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A tortie beauty's life

Cindy March 23 1994 - March 17 2009

March 17th 2009 3:58 pm
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My sweet little princess decided it was time to leave us even she loved her home. Her little body, just a bit over 2 kilos/5 pounds gave up and she purred when she left us.
This am the sun was shining and miss Cindy wanted to go out and snift the crocus and snowdrops, of course she layed right in them, purred while looked up at the sky and looked real sad at me. It was right before her check up, so I took her up in my arms and carried her out to the taxi. We met Thomas at 10 am. He was so sad right away when he saw her and you could tell the shock it was for him too. I started to ask and he finished my sentence about the only gift left for Cindy was to let her go. I got some time to call Karsten, she was laying there on her blanket and purred real loud and Karsten heard her last purr on the phone, Thomas came in and gave her the injection while she was in my arms.....she was calm and started to lick my hand real gentle. Then she layed on the table and got her injection while I petted her and had my crying face down in her soft and thick fur. She looked so peaceful. Thomas cut of a bit of her fur and I took off her collar with the special tag "Princess" on. She has been such a fighter, so brave, amazed the vets again and again, but her time was up. It was not fair to let her live, she didn't wanted it. I wisped a lot of words like thank you for 15 amazing years and how much mom and dad loved her and how special she always was. She knew she was our princess and so loved.
Thank you to all who have sent me helpfull links, good wishes and shared it with us. Cindy felt it was the end now and she will always live in our heart.
She fought CRF for almost 9 years with low numbers and hardly any complications, she had a seizure in January and her blood pressure got up high, which we didn't manage to control this time. Her little body was tired and her fight had ended.
She left at 10.20 AM local time.



I got tagged

May 22nd 2007 11:17 am
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Playing gotcha - the meme game

I have been tagged! That is right, I have been tagged by DGARINA to participate in Kazumi Joy's meme.

The rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My seven random facts:

1) I am namd after Cindy Crawford.

2) I am the Alpha kitty in my house.

3) I once worked as a theraphy animal.

4) I adore my daddy

5) I am feared by many toms here in my area and they don't come near my house.

6)I love to sleep in my red bed next to mom's bed

7) I drink water from the floor in the shower - a lady so don't drink from the toilet!

Tagged Kitties:
Fancy Pants
Boo Boo Kitty


My wedding

January 7th 2007 9:58 am
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Yesterday I married the cutest, most handsome tom here on Catster. Yu can read all about our day at tes/thread/372015 and you can see photos of us right here

I can only say that love really changes everything. At my age I had given up finding someone to love after my kittens had left. Then came Scrappy and he didn't take no for an answer and convinced me to give him a chance. I did and it changed my life. We had so many of our friends from our grups at our wedding and they all made it so romantic and wonderful for us. Thank you all.

Mr and mrs Scrappy


Waiting for daddy

September 29th 2006 8:04 am
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Our daddy work all the way over in Copenhagen and he comes home tonight, so I have started to groom my fur and make sure my paws are white. Daddy was not used to cats or other pets in his home when he met me and my mom. Then he moved in with me while mom was out of town for work and I taught him all he needs to know to pamper a girl kitty like me. By the time mom came home then I had found a routine to read the daily paper and stock exchange "Mice Times" with hi, taught him how I can stand up and take treats from him, how I want my food and how often. Also now I am on an allowance so I can buy my raw meat, tuna and gifts for mommy when it's her birthday or Christmas. I am so happy I adopted my daddy, he is a good fella and I am so anxious to see him in a few hours now.

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Cindy - always in our hearts,


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