full of ghosts and gobblins and is a little cutie who "Brings a ray of sunshine into every room"

*PYEWACKET*.............Pyewacket is our Honorary Halloween Black Cat Mascott and loves his "Fancy Feast" He is a special friend who was nice enough to send me a star!!!!

*BOBBI BOI* Bunny Butt as he is lovinly known, is a cutie patootie who resides in Franklin, IN. He has a spooktakular page and send my some rosettes!!!

*REKI*..............Reki is a beautifull Maine Coon Cat who loves her feather stick and was lucky to be rescued from Death, She is also one of my newest and sweetest furends.

Well these are my 10 Picks, Please Do Not be offended if I left anyone out, I could only pick 10 or I would have picked ALL my furr ends!!! Please visit their pages and check out all the love there.

And Always Remember "Hearts can never be practicall, untill they can be made unbreakable" HUGS, Bloo Bloo and her Daddy, Ken


Dear Diary for Oct. 12th 2007

October 13th 2007 5:21 am
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Dear Diary, Tonight I stayed up on the computer with my Daddy to get my Catster corraspondance done. We sent stars and Halloween rosettes to our friends and Kitties that have crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Our goal is to send a sympathy note to all 11,000 cats that have crossed over the Bridge. A kind word is a good thing to hear for a troubled and sorrowfull heart. I also sent out my Halloween postcards to my Boyfriend Marlon Brando (check out his page , he is a stud) and to my Good friends Rizza and Puss Puss and Deb in Australia, and to My German friend, Horus and Froudji. I also Sent a card to my friends Scottie, Ryan, and Matt (check out all my friends pages as they are very special and good looking cats) If you are reading this and your a Black Cat, Take special caution this Halloween as my Vet and someone else told me that sick people do terrible and unthinkable things to harm Black Cats. I want every Cat and their Parents to have a very Scary and Happy Halloween and Dios De Los Meurtos (Mexican Day Of The Dead Festival.)
Take Care and Be Safe!!! Dont eat too many Greenies
Happy Halloween to All,
Hugs and God Bless, Bloo Bloo and Her Daddy, Ken
P.S. Bloo says " Hearts can never be practical, untill they can be made unbreakable"


Dear Diary for Thu Sept 27th 2007

September 27th 2007 2:12 am
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Dear Diary, today I sent out 26 new requests to be friends to over 75 cats. I also was blessed to have 826 friends and 408 page views. I received 2 stars and my dearly deeparted Auntie OOfala received a star too!!!
I finallygot OOfalas catster page fixed to the way I wanted it from the begining and it looks great (scroll down to my family and click on Oofalas Picture to see her page) My page has its new video and Not much extra new stuff except the falling blue paw prints. My Daddy likes to bling bling up my page because he loves me so very much. I am lucky to have such a wonderfull, loving Daddy and I love him very much too. I also Joined some new groups today (yesterday) as it is past midnight now, And hope to make some new friends and contacts. I also Sent my good friends Rizza Deb and Puss Puss and Horus some postcsards of San Francisco Bay Area where I live as they live all the way in Australia and Germany!!! They are dear friends and I value our friendship very much. Well not too much more to say, so I guess its goodbye for now untill the next all night computer jam session and entry.
REMEMBER....... Its not how much you love , but how much you are loved by others!!! , Bloo Bloo


My NEW video

September 14th 2007 4:54 pm
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Hello All CATSTER CATS, This is Bloo Bloo and I have just starred in a new video for my multi media senseational web page!!! I know I'm no Paris Hillton always mugging for the camera, fact is I dont like the camera or having my picture taken very much.
My Dad, Ken always tries very hard to capture my true inner beauty, but I don't always cooperate (I can be quite a pill.) It HAS been Hot in the San Francisco Bay Area as of late and I wilt in the heat. I just do not feel up to poseing for the camera, I would rather lay down in front of the fan and slumber. I also like to eat my fish flavored cat foods all day long, just lounging and eating , lounging and eating, its a cats life.
I can not wait till Winter arrives, as I love to lay in my Dads lap and sleep under the covers with him in our big bed. My Winter coat is sleeker than Sable , Mink or Chinchilla and gets very fluffy
Well thats all I have to say for this diary entry, so untill next time, take care and enjoy life

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