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Smoke Signals to the Great White Warrior

Thank Mew to HQ & All My Friends!

September 27th 2009 7:47 am
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Thank Mew to HQ & All my friends for all your gifties & love in winning the Pirate Page Contest!

Morgan was furry proud of me since he has been training me very hard to be his first mate!

Please furgive my human typest for not thanking everyone purrsonaly - it has been a little overwhelming for her lately.

Morgie's 4th Birthday, me winning a contest, and the sad loss of our older brother Maximum Katzenfergnugen.

We all miss Maxie furry much - he was a good older brother, even when he was grouchy. I tried my best to be nice, and even snuggled up with him to keep him warm. We will meet him again at the Rainbow Bridge. He has furry cool new wings now, and is teaching Bling to the Angels.

On another note - I have a new and furry special Lady friend.

She is a Cougar - how cool is that?

Lots of Love



The Word's Coolest Cat Toy - A Mouse Pond

September 25th 2009 12:53 pm
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Yesterday we got a big big box from the Man with the Brown Truck. Usually that means fabric or something else for the humans - but this time it was for US!!!!!!!!!

Mom came home from work and opened the box and told us it as our very own Mouse Pond. She promised we would get it this morning.

So furry early this morning after she had her much needed coffee, she started putting together our Mouse Pond. I of course had to help by sticking my big butt under her chin, tickling her nose with my tail, and then grabbing the plastic bags and running away.

The Mouse Pond is really a Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain, and it comes with lots of different fountains.

First Up - 4 water fountains. I went round and round, wacking each fountain and soaking the floor really good.

Mom dried the floor, and tried the 3 fountain nozzle. I went round and round, stuck my paws under each one, put my paws in the bowl and soaked the floor.

Mom dried the floor, and then put on the 2 fountain nozzle. I went back and forth, wacked the fountains, stuck my paws in the bowl, and soaked the floor.

Mom dried the floor, put a huge towel underneath the bowl, and put on the single fountain nozzle.

I tap the water with my paw, and drink it as it comes down to the bowl. It's really cold and yummy!

Amigo, Morgan and Apache all like the fresh water!

The doggys were nervous at first - but now they like it too!

Now why is this called the Mouse Pond? Because as soon as I gather up all my brightly colored mousies from under all the furniture, they all be swimming in this furry cool new pond!

Nothing better than swimming cold mice dropped on a humans lap to make them smile!




Tag I am it!

July 14th 2009 9:43 am
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I have been tagged by my good friend Freddie in the Ice Cream Game.

He is mint chocolate chip, because he is so dark and cool - I have to agree with him!

I am Pineapple Coconut - 'cause I am yummy like Pineapple and I am nuttier than a Coconut!

Mom says I am the snuggliest silliest cat ever! I make her and Daddy giggle every day!

Especially when Morgan pins me and I scream bloody murder. All I have to do is stand up, and Morgan is toast - but I bow to the Pirate Gato!

Purrin for all our special friends to GET WELL! Fela Kitty, Hooch & Tyler



My Very Best Friend in the Whole Wide World

September 25th 2007 4:19 pm
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I am so excited to write my very first Diary! I have been havin' lots of fun here on Catster. I made many new friends, some are kittens, some adults, and then there are the Old Furts.

Many kittens would not think that Old Furts are very cool - but I met the coolest cats ever! My favorite is a kitty named Simon, and he is Sarah Connor's big brother. Sarah is the love of my brother Morgan's life. She's GORGEOUS!

Simon loves kittens, and he cuddles with us, tells us stories and teaches us things. He comes to parties with his family, and I have so much fun with him! I love to sleep on his tummy, he's so soft and warm!

He has been very sick, and I have been sending him healing apples, and sending smoke signals to the Great White Warrior in the Sky.

It's WORKING!!!!!!!!!! He is feeling better and eating again!

Simon wrote this poem for us in his Diary, and I really wanted to share it with you all.

"It was written on "Talk like a Pirate" day:

I never was much of a pirate fan
Until I met Morgan the gato's clan
With Max and Jesse who are Olde as Yoda
To the sweetest lil squirt, Smokin' Lakoda!
And don't furget dearest Apache and Amigo
Wherever there furmily goes, we go!
But I have to say my opinion is affected
by my Sisfur Sarah (who wasn't elected)
And her affection fur Morgan and his own brand o' rum
Tho I sure like napping with Lakoda on my tum!!!!!

Ok, I beg you, please don't groan
But I furgot to mention Amber and Gypsy Simone!
You need to remember that I'm an Olde Furt
so trying to think sometimes makes me hurt
but that doesn't mean I'll leave out Jessica and Fuzzy
Morgan knows I love them too, or does he?

And last but not least, and possibly the best
Their meowmy is set apart from the rest
not just cuz she's bald and walks on two feet
but cuz she's a cool hooman who is really neat.

Love, Simon"

We Love you Simon and the Smoke Signals will keep coming until the Great White Warrior Prounounces you healed! Thank you for being this little kitten's best friend!

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