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Dreaming of Catnip Tea & Greenies...

Adjusting to our new life in Salem!

August 12th 2008 10:08 am
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Greetings dear furriends,

I have been very bad at keeping up on my blogs and sending loves to my dear furriends. I miss you all and am so grateful fur all of you.

So here is what has been going on fur the summer...
Dad was hired to a very small education data tracking company in April and we all moved to Salem at the end of April. We had started to move some of our stuff in with Nani and Poppy but did not move in with them after all.

We met the neighbors cat James Bond... who the kids call Six Dinner Sid (because he sneaks in the house and eats my dinner) and have been slowing getting back to normal life.

However dad was let go from that job in June due to the company not getting a large contract with the state to pay us... so we've been praying, sitting calmly, organizing the garage, gardening and playing... then dad has been hired to do a contract with the education district!!!
He starts on the 25th of August and we all are so excited!

I myself have been a bit stressed. Six Dinner Sid aka James Bond attacked me in the backyard hurting my arm a bit. Mum, dad & the kids took me to see my new vet at Banfield and I was on antibiotics and heat compresses.
I still have some swelling but it is much smaller than it was, thank the Lord.
I'll go get it checked up and will be happy for my clean bill of feline health!

I do find it a bit amusing now to see everyone scramble for the hose to get Six Dinner Sid out of my wonderful oasis backyard! I hope he and I can start over and try to be furriends again someday, but fur now... I don't mind too much that he's banned!!!

Mum and I have been playing lots again and I am starting to have a bit of fun in my new pop up tent. So far though my lady bug toy is still the best!

Well that is the events for the summer so we are getting prepared for school for the kiddos!

Purrs, loves and nudges dear furriends!


Good bye my dear brother...

March 18th 2008 10:21 pm
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Things are changing here at home... January 10th our daddy lost his job writing software for a small legal staffing company. He is looking for a new job diligently and has been interviewing.

We are behind on our mortgage payments and have our house for sale. We have a pretty good offer and are waiting for everything to work out so we can close the loan. After the house closes we will likely move in with mum's parents until we can catch back up on finances and dad finds a stable job.

Sadly Thursday Sirius moved in with our Aunt Michelle. This is very bittersweet for me. I miss him very much and want to see him around the hall corner waiting to pounce on me! However I know that in moving in with our Nani and Poppie, their doggy Buster and Blue Front Amazon parrot Benita, is impossible for us both to go along with our big fish tank! He is doing very well and getting spoiled as normal.

Soon mum will have time to spend online catching up after we settle in with Nani and Poppie. Our home is scheduled to close April 17, and dad and mum are planning a trip as close after that as they can, to visit Aunt Chi, cousin Skippy and his new brother in Las Vegas.

We miss all of you dear furriends...
Purrs and loves ~ Orion


I've been tagged by Humphrey Haunted

November 11th 2007 5:36 pm
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Here are the rules - each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
Kitties who are tagged need to write their own message about their own 8 things and post these rules.
At the end of your message, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names, then send it to them.

1. I love meatloaf & will beg like a doggy to get it!

2. I love to jump up when mum sits dowm in her chair & purr loudly in her ear while kneeding her neck. Most of the time I drool, then she says 'EWWW! Jump down Mr!' Not nice at all, I think!

3. I took a very long time to be nice to the oldest human when she was first born. I was the eldest in our family for a year before she was born & was not happy with her arrival. I was pretty mean & dad kicked me outside for 2 days until I changed my attitude.

4. I have the humans trained very well to let me in & out of the house at my every whim. I take advantage & do it many, many times in a row... but they all still jump at my call!!! ;D

5. I have a bad habit of 'talking back' to mum when I do something I
shouldn't. I really think that I should not have to follow any rules... I am the top cat & I rule the house!

6. I enjoy being dressed up in the silly clothes we are randomly put in! Shh! Don't tell anyone!

7. I sneak on the counters when everyone is out for a ahile, even though I know it makes mum crazy!!!

8. I have successfully hunted a squirrel. Grossed mum & dad out! The kids luckily did not see! They have named all the squirrels in our neighborhood Chunky!

I tag

1. Coco Chanel
2. Dizzle Mcfizzle
3. Shoez
4. Bayou Molly
5. Delta
6. Her Majesty
7. Princess Cassiecat
8. Sirius

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