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Meow meow!! - By Bandit

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So long Catster

July 6th 2016 2:31 pm
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Meeeoooooowwwwssssss :(

I just wrote in my blog yesterday and then today we got an email that the Catster community which includes this blog is being shut down! The same thing happened 2 years ago but then someone company came and rescued us. But now they said it's too hard to fix the community pages and that it's all broken (even though it looks fine to me) and now my blog will go away!

I have been writing in my blog since 2004. It's filled with lots of funny stories about my life. Fortunately, mommy can download a copy of the webpage, so that we still have the blog but it's sad that it won't be on the internet anymore to share to others.

I want to say thanks to everyone who ever read my blog. I even got Diary of the Day a couple of times. I haven't really sent gifts to my Catster friends or kept in touch but thanks everyone for being my friend.



I am 16 going on 17...

July 5th 2016 3:31 pm
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My mommy loves The Sound of Music, and she's been waiting to be able to write that title.

Meows everyone! Yes, I am 16, can you believe it? That's like 80 something in human years. I am a distinguished gentleman now.

The latest news is that mommy was away for a whole week and it felt like forever! I don't like it when she's away. I hid under the bed a lot. I love daddy but it's not the same. But one night I heard her voice through daddy's headset! How does she get in there? So confusing!But then she came back suddenly and I was so surprised to see her. I didn't come over to her right away, I thought she was a mirage. But it was really her! Meows! So all is well again and we have been cuddling.

Mommy said that she doesn't like being away from me either, especially now that I am so old and she's worried that something will happen when she is away and that she won't get to say goodbye, like with her doggy. But the vet said that I look good for being an "older cat". I guess I had some older cat problems a couple of months ago and had to have a little medicine but all is well again.

Anyway I just wanted to say hi to all my readers out there and I'll try to write again soon. It's just that my life is so boring and normal now.



My latest adventure

November 5th 2015 12:25 pm
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Well things have been going pretty well here in the past few months. I turned 15 years old which is 76 in human years and now it's time for my anniversary!

It's been really nice because Mommy had been home a lot, since July. She explained that she was between jobs and just waiting for her new job to start. She had also decided that she needed to get a lot of stuff done and made a lot of appointments, including one for me!

About 2 months ago, Daddy found a little tiny bump on my paw. Mommy looked it up and consulted an online vet and they said to keep an eye on it and if it got bigger to take me to the vet. So fast forward to the week before Mommy went back to work and she noticed that it was a bit bigger and looked like a pink cauliflower bump. So she called the vet and they were like, oh we'll take a look.

Next thing I know, I got put in my travel bag and off we went!

The vet looked at it and said that it looked harmless but would be better to take it out now rather than to wait for it to get even bigger. Mommy asked if they would run any tests on it and the vet said, well, at this point, it's not like we would give him chemo for it or anything! But I guess she was right, since I am just an old man now! This is also Denmark and they seem to be a lot more practical.

The vet said that they could do the surgery the next day. So we went home. Apparently she also said that I was not allowed to eat after 10pm. Mommy told me to eat but I wasn't hungry.She went out that night and I ate a little but threw up. When she got home I didn't want to eat, until 10:22. I went to my food bowl was GONE! I was shocked! How could that happen!!! I looked at mommy and all I heard was "blah blah blah vet said blah blah blah". Not happy. I meowed and meowed but got no food. I had to hunt my toy mouse and pretend to eat it at 5am.

So at 8am, I was back in the bag and shipped off for the whole day to the vet! Mommy asked if they would run any blood tests before giving me anethesia and the vet said no, that I was healthy and that it would cost a lot and there was no reason to do it. She said not to worry and that they would take good care of me. Practical.

I had to go into a cage and there were other animals there. Even dogs!!!

Next thing I know, the guy vet was there and poof I fell asleep. I woke up in my cage, very groggy and confused. I heard a lot of barking and I didn't like that at all. So I reached into the dark recesses of my soul and became a dark Sith lord again. I have always been a Sith lord, I just don't show it much, but my former step-brothers know all about that.

Then I saw Mommy and she was talking to the guy. I was in the cage in my bag with just my head hanging out sideways. I couldn't move! I felt like Westley in the Princess Bride after he had been mostly dead all day. Then they came over to touch me and I started hissing and growling. No way was anyone going to mess with me. Didn't they know not to mess with Darth Bandit!? GRRRRRRRR HISSSSSS.

The vet said for mommy to leave the room so that she could be the good one. 5 minutes later, after trying to claw him with my good paw, he got me back into my bag. I continued to growl. I heard barking and when I got into the reception area, a dog walked by. I kept up the growling. Boy was I mad!

We took a taxi home and I growled at the driver. We got home and then mommy let me out of the bag. I was so hungry!! I wanted to run to the food bowl but I couldn't walk straight. My legs went all over the place and I was walking crooked. I finally got to my food bowl and plopped down in front of it. My legs gave out and I was just flat on the floor with my face in the bowl and started to lick my food. Mommy said it took me a long time to eat, because I would keep staring into space.

I was so embarrassed because I couldn't jump at all when I got home, even easy jumps and I wanted to be on the bed. I had to have help like the old man that I am. It took a few hours before I could walk right and jump again. And I visited my food bowl several times and each time I could lift myself up a little more and eat with more dignity.

The nice guy vet had said that my little lump was harmless and something that cats get. He said it was a good operation, they got it all out and so I had 3 stitches. I still have them, but they are supposed to fall out.

A few days after all that, Mommmy started to go to work again. She also goes some place with that stupid loud violin now. I wish she would just stay at home.

Mommy had planned to make it all up to me by getting me Fancy Feast Chicken Hearts and Liver for my anniversary. She tried to order it since they don't sell it here. But the shop said that they can't sent it to Denmark because it is meat and customs won't allow it! Sadness!

Anyway, I am really happy about our anniversary. Even though I complain about all the stuff Mommy has done for the past 15 years, especially all the moving and vet trips, she's still the best. And now we have Daddy too and he's a pretty cool guy. Even though he vacuums and moves stuff around in the apartment...Meow meow!



Food Wars

May 30th 2015 3:55 am
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I know I said last time that I liked the new food that mommy started giving me. But it got boring! I started only licking the part that was gelatinous and stopped eating the rest. Mommy hates when people waste food and so she told me that I couldn't have anymore of that food, since I wasn't eating it.

Mommy and Daddy went to the store and then they found this other food, some kind of all natural food. It was pretty natural all right. It looked like shreds of chicken in broth. It was ok. I mean, the first few times I ate maybe half of what I was given and of course, I drank all the broth. Then it got boring too and I started leaving it in my bowl.

I was still eating my dry food, but mommy likes for me to have wet food too, so she didn't really know what to do anymore. After I ate the last can of chicken, she looked in the cabinets and found some pouches of food that we got as a gift. One was beef, and she said that I am not allowed to have beef because cats don't hunt cows. There was a packet of lamb, and she was a little torn about that, but supposed that a pack of cats could theoretically take down a lamb. The third pack was rabbit. This made mommy sad, because rabbits and cats are both pets and so should be friends. Daddy said that cats and rabbits are not friends. So she gave me the packet.

It was delicious!! OMG, it was the best food ever except for Fancy Feast chicken hearts and liver. I gobbled it all up and meowed for more. But there wasn't any more. So it was back to the chicken.

So then I started going crazy! Waking up mommy at 4 or 5 am, running around. I just wanted a rabbit. And I was going to hunt one down. Somehow. In this apartment. That or a bird!!! MROOOOWWWW! Mommy said that I should not wake them up so early or want to eat bunnies.

I complained about my food and protested. Why eat stupid chicken when there is yummy rabbit! But mommy said that bun buns are friends and not yum yums. So she and daddy looked at the pet store website again. She was even thinking of putting me back on the sauce. Daddy was like, how is that going to be better?

And then, there it was, my original pre-sauce food, in cans! The same prescription food I had eaten for years. Mommy couldn't believe it! So they ordered me a bunch of cans.

And sure enough, it really was the cans. So mommy gave me half a can last night and it was delicious. I ate every bite. I was happy and I didn't wake my parents up early today. I did ask for more when mommy woke up though, but she talked about waiting until dinner. It's taco night apparently here. Maybe I'll get a rabbit taco!

Meow meow,


I was on the sauce

April 6th 2015 9:02 am
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I finally got a chance to write in my blog. Mommy has been hogging the computer, doing stuff that she calls "homework". It's been like a year since I last wrote! I finally convinced her to let me get on the computer so I can tell you about my latest adventure.

It started about a month ago. We got my order of Prescription CD food, both wet and dry food. But the wet food looked different this time, it wasn't in cans anymore, it came in packets! I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Mommy wasn't sure how she felt about it. She opened up a packet and put it into my bowl. It wasn't even mushy food, it was chunks and.......sauce!!

I got hooked right away on the sauce. The sauce was the most wonderful thing that I have tasted since Fancy Feast Chicken Hearts and Liver. It was so tasty that I just licked it all up first, leaving the chunks of food bone dry. I ate some of the food, but it wasn't as good as the sauce.

I couldn't stop thinking about the sauce. The next morning, I got more of it and it was glorious. So of course the next morning I had to wake mommy up early to give it to me. I needed to have the sauce! She didn't seem too happy about that, something about 4am and not breakfast time. What! I waited for her all day and demanded sauce when she got home. No dice.

Well, she gave me the sauce for a week straight in the morning. Same thing everyday, before she was out the door for work, the food was bone dry. I nibbled on the chunks during the day. Mommy said that it wasn't right that I didn't eat all of the food, so I started getting it every other day! It was torture!! I meowed and meowed every morning, woeful meows. I just needed sauce!

Daddy said that I had to have it later, so for dinner and not for breakfast anymore, because I was waking them up too early. Not my fault that they are lazy and want to sleep when there is perfectly good sauce waiting! He said that the sauce changed my personality. But it's just that I love the sauce. I loved it so much that I would nuzzle the box that it came in. Mmmmm

Then the unthinkable happened. I saw mommy give me the last packet of sauce. Where was the next delivery? Surely they would have ordered some...I'll have sauce again....right?

Mommy and daddy came back from the store the other day and had one can with them of...something. It was some kind of natural cat food they said. I was skeptical. Mommy put it in my bowl tonight and it was kind of....gelatinous. She found out later that she was supposed to microwave it first. But you know what, it was pretty darn good! It wasn't sauce and chunks, it was mushy food again...but it was tasty! Yum!

They said that the food actually has real liver in it, which I love. And it's supposed to be saucy, you know, if mommy would just prepare it correctly. Next time, she said.

They think that I am going to forget about the sauce. I don't want to forget, but it's true. I don't remember stuff so much. Maybe they will order more for me sometime?



Great News

February 21st 2014 1:09 pm
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Last month, I wrote what I thought was my last blog post. But we got great news! All the mews and complaining worked! The big people at Catster will keep the community features! My blog lives!!!

I promise promise promise to write in it a lot more! I just have to get my Mommy to do it. That should be easy enough. I sit next to her when she is on the computer all the time and even on the keyboard. That will make her type!

All is going well. I still like it here. My parents made me leave the apartment though one time, a couple of weeks ago. They got my cat bag out and I was so excited. I love going in my bag and it is so cozy and snuggly. But I always forget that they can zip it up and take me away! We went back to that weird place and they have those other furry things there that bark.

The lady there grabbed me and put me on the scale and everyone laughed again at how big I am. I am just big-boned! I am not fat!

She stuck me with a needle but I didn't really feel it. Then mommy reminder her that my microchip went missing or something. So the lady did something to me and then I guess she stuck the chip in. My parents keep laughing that there is a hole in my fur. What does that mean? They said it will "grow back".

I don't remember if I told you all that mommy got a chaise lounge. That is a fancy word for chair that is a sofa. She sits in it while on her computer. I let her borrow it when she comes home but we all know that it is really mine.




January 18th 2014 11:35 am
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Mews :(

Mommy told me that my blog is going to go away! I have been on Catster since 2004!

In the beginning, we didn't do much with my blog. I wrote in it and we made "friends" with a lot of other cats. Then I got really sick and we wrote in the forums on Catster. There were so many nice cats and nice parents who wrote with advice. Then some of our cat friends started to write to us as well in email. Mommy has always felt safe and happy knowing that a knowledgeable and friendly cat community was a click away.

Now we heard that everything that is important to us her is going away on 3 March. I am very sad.

To all of my cat friends, take good care of yourselves and hopefully we will find a new home on the internet!



It's official

October 13th 2013 8:12 am
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Meows everyone!

I found out that my parents got married! I knew that they were planning something for awhile now. Mommy got a new dress that she hid in the closet and told me not to touch. She put it up high but I really wanted to nuzzle it.

Daddy even got a suit. It was black with a white shirt and so he looked just like me. I have style so of course Daddy had to copy me. Copycat!

I even got a gift! It is the tallest cat condo I have ever seen. It is huge! There is a picture of it on my page now.

They had a big party and were gone for the whole day. They also had packed some suitcases. I did not like that. They were back only for a short while and then they left and were gone for week!

The apartment was a mess too. But I was lucky because daddy's mom came to take care of me. She was pretty cool. She helped me to get up onto my condo and she talked to me. She gave me food and water and cleaned my box. I hated waiting for my parents to come home though.

Then they came back! They said that they went to Tokyo. I have no idea what that is. They brought back a little white robot cat. It chirps and walks and I think she is really dumb. She doesn't meow the right way. She makes too much noise. I like Mini B better. He looks like me and is quiet.

I was really glad to see them though.I sat next to mommy for 2 days straight. You know, everything is really good right now and we are a family that lives in one apartment together!


Mini B

March 31st 2013 12:43 pm
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When mommy came back, she told me that she had something for me from one of her former coworkers. I was excited! Was it Fancy Feast? Was it my new favorite snack? No! It was a little stuffed animal cat...
She told me that his name is Mini B because he is like a miniature version of me! I don't know what she is talking about. Mini B doesn't look like mommy or daddy and so he can't look like me!

I don't know how I feel about Mini B. Sometimes I ignore him. Sometimes, I drag him over to my food bowl or to the toys but he doesn't eat or play. Daddy sat him next to me yesterday and I got right on top of him. I mean, someone has to keep him warm, he has no clothes on so he must be cold. Mommy and Daddy were laughing at me and saying that I was acting like a bird. Hmph.

I guess he is ok to have around. I don't beat up on him since he is supposed to be me. I do wrestle with Tiger Friend and of course I still love Mousy on a Stick.

I really don't care as long as they keep giving me those delicious new snacks. Purrrr



Where have you been?

March 16th 2013 3:45 am
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Things have been really great with Daddy. We play together, he gives me snacks and it has been really fun. Daddy pets me all the time and he doesn't go away on trips like Mommy used to. I really love the new apartment and I never want to leave my new bird I mean friends.

I was taking my morning nap yesterday under the duvet, waiting for Daddy to come home from his morning outing. I heard a lot of noise on the steps outside. Suddenly, Daddy was in the house with 2 gigantic suitcases and then standing in the doorway....was my mommy.

I stayed under the duvet and looked at her. Where has she been??? I was nervous. Was she coming to take me away somewhere? Why did she go away for so long? What has she been up to? I stayed under the duvet.

She came over to talk to me and then I jumped onto the floor. You can't just come back after 2 months and just pet me! No way. I went to the living room and hit under the sofa.

Mommy spent the rest of the day napping and then unpacking. I didn't want to talk to her. I just wanted Daddy to tell me that it was all going to be ok.

I saw that she had some of our things in her suitcases. I jumped onto the suitcase while she was unpacking to check things out. I was glad that she brought our stuff, I was wondering what happened to it all.

I guess Mommy had some things to do while she was away but I was still upset. I didn't sleep with her on the bed.

But then this morning, I decided that I was glad that she was back. It doesn't seem like she is going to take me away and the suitcases have disappeared.

I slept on her head this morning and purred. I hope we are in our forever apartment!

Meow meow,


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