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About Taka

April 10th 2005 2:18 pm
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My dear friend Taka was recently diagnosed with Feline Leukemia Virus. It made Mommy very sad. The vet told her that she should separate us, but Mommy said no way. Mommy told me she thinks that Taka's last owners put her in the shelter because she has FeLV, and she almost died there. So Taka is going to stay with us forever. Yay!

Mommy took me to the vet too, so that I could get tested. It was awful! I hate the vet. But my test was negative, and that made Mommy really happy, so it was worth it in the end. I had to go back to get vaccinated, but that was okay too, because it means I won't get sick.

I love my Taka friend!


Happy Birthday to Me!

December 28th 2004 2:08 pm
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Purrrrrrrrrrrrr! Today is my birthday! I am two years old. Mommy got me some jingle balls for my birthday, and since I'm such a nice cat, I am letting Taka play with them as well.

We had a good Christmas too. Mommy was away but she got us a lot of presents before she left and she made sure someone came by every day to feed us and play with us. And now all our new toys are everywhere! I have so much to play with I don't know what to do with myself! We got mice made out of fur, mice made out of ribbon, mice made out of stuff that is crinkly, sparkly balls, and catnip bubbles! There's so much catnip I've been a little crazy all week. But now that the weather has warmed up Mommy is letting us go outside for a few minutes every day and sniff the grass and feel the wind in our faces. It's turning out to be a very good holiday season.


What a long weekend!

November 28th 2004 4:00 pm
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Boy do I hate the holidays! Mommy was gone for four whole days, and Taka and I had to stay here by ourselves. Mommy's ex-boyfriend came over every day and fed us though, which was nice because I hadn't seen him in so long. I really like him! Plus, he gives me treats all the time.

But I wasn't about to let Mommy get off the hook that easily. I made sure that everything I could reach was turned over, spilled, or chewed before she came home. I even managed to tear open one of my felt mice and spread its stuffing all over the floor. I bet she thinks twice about leaving us alone over Christmas!


Evil Vacuum Cleaner!

November 13th 2004 3:47 pm
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What a horrible invention! Who ever had the idea to make a giant, loud machine that can FOLLOW YOU AROUND?!?!?! Ugh, the thing was out today again. Maybe I should make a better attempt to keep from tracking bits of litter all over the house.

Mommy went to the Renaissance Festival last weekend. She got a henna tattoo of a cat on the back of her hand. I heard her tell Taka that it could be a picture of either one of us, but I know it's really me. After all, I am far more beautiful than Taka. Don't tell her I said that.


What a happy Halloween!

November 1st 2004 8:09 pm
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Boy, I am a very happy kitty today! Halloween was yesterday, and it was just great. Taka and I got many nice treats for being so good and Halloween-y, and for not eating Mommy's vampire fangs when she wasn't wearing them. There was a lot of chocolate around that we weren't allowed to eat, but all the candles and the incense smells so good it doesn't matter. We even got to go outside for a while and nibble the grass! I wish every day was Halloween!



September 23rd 2004 6:37 pm
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My first diary entry is sadly on an unhappy note.... I hurt my paw today! I have been limping all day and all evening and I don't know what's wrong, but I know it hurts. Mommy says if I am still limping by Saturday I have to go to the vet! I have to find a way to make my paw better.

The good news is I caught a fly out of the air today! I have been practicing my fly-catching technique, and I think I've perfected it. Soon no bug will escape my lethal grasp!

Until next time,

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