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A Cat's Life by Spec

Be careful where you play...

January 3rd 2005 10:15 am
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So every morning my mom and pop always go to this one room in my house. In the beginning I wasn't to keen on this room because there are various places within this room that spit water at me, and on a few unfortunate occasions when I was minding my own business outside rolling around in the dirt and poison oak one of my big humans picked me up and got me all wet even though I was protesting very loudly and my manecured nails were tearing up everything I could get my paws on.

Anyways... I found this place they call a bathroom can be loads of fun. Like this thing they call a sink, when one of the humans goes in there to look at themselves there is a place in there that is shaped exactly like my bed by the window, however sometimes they are not always pleased when you curl up in there, in fact, it turns out that these evil humans will make wet stuff pour out right on top of you if you are not careful.

Another fun place is a round bowl. It makes an excellent watering hole, and the there are great toy are soft cloth things that you can file your nails on or at least pull them down on the ground and curl up in.

I must warn you that while every house seems to have onw of these rooms, the humans can be less than pleased if you go in there, so take caution and have fun....prrrrrrrrrrr (see pictures above)


I found a new fun game...

September 22nd 2004 7:57 am
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So I found this new fun trick that if any other felines out there want to try, I completely recommend it for driving the rest of your family nuts (especially if you have a canine in the house)!! So I learned that the big beast of a canine is strictly forbidden to chase me at any time... (good to know this for certain before you try my game). So in the evening when the two parents are hanging out on the couch and the dog is chewing a bone beside them it is great fun to charge up to the dog hissing and swatting... Then when the dog jumps up to chase you and causes a commotion... you as the cat high tail it out around the corner... this results in making at least one of the parents yell at the dog to "LIE DOWN!!!"... when you hear that it is your que to come charging around the corner and repeat the process. What a fun game... But I must warn you that if you do it too many times or you hear one of the parents say something like "THAT DARN CAT....FINE LET THE DOG CHASE THE CAT!!!", well that is when you know the game has got to stop or you run the high risk of a big dog with a long tounge coming after you!!!!

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