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It's my sweet sixteenth birthday at the bridge...

August 1st 2014 1:55 pm
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Hi everyone.....

Finally my mommy can get in the cats term site whew.....

Yes August 1.. Happy sweet 16 to me.....

Sorry I been away tooo long , just wanna stop by to said have a meow weekend.....

I better get back to the pawty... We are having a blast with all fur friends... And new fur friends who just enter the rainbow bridge.....

Bye for now...


Gome to the bridge last weekend

April 8th 2011 2:32 pm
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Dear fur friends,

Its been a week since I gome to the bridge.... Its been truly truly hard for my mommy amd my sis fur sheba.... I been sick for sometime ..... Well it was hardest on my mommy she cry for days.. But promise not to cry more while doing my diary... I know I will make new fur friend at the rainbow bridge.....

But my sis fur.sheba.need.some happy purring she My mommu doimg she can for her even.though I wuv my sis fur sheba....

Well let us pray for all the furs friend who have gone tooo soon....

Hope u all friemd request sheba she would love to have fur mater if they are dogster or catster it will make her.happy...

Its not goodbye, its see you later ...

Star......... 1998-2011 purrrrsss


Off to the vet again :(

February 17th 2011 8:27 pm
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Tommorow my mommy dropping me off at the vet for routime check up to see how I was doing... Last time I went before vacation or after not sure.. Long story short I lost 1 lb eveytime I visit my doctor! Is that normal???.. I was 15lb then drop one pound down yikes..... Lets see what.happen at vet.. She dropping me off will pick me up after work.. I pout at my mommy.. I really didnt wanna go :o(
But I have to go..... Must be better
But we will keep you all.posted....
Night.. Puuurrrrssss


Hello everyone..

October 23rd 2010 11:03 am
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Dear Diary,

Today is Saturday Oct. 23, its been a loong bumpy road for this pass summmer and now.. I went to the vet this pass summer vet are soo pricey these day.. nearly made my mommy sad and lucky a friend help out with few issues for my mommy... but we all are hanging there..

soon my mommy will be out of town next month for a short quick trip to NC to see a friend and leave us home alone Party time oh yeah MOL..

But i am doing ok... with my dabetic. i got used to it.. know the drill when its time for my shots.. i play dead MOL..

so right now my mommy is making a purtty holiday dress for her neice.. its coming along.. i love the way she baffels about the patterns.. MOL..

soon winter coming.. chilly herer in Ohio.. brrrr...

I prefer to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you all can hear my purrrrrssssss i purrrrrrsss loud..


WE got a Heart from Mystery Santa.. asking us if we are naughty or nice.... well we beeenn nice.. little bit naughty just to drive my mommy nuts MOL.. now they are asking about what we wants for christmas.. soon we all will be out of town.. :(
Dec 18th until 27.. we are taking a road trip back to NY..

What we want is cat treat, blanket for the road trip.. just be creative.. but mostly we have shower curtain to cover our huges cages for the road trip MOL..

If you need more question what we want for christmas let us know.. purrrrrrs.....

what a long story to tell you all.. i am sure needs to catch up on my lovley diary..

have a wonderfull afternoon and weekend everyone..



on the way to Vet....

February 20th 2010 8:02 am
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oh boy the minute i saw my fancy carrier out in the living room, something is up.... my mommy didnt wanna scare me by saying that i am going to the vet for check up... tsk tsk tsk mommy..

anyway.. it was a struggle to get inthe carrier MOL.. but she even put hello kitty blankey on my carrier cuz its cold outside brr.. and its my frist time in my mommy brand new car, i tried not the shed cat hair MOL..

Once we got to the vet.. this nice lady carry to the weight to see how much i wight still the same whew.. 15lb... I know i know water water MOL...

then next thing is the nice doctor check me and make sure iwas ok.. since i am debitc so they want to take my ya know blood work there i said it.. *blushing*

hopefully we will know next week to see if i am ok.. then Next Friday my mommy is taking us to a friend house for cat sitting.. while mommy goes on vacation..

She will take us to NY, Long island in june... cant wait to look fwd to our vacation..

BTW Doctor told my mommy i was a gooooo d girl.. not even hiss or scratch.. but did leave behind good hair shed MOL....



November 9th 2008 5:18 am
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Hello everyone..

As you all know that i have Diabectic.... I been doing good.. my mommy see some improvement of my walking since my back paws is flat not like a normal walk.. simular to human foot to the ankle that..

Each day she watches me to see if there any changes in me.. I am getting there.. excerise and relaxing.. as long i take my boo boo shots every morning and every night.. and special dry food which i have to eat ....

Sooo.. we are heading to New York for Thanksgiving.. for one week... to see our fur friends.. heheheh MOL.. it's gonna be a long road trip again.. pack up the bags.. we both have one luggage to share MOL.. and what else.. we will be driving thru PA and NJ and then NY to Long Island.. Dont worry will get pic taken the post so all fur friends can see it.. winsk..

I better go now.. my mommy needs the computer.. heheheh

talk later everyone..

Happy Sunday...


Here read the story below.... sorry been a while

August 17th 2008 8:08 pm
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Hello everyone..

I know its been a while since i type in my diary.. Well my mommy took me a vet about a week ago to find out what wrong iwth me the way i walk.. and all.. My mommy was really nervous about vet to find out what wrong.. but i was a gooooodddd girl... I listen to the vet to see what she see what wrong with me..

so now the vet telling me and my mommy that i have diabectic (hope spell right) so i have to take a boo boo shots every morning and evening.. which is no fun at all.. :(

but my mommy loves me and make sure i am doing ok..

but i wanna thanks my friend for care about me gettting well soon...

so i better go now get some rest and eat special food.. my sis sheba loves to go after my food it drives my mommy nuts MOL>.

Have a pawsome week.. tooo all my furry friends..


to all my fur friends

April 3rd 2008 1:04 pm
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just wanna give you all fur friends that my mommy is soooo busy packing up the apt finally out of the basement apt.. we will be moving into a new apt where there a big window called sliding doors.. we can not wait for it.. it will be a nice place to live in Ohio.. Columbus, Ohio.. this will be our very frist above apt.. we waited soooo long for it..

me and my sis will try to catch up with games and stuff .. ok.. soooo sorry for not communicating with all my fur friends and my doggies friends... purrr meow..

but frist me, my sis sheba and my mommy will be staying in a hotle.. for 1 week huh!!

so I will keep you all fur friends posted and we will move out of NY in May and it's gonna be a long road trips.... This should be fun.. MOL...

I hope to keep in touch with you all..


Have a pawsome week and weekend..


Hey everyone..

February 20th 2008 10:30 am
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We are soo busy.. with packing to move to OHIO.. We wont be moving there until hopefully somewhere in April..

I am soo trying to catch up with this diary.. so that i can be pick cat of the week ya know.. what else.. I went on a vacation with my mommy and my sis to see our cousins in VA....for christmas and New years y aknow..

But i am glad my mommy took us on a road trip it was fun and quite.. until my sis went nuts wants out of the cage MOL.. but my mommy lets her out on the last exit to her brother house.. oh boy my sis Sheba acted like a dog wagging her tail MOL.. oh boy as for me i sit like a good queen of the cage oh dear..

so here we are 2008 and i am going to be 10 years old in august YIKES...
I am driving my mommy nuts cuz i hate to be brush but i have to be brush before going to ohio.. need to be clean and fresh for our frist new apt.. we cant wait to see our real apt instead of the ugly basement apt..

I hope you all like our back groudn but sorry we are still learning how to use code to change more ya know..

I will try hard to keep up with every fur to read a diary..

Have a pawsome day.. purrrrr



February 8th 2008 7:55 am
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Once again.. I am playing tag by my new and old friends… Some of you are new to this game.. Once you been tagged you must tagged 7 new kittes….

Galin ~ Now now no ~ blushing ~ allow… MOL.. you are a sweet cat and a nice furfriends… glad to have you be my blushing furfriend…. I am glad that I tag you and now your tagging me back.. purrrr

Haley the man ~ Hi ya Cuddle Bunny … I just wanna tag you.. and drop a line to said hi and have a pawsome day… purrrrr

Sheba ~ Hi ya Sheba… I am tagging you… You have the same name as my sisfur Sheba but she all purrrre white..

Oreo ~ long time no see.. purrrr Loved loved your Valentine page.. soooo cute..

Aislin ~ got you… now tagged all your little friends.. glad to have you as a fur friends… purrrrrr

Hector ~ Just wanna said hi and how are you doing?? Love the dots on your nose purrrr

Houdini ~ you are new to this game.. it fun to play.. once you are tagged by me …. Loved the stripe on your tail.. purrrrrr

I STAR so glad to be your fur friends… Now it’s your turn to say something nice about the kitties who tagged you then tag 7 friends and say something nice about them.. purrrr

Love ya
Star ~ MOL

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