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Simon Says...........

Why I am a Thankful Kitty

November 13th 2007 5:11 pm
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When I was a tiny kitten, me and my littermates were dumped. We probably would have all died if it had not been for a teen-age girl who was going to Hairstyling school. She found us and took us home and helped us stay alive. Then she talked to her friends at school and found homes for each of us.

My meomy's daughter was one of the girls that took one of us kitties and she brought me home to her meomy who was really missing her kitty (Gizmo) who had gone to Rainbow Bridge.

We were all vewwy lucky kitties because one teen-age girl cared enough to help 5 helpless little kittens survive.

So I am Thankful for the young girl who saved us, the young girls who gave each of us a home, and to my furefur meowmy who loves me vewwy much.



My Kitty Brofur is coming.....

October 11th 2007 10:54 am
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I am one excited kitty,,,because my for real pal and new brofur will be with me really soon. He is suposed to arrive on November 4 and I can hardly wait. Boy oh boy, meomy thinks things are hopin' now, just wait until there are two of us playful kittens and the pups.

I will teach lil' Champ the ropes really quickly though and it will all be great! He gets here the day that my bridge brofur, Gizmo, is getting married to his furefur mate Rennie. Oh I think that means the wedding will have to be in the late afternoon or evening.....hope that is okay Gizmo and Rennie.

Meow again soon,


I got traded ~ yikes!!

August 11th 2007 4:08 pm
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Well, it is probably a good thing for efurryone. You see my hooman was gonna take me to Michigan with her, but Ravan & I fell in love and so she talked to grandma and they decided to let me stay here with grandma and Ravan and Sunny Sunny is gonna go with my hooman mom to Michigan instead.

I'm pretty happy to know that I will still have my bestest buddy to play with and Sunny will get all the attention he can handle with my mom. We will both be in good hands. I think Gizmo wanted me to look out for grandma anyway.



Dogs? What's to worry about?

July 29th 2007 12:15 pm
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Well, I have established my dominance over the dogs at our house, even the biggest one who is still a puppy (that is Sweetheart). he he he

You see my grandma has this swivel rocker and it has a skirt around the bottom. It is the purrrrrrfect place to lay in wait for the dogs. I just reach out with a paw and swipe them when they don't know I am there. But it is all in fun. I would never hurt them and the big puppy cleans my face and ears for me. Then Ravan romps with me and we play chase through the house (I chase her).

I have control of the computer a lot to as you can see from my pictures. Meomy and grandma have to shoooo me off the keyboard to type and I like to try and get the things that move around on the screen.

Overall, I am getting preeety spoiled here and I am lovin' it!



Simon says....We have to play by these rules.

July 19th 2007 8:22 pm
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Here are the rules
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

1. My cool kitty exercise toy keeps me happy when I am alone.
2. I love my new meomy.
3. I have my very own catnip plant.
4. I am scared of the doggies right now.
5. When I get scared, my tail looks like a bottle brush.
6. My fur angel brofur sent me to his family to love them.
7. I love my furever home.

Cat I have tagged: ~ Simi ~ Awnee ~ Chip ~ Sock ~ Jinx ~ PC (Pond Cat) ~ Leo

Now all you kitties, go out and tag other kitties with this fun game!


Photo Shoot Tonite

July 18th 2007 8:33 pm
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Well, I came to my furever home on July 9, 2007 and I think I am a pretty lucky kitty. The hoomans here are really nice and I just got introduced to my doggie furblings last night because they have been in Oklahoma on vacation for the past month. I am sure we will get used to each other soon, but for now I sort of keep to myself cause I'm a little scared of them.

Back to the photo shoot.........well you see the hooman that I am told is my grandma came into the room where I was a little while ago and said it was time to get me on Catster (I am guessing that is where I am now) and she got out this little silver thingy that makes flases in my eyes and started makeing what she called photos of me. I guess I posed okay cause she laughed and said that would do for tonight and she had to charge her battery. I didn't know hoomans had batteries, but I guess grandma does. I wonder if I get a battery too. hummmmmmmmm something else to ponder.

That is all for tonite, but watch for more of what Simon says...........


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