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Pikolino's thoughts, fears and hopes...

Piko is now an angel He has flown to join his kitty brothers- and sisters

March 14th 2007 2:02 am
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This is Piko's mommy,
My boy is not longer with us, he went to the rainbow bridge to meet his brothers and sisters.
I have no words, he was poisoned brutally and we couldn't do anything to save him.
Harewell my boy, I miss you so very much.Hermis (parrot) has been calling you all morning sweety.
I love you so very much agori mou glyko,
Antio Hara mou,


Teaching kitties Academic scholar…

October 4th 2005 3:45 am
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The little squirrel has become the featured diarist of the day. I challenged her and look what happened. Until yesterday she didn’t even know what a “diary” is. She came to me , interrupted my beauty nap next to the window to ask me what a “diary” is! Those modern kids are completely illeteral. Being the old and wise guy around, I gave her directions and guess what … she made it.
Well, I guess I am a good teacher after all. A natural talent, that’s what I am. I must take that teaching writing major mommy was rambling about and become the greatest kitty teacher in the famous Kitty Academy!
Yah, that’s what I will do. I need to go and fill those applications, now.
So much work to be done…


Catster Diary pick!!

October 3rd 2005 2:49 am
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OMG, what an honour!!I can't believe that I got to be one of today's picks.Ballu's friend Hugo told her that caliko kitty's in eastern cultures are considered to be "charms" of luck...I am too humbled to comment that one, but what I can tell you for sure is that Ballu kind of inspires me.So, in this way she is my lucky charm. Thank you Catster for making my mom and doggie sister's so proud of me and for making baby Ballu so envy of me.Hey , little sis I- I AM a diary pick...Let's see if you can do better than that. Luna, and Noah and Filenada will be smiling for me at the bridge.
I miss you guys so much...But that's a whole different story!
Talk to you later,


That little kitten is distroying my quiet and happy life!

September 24th 2005 12:43 pm
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She really has a unique talent in converting a perfect, peaceful sunbathing nap into my worst nightmare. I love that fluffy, little monster and I even play chase with her....BUT my tolerance has limits and she is that close in passing that thead.

Can't she understand that I am a 4 year old serious adult? I don't even remember the silly days of my kittyhood!!For God's shake, I have accepted the fact that we are going to live together, have groomed that devil, and I have played -I know it is so embarrassing, but it can be fun too-but I will not accept another scare attack that will wake me up from a perfect nap. I amworried for her physical development , I need to check her athletic skills every day, I AM the one who is teaching her manners, I am in charge for her personal entertainment...Paleaase mom, you have to make sure I get my morning, noon and evenings naps UNDISTURBED!

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