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Walking on All Fours!!!

July 26th 2007 5:34 am
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Yesterday wasn't a fluke! I came out of hiding this morning when mom put the food out. Of course when I decided to come out of hiding, I didn't realize mom was right there. I was walking on all fours. Then I noticed mom was so close and it kind of scared me. I run from all humans. As soon as I realized I was that close to a human, I darted. In my haste, I reverted back to hopping on 3 legs and then remembered that I can use my front paw. Mom thought it was funny because it was a run, hop, run, hop thing with me until I got to the food. I'm so silly!

In time, I'm sure I'll forget about the hopping thing but you know habits are hard to break!!! I didn't purrfect the hopping thing overnight and I know I won't be purrfecting the walking on all fours thing overnight either. Mom says animals are amazing at how well we adapt to things. I would have to agree with that thought, wouldn't you?


Total Amazement

July 25th 2007 5:33 am
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I came into mom's life back in October along with my sister Tabby. Shortly after arriving (within a few weeks) I was mauled by 3 big dogs and I took off (literally). I disappeared for over a month. Mom thought she'd never see me again and worried about me.

I eventually came back but I was hopping on 3 legs. My front left paw had been pretty mangled up by the dog attacks. I'm skittish and don't trust anyone, so mom could never check me out.

I usually come out when I know the food is out but sometimes mom doesn't see me for days. I don't get along with the boys, so I usually don't come around until after they've had their fill of the food.

Today was no different as far as waiting until the boys were done. But the next step was totally amazing according to mom. I walked on all fours from the moment mom saw me all the way to the food. No limping, hopping, babying my left front paw, nothing. Just a casual walk, nothing too fast or too slow. Mom had to make sure it was me. What happened that made me start using my paw again? Mom hasn't seen me in almost a week and the last time I was still hopping. Amazing, huh?

So now mom's going to be on the look-out for me. Hopefully the next time she sees me, I'll still be walking on all fours!

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