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~*~I found my final resting place~*~

February 9th 2009 1:53 pm
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Mommy & Daddy laid me to rest in my final resting place, daddy, mommy & even my bratty sister Mya had some final words of love and good~byes to say to me, then everything went dark. Mommy tucked me safe in a box with a beautiful Crucifix and sprinkled Holy Water over my resting spot. They marked it with a very beautiful sun flower and can visit me often, mommy took Mya out after wards and she put paw prints on my grave and in my heart. Thank you all for all the support and kind words you have offered my family through this difficult time, it is very much appreciated and we are thankful to have such support during this difficult time. XOXO Finally Resting in Peace Sugar


~*~Good Bye My Sweet Family, I will wait for you on the- other side~*~

February 6th 2009 7:59 am
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As night drew close and Daddy arrived home from work, mommy told every~fur and everyone in the house to say their goodbyes, she knew God was calling me, I even let my bratty Husky sister sniff and lick me. This morning at 4 am Daddy woke up and picked up my bed and took it into the bathroom, as I took my last breaths I felt their tear drops hitting my ear. I will be okay, I am in a happier place where I will feel no more pain, I promise to save spots for all of my family, yes even Mya. I had a good, healthy and long life, I would have been 25 in July, who can complain when you have such a full life. I am thankful to have been given the chance to walk on Gods green Earth, but am looking forward to a more peaceful place. Mommy, Daddy, Tylor, Comet & Mya I promise to watch over you and protect you from harm, and when God needs you, I will be here waiting. Thank you for a wonderful life. XOXO Sugar


~*~I may be able to see the light soon~*~

February 5th 2009 9:00 am
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This is an entry from my Lil Miss Mya's diary, its from her point of view:

Well there comes a time in every~furs life when the time is up, when we all awoke this morning we realized Sugar wasnt being herself, and the mood is somber, she is 24 years old and has had a close to perfect life, she is still purring, but moving very slow and choosing to lay on the tile floor (which she never does), hew meows are very quiet and she isnt making eye contact. Mommy & Daddy made the decision to let her pass away on her terms and here at home, she doesnt seem to be in any pain, we are all hoping she will just fall asleep. So please to all my extended Fur family please cross your paws and say a prayer for Sugar my Kitty sister and also for my family that will be left behind. I have even behaved like I know something is going on, Sugar is tucked in, in her own kitty room (yes our kitties have their own room) and resting peacefully. All your prayers & thoughts are much appreciated. Hugs, Howls & Husky Luv Lil Miss Mya


WOW turning 24 is FURTASTIC

July 14th 2008 10:06 am
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I would like to make a toast ~
Who would have ever thought that 13 years ago when I was rescued in an Alaskan SPCA that I would be here in sunny ol California ringing in my 24th year on this planet? Not me thats fur sure. I have lived in many states starting with Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado and now here in great Western state of California since 1998. Funny turn of events in my life, and I have had many of memories made along the ways, and now in my old days I take pleasure in knowing where my next meal will be put down, that I always have a number of fluffy warm places to sleep and even a wonderful bathroom sink that even at my ripe old age, can still climb my way in and wait for the best tap in the house.

I would luv to thank all of the fur~pals that have sent the most special gifts, thoughts & prayers to me for my meowday celebration, every last one of you has helped make my day 100 times more special. Fur that I am very blessed.

To one more year (ching ching glasses clinking together as we finish the toast).

Yours Truly Sugar~Cane the sweetest kitty



March 4th 2008 10:41 am
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Mommy took me to the vet yesterday, because I have been crying A LOT more than normal, she knew my arthritis was acting up, before the vet even looked at me (& I should add aside from my arthritis I am a picture of perfection and in great health), anyways . . . . the vet mentions those words no pawrent wants to hear "Maybe it is time to put her down, she is pretty old" okay mommy's breath was taken away, thoughts ran through her head, how is she gonna tell daddy, what would she do without me you know things all pawrents would miss if their baby of any amount of time was taken to the bridge, right? Once mommy explained that for being 24 I was energetic, eating & drinking, playful and most of all purring, the vet said "Oh maybe it is her arthritis lets try her on this medication and if it helps, then we know she is howling because of her pain and does not need to be put down" well I have had 2 doses of this potent pain killer and well I am back to my old self, only problem is that for 5 pills it is $230.00 OUCH, but it is worth it since I am back to being a spry old kitty, bottom line is that one day, and maybe sooner than mommy and daddy want, I will go or need to be put down and that makes them so sad. So today give your kitty and pups if you have them and extra BIG hug and kiss, because you just never know.


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~*~Sugar Angel 02/06/2009 RIP~


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