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The Adventures of Orvis

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Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

February 20th 2015 8:33 am
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Thanks, dear friends, for the Birthday wishes! Mom has been afraid to do anything to our pages but we will be back when everything is stable on catster.


Happy Holidays with the Side Door Dancers!

December 4th 2013 7:13 am
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Hi Friends,
As you can see I am celebrating the holiday early!
As part of my continuing efforts to market my business, I want to announce that the Side Door Dancers are available for Holiday Parties! Just look at my page for a sample of our work.
Just Pmail me with your requirements and I will get back with you.
Spreading the joys of holiday commerce purrs,


Attack of the Vampyre Wimmens!

July 29th 2013 4:28 pm
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Hi Friends,
My disguise was not effective! My Mom found me anyway, stuffed me in a smelly carrier and to me to THE VET. When I arrived I was forced to view big noisy smelly animals. They finally brought me into a room where I was set upon by Vampyre Wimmen! They held me down and poked my neck and STOLE MY BLOOD!
Mom said I wasn't too bad because only two Vampyre Wimmen had to hold me down this year. Plus I didn't need the helmet, or the magic stuff that makes me sleepy.
I heard Mom say I have to go back in a few months for a Dental. We will see about that.
Spending the evening with Jim Beam purrs,


It's Summer, My Time of Year!

July 28th 2013 12:26 pm
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Hi Friends,
Well, today finds me working very hard. It's my job, you see, to find a nice place in the sun and await the receipts from Taz' Side Door Shows. Now that I have four young and beautiful sisters, I find my coffers overflowing. I think Xena will have a very nice Christmas!!
I just heard Mom tell Dad that I have to go to something called my "annual" tomorrow. I don't know what that is but I think it involves THE VET. I will begin hiding tonight.
Your Buddy,


Spring greases the wheels of Commerce!

May 9th 2013 11:22 am
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Hi Friends,
When Mom first brought my baby sisters home in January, I must admit I wasn't very happy.
But now I see the advantages of these young kits! You know, they are now very young and attractive to the neighborhood mancats. I have ordered them some pretty dresses and put them to work at the Side Door Shows. Mr. Punkie has spent lots of money at our shows, friends, I am going to be rich!
When I see the success I am having with my business, I can't help but remember with fondness and gratitude the tutelage I received from my dear late brother, Taz.
Contented commercial purrs,


The Ups and Downs of Everyday Life

February 18th 2013 12:56 pm
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Hi Friends,
First, thanks to those of you that recognized the honor I had last Friday of being named Cat of the Day! I appreciate your sentiments and rosies.
To each life, some rain must fall. And that happened to me last week.
As you know, following in Taz' pawsteps I delegated the task of chaperoning my baby sister, Lizzie May, to my brother Gomez. Unfortunately, my friends, I found my trust misplaced! I came home from my romantic evening with my wife to find Gomez sacked out amongst mass quantities of dessicated paczki! The silly boy had eaten some and sucked the catnip creme out of the others with a straw, and they had imploded. What a mess!! Worst of all, my sister Lizzie was dancing around singing she could have danced all night with her boyfriendcat Kody. Dancing? At her age? With a boycat? Gomez was in serious trouble, and I wasted no time giving him a good talking to in the morning.
I can see that I may have the job of chaperoning my little sister purrsonally.
As Taz would say, oh, the pain.
Frustrated purrs,


The Ruin of Romance?

February 13th 2013 11:05 am
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Hi Friends,
As you can see by my photos, I have been very excited by the prospect of making my wife's Holiday of Love the best.
Unfortunately, with the arrival of those purrfectly awful babies Lizzie May and Hailey, I may not be able to realize my romantic dreams for the day!
Mom says it is my job now, as head of household, to provide suitable chaperonage for the little girls in this household.
As Lizzie May already has a suitor, Kody, she needs a chaperone tomorrow. But all is not lost!
I just remembered Taz gave this job to Gomez! I will, too, as I know he is experienced with these duties. Mom will be happy and I will be able to be the romantic dream Xena knows I can be!!
Dreaming of a romance filled VD,


Time for a weekend with Jim Beam

January 25th 2013 4:24 pm
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Hi Friends,
I was just getting my house settled with my new baby sister, Lizzee May. Tuesday I heard my parents talking. They said how sad they were that dear Jacob did not make it to their Anniversary, which was Wednesday. You know, Jacob was the last cat left that my parents had when they married 15 years ago.
Mom started talking about how sad it was little Hailey, Lizzee's sister, was all alone and the only cat left from her family that wasn't adopted. Mom said that she can't think of a better way of celebrating their anniversary than adopting Hailey too!
I tried to suggest that I knew lots of better ways to make merry, but I was outvoted.
So yesterday Lizzee's sister Hailey Isabelle came to live with us.
I am going to do what Taz used to do when times got tough.
Purrs of spending the weekend with Jim Beam,


Welcoming a new Member to my Tribe

January 18th 2013 4:15 pm
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Hi Friends,
I didn't tell you guys, but my Auntie and my Mom have been fostering a family of kittens and their Mama. When Mom came home at night, I would smell that family on her!
Mom had a talk with me this morning. She said you know, Orv, I have decided we will make one of the kittens part of our family. As Tribe Leader, I expect you to inform the others and make her welcome.
Please join me in welcoming my new sister, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, aka Lizzie May!
Purrs of yet another addition to my growing list of responsibilities,


Talkin' the Mancat Talk

January 13th 2013 9:44 am
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Hi Friends,
As head of my home, Mom has given me the task of having the Mancat talk with Poco. Mom said, "Orvis, Poco is now more than twice the size you were at his age. It is time you talked to him about ladycats, girlfriends and marriage." I was so nervous at this prospect, my friends. I thought it best I put on Taz' best thinking cap and sheep collar to give me strength for this task.
Purrs of how am I going to tell Poco about mancat stuff,

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