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The Great Adventures of Picky Liz (or Pickle Elizabeth)

Silly mommy!

September 9th 2005 9:52 am
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Well, my silly mommy has decided to finish up school here in the USA, so instead of moving me to England she and my new daddy have moved back here. They didn't want to move me over there unless they were absolutely sure where they would be long-term, because the way I understand it, it's a lot of stress for me to take such a long plane ride!

Instead of that, I got to stay with my grandma while Mommy was in England. I missed my mom a lot, but Grandma and Grandpa really made up for it. So much so, in fact, that I gained TWO pounds under their care - but hey, I love to eat and they loved spoiling me. Sadly enough though, Mommy put me on a diet. She says it's what is best for me, so I guess it's okay.

Grandma and Grandpa have a summer home in Florida, so I got to go on holiday there. It was lots of fun - I've been to Florida a lot since I'm such a good girl in the car. Grandma had to go back to work in West Virginia though, so she had to fly home while Grandpa drove me up a week later, and I came home to a huge surprise! Would you know that my mommy flew ALL the way back from England AND she brought my daddy with her? She cried and cried and hugged me and swore to me she would never leave me again. I'm so glad she's home - even if Grandma and Grandpa took such wonderful care of me.

Actually Grandma and Grandpa say I'm a really silly kitty, because the second Mommy got home I completely ignored them in favour of following my mom around. I just couldn't help it, mommy raised me from a kitten and I guess we have a pretty deep connection.

I guess that's it for now! My England trip is on hold until Mommy decides where she wants to get something called her master's degree, whether it be in England or in the USA, she's not sure yet. She has one year to go for her bachelor's and she says she's going to decide then, so for the meantime I'll just go with the flow and be glad that I never have to be separated from Mommy and Daddy again.


I'm moving!

December 10th 2004 7:10 am
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Well, my mommy got married to my new daddy, who is from England. They've had to move back to England for a while, and I miss them and they miss me so very much. My mom is undergoing a special procedure called the PETS Travel Scheme so that I can move to England and be with her, too. I had to get a microchip put in my neck, which was kind of scary...but Mommy held me the whole time and told me it was a good thing, so I was OK. They numbed my skin too, so it didn't hurt. I didn't even move when they put it in!

After I got my microchip implanted, I had to get a rabies shot. I've been getting rabies shots since I was a little kitten but Mommy said it needed to be done for this PETS deal anyway, so I got another one. After my rabies shot, I had to get a blood test taken and sent off to a lab to make sure I didn't already have rabies and that the antibody in my blood was enough so that I would not get it in the future. I was sick of all of those needles!

My mom just found out yesterday (12/09/04) from the lab in Kansas that my rabies antibody levels were just fine! This means that in six months (from the day the blood test was taken) I can fly to England. I think my mom is much more excited about this than I am...I'm not sure I'm going to like the plane so much. Once I get to England, they will scan my microchip and I should be fine to enter the country and go right home without being in quarantine.

All of this new stuff will surely make me a little scared, but I do know that I will have lots of new stuff (and some of my old familiar stuff as well) to play with. Plus, mommy will be SO excited that I'm there that I'm sure she'll give me endless cuddles and probably cry from being so happy. Daddy is allergic to me, but Mommy puts an all-natural spray on me that seems to help Daddy's allergies a lot. Daddy said that he will get over his allergies once he is around me for a week or two. That will be nice, because once he is feeling better, we can begin to bond. Because Daddy lives so far away, I haven't spent too much time with him yet, but I definitely look forward to getting to know him and loving him like I love my Mommy.

For right now, I'm staying with my wonderful Grandma and Grandpa in West Virginia and they are spoiling me to death! I am an only cat, since my brother died in September (which still makes me kind of sad sometimes), so Grandma tries to give me lots and lots of extra love and attention. Every morning she feeds me a special treat of a bit of my favourite Nutro Max Cat canned food, and when she eats dinner I sit in my own chair at the table with her.

I'll be sure to write more later, especially once I make my big trip across the Atlantic Ocean!


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