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Not Good News

November 27th 2010 9:18 am
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Well my friends. The good news is that my glucose levels are spot on. I knew I could keep my diabetes in check. Mom and I are doing a super job on my shots. But unfortunately the labs they took when Mom took me in for the sneezing epispodes show that it's almost positive that I have cancer.

They are thinking Multiple Myleoma or Lymphoma. I met Dr. Dutelle (Onocologist) yesterday. What a nice Dr. I was smitten at first pet. They would like to do xrays and all kinds of tests which would pinpoint everything exactly, but as you can all probably relate to, these tests are really out of the sky pricey. Mom just doesn't have that kind of money. SO she opted not to have more tests. So we talked about treatment. For option A I could do shots for one week and then pills the next week and keep that up for who knows how long. That's not cheap, but the kicker is they don't have weekend hours and there's no way Mom can get off work that much to take me all way across town during rush hour, she just wouldn't get there in time. And Mom is still torn about putting me through this stuff if it's not really going to help me. She opted for Option B which is to give me chemotherapy pills every other day for 30 days. I am not thrilled about this either and that is still pricey. Mom has to shoot it down my throat. They make her wear gloves so she doesn't touch the pill. If Mom can't touch it, should it be in my body? Mom and I are still debating whether or not we want me to go through this. I'm still feeling good at this point but know it's only a matter of time. We don't think the doctor feels this is the best option but we think it's the best for me and our situation. Mom and I will have to re-evaluate this option after the blood tests are taken in another week. She doesn't want me to be stressed out and believe me someone poking that stick in my mouth every other day really upsets me.

The doctor says cats don't usually have any effects from these pills, but Mom is leary. She's gone through this herself so she doesn't want me to experience anything like that.

We will just have to see what tomorrow brings.

But hey, the upside is Mom is spending more time with me lately. The dogs are so jealous. And I'm getting more food. DOUBLE SCORE!

Gotta run, I think Mom wants to give me a back rub.




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