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I was on the sauce

April 6th 2015 9:02 am
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I finally got a chance to write in my blog. Mommy has been hogging the computer, doing stuff that she calls "homework". It's been like a year since I last wrote! I finally convinced her to let me get on the computer so I can tell you about my latest adventure.

It started about a month ago. We got my order of Prescription CD food, both wet and dry food. But the wet food looked different this time, it wasn't in cans anymore, it came in packets! I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Mommy wasn't sure how she felt about it. She opened up a packet and put it into my bowl. It wasn't even mushy food, it was chunks and.......sauce!!

I got hooked right away on the sauce. The sauce was the most wonderful thing that I have tasted since Fancy Feast Chicken Hearts and Liver. It was so tasty that I just licked it all up first, leaving the chunks of food bone dry. I ate some of the food, but it wasn't as good as the sauce.

I couldn't stop thinking about the sauce. The next morning, I got more of it and it was glorious. So of course the next morning I had to wake mommy up early to give it to me. I needed to have the sauce! She didn't seem too happy about that, something about 4am and not breakfast time. What! I waited for her all day and demanded sauce when she got home. No dice.

Well, she gave me the sauce for a week straight in the morning. Same thing everyday, before she was out the door for work, the food was bone dry. I nibbled on the chunks during the day. Mommy said that it wasn't right that I didn't eat all of the food, so I started getting it every other day! It was torture!! I meowed and meowed every morning, woeful meows. I just needed sauce!

Daddy said that I had to have it later, so for dinner and not for breakfast anymore, because I was waking them up too early. Not my fault that they are lazy and want to sleep when there is perfectly good sauce waiting! He said that the sauce changed my personality. But it's just that I love the sauce. I loved it so much that I would nuzzle the box that it came in. Mmmmm

Then the unthinkable happened. I saw mommy give me the last packet of sauce. Where was the next delivery? Surely they would have ordered some...I'll have sauce again....right?

Mommy and daddy came back from the store the other day and had one can with them of...something. It was some kind of natural cat food they said. I was skeptical. Mommy put it in my bowl tonight and it was kind of....gelatinous. She found out later that she was supposed to microwave it first. But you know what, it was pretty darn good! It wasn't sauce and chunks, it was mushy food again...but it was tasty! Yum!

They said that the food actually has real liver in it, which I love. And it's supposed to be saucy, you know, if mommy would just prepare it correctly. Next time, she said.

They think that I am going to forget about the sauce. I don't want to forget, but it's true. I don't remember stuff so much. Maybe they will order more for me sometime?



Great News

February 21st 2014 1:09 pm
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Last month, I wrote what I thought was my last blog post. But we got great news! All the mews and complaining worked! The big people at Catster will keep the community features! My blog lives!!!

I promise promise promise to write in it a lot more! I just have to get my Mommy to do it. That should be easy enough. I sit next to her when she is on the computer all the time and even on the keyboard. That will make her type!

All is going well. I still like it here. My parents made me leave the apartment though one time, a couple of weeks ago. They got my cat bag out and I was so excited. I love going in my bag and it is so cozy and snuggly. But I always forget that they can zip it up and take me away! We went back to that weird place and they have those other furry things there that bark.

The lady there grabbed me and put me on the scale and everyone laughed again at how big I am. I am just big-boned! I am not fat!

She stuck me with a needle but I didn't really feel it. Then mommy reminder her that my microchip went missing or something. So the lady did something to me and then I guess she stuck the chip in. My parents keep laughing that there is a hole in my fur. What does that mean? They said it will "grow back".

I don't remember if I told you all that mommy got a chaise lounge. That is a fancy word for chair that is a sofa. She sits in it while on her computer. I let her borrow it when she comes home but we all know that it is really mine.




January 18th 2014 11:35 am
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Mews :(

Mommy told me that my blog is going to go away! I have been on Catster since 2004!

In the beginning, we didn't do much with my blog. I wrote in it and we made "friends" with a lot of other cats. Then I got really sick and we wrote in the forums on Catster. There were so many nice cats and nice parents who wrote with advice. Then some of our cat friends started to write to us as well in email. Mommy has always felt safe and happy knowing that a knowledgeable and friendly cat community was a click away.

Now we heard that everything that is important to us her is going away on 3 March. I am very sad.

To all of my cat friends, take good care of yourselves and hopefully we will find a new home on the internet!



It's official

October 13th 2013 8:12 am
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Meows everyone!

I found out that my parents got married! I knew that they were planning something for awhile now. Mommy got a new dress that she hid in the closet and told me not to touch. She put it up high but I really wanted to nuzzle it.

Daddy even got a suit. It was black with a white shirt and so he looked just like me. I have style so of course Daddy had to copy me. Copycat!

I even got a gift! It is the tallest cat condo I have ever seen. It is huge! There is a picture of it on my page now.

They had a big party and were gone for the whole day. They also had packed some suitcases. I did not like that. They were back only for a short while and then they left and were gone for week!

The apartment was a mess too. But I was lucky because daddy's mom came to take care of me. She was pretty cool. She helped me to get up onto my condo and she talked to me. She gave me food and water and cleaned my box. I hated waiting for my parents to come home though.

Then they came back! They said that they went to Tokyo. I have no idea what that is. They brought back a little white robot cat. It chirps and walks and I think she is really dumb. She doesn't meow the right way. She makes too much noise. I like Mini B better. He looks like me and is quiet.

I was really glad to see them though.I sat next to mommy for 2 days straight. You know, everything is really good right now and we are a family that lives in one apartment together!


Mini B

March 31st 2013 12:43 pm
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When mommy came back, she told me that she had something for me from one of her former coworkers. I was excited! Was it Fancy Feast? Was it my new favorite snack? No! It was a little stuffed animal cat...
She told me that his name is Mini B because he is like a miniature version of me! I don't know what she is talking about. Mini B doesn't look like mommy or daddy and so he can't look like me!

I don't know how I feel about Mini B. Sometimes I ignore him. Sometimes, I drag him over to my food bowl or to the toys but he doesn't eat or play. Daddy sat him next to me yesterday and I got right on top of him. I mean, someone has to keep him warm, he has no clothes on so he must be cold. Mommy and Daddy were laughing at me and saying that I was acting like a bird. Hmph.

I guess he is ok to have around. I don't beat up on him since he is supposed to be me. I do wrestle with Tiger Friend and of course I still love Mousy on a Stick.

I really don't care as long as they keep giving me those delicious new snacks. Purrrr



Where have you been?

March 16th 2013 3:45 am
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Things have been really great with Daddy. We play together, he gives me snacks and it has been really fun. Daddy pets me all the time and he doesn't go away on trips like Mommy used to. I really love the new apartment and I never want to leave my new bird I mean friends.

I was taking my morning nap yesterday under the duvet, waiting for Daddy to come home from his morning outing. I heard a lot of noise on the steps outside. Suddenly, Daddy was in the house with 2 gigantic suitcases and then standing in the doorway....was my mommy.

I stayed under the duvet and looked at her. Where has she been??? I was nervous. Was she coming to take me away somewhere? Why did she go away for so long? What has she been up to? I stayed under the duvet.

She came over to talk to me and then I jumped onto the floor. You can't just come back after 2 months and just pet me! No way. I went to the living room and hit under the sofa.

Mommy spent the rest of the day napping and then unpacking. I didn't want to talk to her. I just wanted Daddy to tell me that it was all going to be ok.

I saw that she had some of our things in her suitcases. I jumped onto the suitcase while she was unpacking to check things out. I was glad that she brought our stuff, I was wondering what happened to it all.

I guess Mommy had some things to do while she was away but I was still upset. I didn't sleep with her on the bed.

But then this morning, I decided that I was glad that she was back. It doesn't seem like she is going to take me away and the suitcases have disappeared.

I slept on her head this morning and purred. I hope we are in our forever apartment!

Meow meow,



Mew? Where is my mom?

February 14th 2013 5:11 pm
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Hello everyone!

The last time I wrote, I had just moved to this new place. My mom and dad were both here and life was good. Except for the people bathroom. I have gotten used to it though, and it is just a weird room, nothing to be afraid of.

I like the new place, it is really cozy. There are birds right outside in the neighbor's garden every day. The kitchen has a table and I like to sit in the chair. Mommy wouldn't give me my meals there though. Sometimes, when no one is looking, I jump on the table! Shhhh

But then, a month ago, my mommy packed a suitcase and said that she would be back soon. Where is she? Daddy said that mommy had some things to do at our old home and when our lease ends there she will come back. I wonder if she has to go in that loud place in a crate. I guess I am glad she didn't take me back.

Daddy said that he talks to her on this thing called Skype. I don't know what he is talking about. Mommy doesn't live inside the computer. It has been a long time. Daddy used to leave for a long time too, so I guess I just have to wait.

I went to the vet here too. It was some different lady and they talk in a funny way. I don't understand them! The lady was very nice though. Daddy explained to me later that she said that I was pretty and she was surprised that I used to weigh more. She cleaned my teeth but other than that, it was fine.

I haven't had any other adventures here. The window here is much better than our old window so that is good. I wonder how far away Mommy is and when she will come back. I guess I just have to wait.



I was right!

November 29th 2012 3:57 pm
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Well, my mommy really outdid herself this time.

I knew something was up a couple of months ago, which I wrote in my last post. Shortly after that, a big gray crate arrived. Mommy put my tiger friend toy and my wet food bowl in there. She kept giving me some of my favorite wet food in the crate. I would go in there, but made sure to keep one foot out for a little while.

After a month, she and daddy started to trick me to go into the crate and then we would go driving in the car! I don't like the car! It means going to the vet! But, we would just drive around a lot and then come home. What was the point of that?

Daddy packed up his stuff and went away. I don't like it when he does that. The next day, mommy scooped me up and took me to the vet and said that she had to get a lot of papers signed. There was some kind of hurricane coming and so she seemed worried. The vet didn't even want to have our appointment but there was no rain yet so they had the appointment anyway.

The hurricane came and mommy was really worried. We didn't have power for a couple of days and no internet. Mommy took a trip for a day to get some other papers signed since Fed Ex wasn't sending anything out. These were some pretty official papers.

I didn't really know what any of that all meant. The hurricane went away and then mommy said that we had to fly before the Nor'easter came. She said that the weather had to hold up for 2 days.

So I was minding my own business when a lady came to our apartment. I was really nervous so I hid in the blanket on the bed. Mommy got me and put me into that stupid crate. She told me that the lady was from the pet relocation company and would take care of me. The lady said that they wouldn't let me have my tiger friend toy in the crate but then she felt bad and let me have it. She said that she would carefully take it out before we got out of the car at the airport.

Mommy told the lady about some scary stories about cats getting lost at the airport. The lady said that all the airline people knew her and they would not mess with my crate after she checked me in.

So then the lady said for me to say see you later to my mommy! She put me in her van and we drove away!

We went to the airport and I did not like it. I hid under my blankie in the crate. The lady took tiger friend when we were in the van and put him on top of my crate with my food bag.

I had to wait in a special area. I got checked in. Some people said hello to me and they knew my name! The lady had put a Hi My Name Is sticker on my crate! Mommy told me later that she had a tracking site to check my status. I was put onto the plane after all the other stuff went in and then we took off! The noise was really loud! Mommy had been playing these stupid videos of airplane sounds for weeks and now I knew what that was for! I knew that the sound would go away eventually.

So I was in my crate in the weird place that felt weird and then the next thing I knew some people took me out. I could not understand them! I guess they spoke another language. I found out that it was Amsterdam and that I was at the animal hotel there for a connection. I guess I am a real world traveler!

After a few hours there, they put me into another plane with the same loud sounds! It wasn't so long this time. Then they took me out again and some guy picked me up. I couldn't understand him either. I guess he speaks Danish like everyone else here. He put me into a van and we drove for a little bit. Then we arrived at an apartment. The door opened and they put my crate in. I heard a familiar voice say "hi bandit". It was my daddy!

I came out from under my blankie and waited for him to cut the ties on my crate. I walked around the apartment. It seemed to be nice and I found my litter box and food bowl. It was too much for me though so I went to bed and hid under the blanket.

The next day, daddy left the apartment. I was alone! But after a little while he came back and I heard my mommy! I was so glad to see her! But she is crazy! This is my 10th home in 12 years!

I like it here though. There is a nice window and I can hear birds. I love birds. The bathroom is a bit weird. It has a different floor and it is really big. I am pretty sure that it is not a good place. I was scared of it at first but now I am ready to explore it further. Only if no one else is looking..





August 1st 2012 7:58 pm
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Mommy is hatching a scheme. She and daddy want to live where he lives and that means that I am going to have to take a plane! I wrote on the forums for help!

She took out my Sherpa bag and left it in the living room for me to sit in. I love my bag! But I am really scared about moving. I don't want to go in a plane! I have to learn a new way to meow so I can talk to the cats overseas. My daddy said that I will love it there because there are a lot of birds.

Speaking of daddy....he was here for a few weeks and now he left again! I hate it when he leaves. I like having him around to play mousy with and jump on while he is trying to type with his keyboard. My parents say to blame immigration rules.

Oh well. I hope all you cats are doing great! Mews!



My new love

May 13th 2012 1:05 pm
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The other day, a wonderful box arrived. It was so wonderful because inside....there was another box! It is a bed that is made of cardboard that I can exercise my paws on. I love it! I like to sit in it but I don't want to scratch such a wonderful thing. The best part is that it is next to mommy's computer chair.



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