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September 16, 2004

September 16th 2004 5:40 am
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Well, I didn't get my tuna flakes last night. However, I did get some canned food! Yummm... I don't know what possessed mom to decide to give us a treat last night. This is especially because when she and dad walked in the front door, they caught me red-pawed scratching the living room chair. Mom didn't even have to yell. She just shot me a look and I stopped.

I don't mind the cat condo upstairs and sometimes I use it. But the living room chair is perfect for scratching. It's the right height, right texture, and it has the right stuffing. I've gotten so far with scratching that the stuffing is popping out. Mom tried to put a blanket over the scratched part to stop me. But, I guess she didn't realize that I can just go under the blanket and scratch in secret. I guess human claws don't need the sharpening that cats' claws do. Isn't there a famous saying, "Parents just don't understand." Well, sometimes they don't!


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

September 15th 2004 6:49 am
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I woke up to Chloe pouncing on me this morning. Why is it that she never plays when I want to? Since I was awake, I jumped up on the bed to get my morning pettings from mom and dad.

After mom and dad left for work, I grazed at the food bowl and made it over to my watering hole (on the coffee table) for a quick drink. With my belly full with kibble, I didn't make it too far from the water. I jumped off the coffee table and took a nap under it.

Mom came home for lunch during the afternoon. I stood in the kitchen waiting for her to give me my tuna flakes. (I'm a junkie, I know.) I looked up at her and let out a pitiful - mew.... mew. It gets her everytime. She hooked me up with some of those flakes.

After mom left for work again I fell back asleep. Mom and dad came home later that evening and played hide and seek with me for a little bit. I always get them when I hide behind the bedroom's curtain! Sometimes my tail hangs under the curtain and gives me away, though.

After that, we all curled up on the bed and slept the night away.

It was all in all a relaxing day.

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