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When Meowmy's Away - The Kitties Will Play!

I've been Tagged!

May 14th 2008 10:31 am
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Well it seems there is a new game of tag going around. My boyfurriend Zippie tagged me!

Here is how you play:
There are 4 categories; each category has 4 things to list, the last of which is 4 furriends that you want to tag. Then you send a pmail to each of your furriends & ask them to read your diary to find out how to play. So here goes.

Category 1: 4 Jobs that I have
1. Trying to discover the source of the mysterious mewing from behind the office door.
2. Making sure I get to the window in the bedroom first as soon as it's opened.
3. Hiding under things to snag anypurr that happens to walk by.
4. Planning on how I am going to get those pesky frogs!

Category 2: 4 places I have lived
1. In my mommy's tummy
2. In a field before we were rescued.
3. At the North Toronto Cat Rescue
4. In my furrever home in Thornhill, Ontario Canada.

Category 3: 4 places I would rather be
1. Snuggling with Zippie *blush*
2. Chasing the chipmunks and squirrels that keeps teasing me through the window!!
3. In the little kitty chair that Mani and I are always disagreeing over.
4. Outside but my meowmy won't let me!

Catsgory 4: 4 furriends that I want to play the game
1. Bella (PB2)
2. Tessie
3. Lakoda
4. Amelia Rose


Adventures to the Festival of Bast!!

November 2nd 2007 11:58 pm
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I'm SO excited!!!

A furrry long time ago my furiend Zippie told me about this great story and adventure that was being written by the very smart and beautiful Jubilee!!! He asked me if I wanted to play, and be in the story :) I might be small, but I love an adventure so of course I said SURE!

I started to read the story and was spellbound! I checked everyday to see if there was a new chapter. There is excitement! Danger! Mysterious purrrsons! Intrigue and romance!

Then, this nice rosie showed up on my page telling me my part was coming up and that my sweetie furiend Zippie and I would be in Chapter 26 and we are! Jubilee and a wonderpurr kitty named Ham saved Zippie and I from a terrible fate!

Thank you Jubilee, I'm so happy and excited to be included in this adventure!!


OMC Cat of the Week!!??

July 12th 2007 7:54 pm
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I had such a surprise for meowmy when she came back from the rescue North Toronto Cat Rescue tonight! This is the rescue where she adopted me from, and Mondays and Thursdays she is there to help with the cleaning, the kitties, and basically anything that Carol the 'rescue lady' wants her to do! Tonight she was gone for such a long time because at the rescue right now are Cindy and her babies :) They are purrrrfect little sweeties and Cindy the mom is the best and most loving mom around. Well, we aren't supposed to use the catputer while she is away but you know about kitties and curiousity! I saw I was Cat of the Week and I couldn't wait to tell her when she got home! I kept jumping up on the desk trying to get her to sit down and check her mail but she just wasn't co-operating! Something called 'chores' and 'housework' were getting in the way! Finally, she sat down and her reaction was just what I expected it to be! She squealed like a little girl and started jumping up and down in her seat like a ninny! MOL! I knew she would be so happy and I was right! She has been very worried about me..I am not gaining weight the way I should and now the vet has given me some icky medicine I have to take 'cause they think I have lots of WORMS! *blushes and stamps her paw* I've never met a worm in my life!! teehee

Anyway, THANK YOU CATSTER for making me CAT of the WEEK and Thank you SO much to all my furiends and my new furiends and all the kitties that have sent me stars and rosettes and pmails and wonderpurr invites to groups and to be furiends. You are all so sweet and I love you all!

*wipes a happy tear away with her itty bitty paw*

purrrrrrrrrs and mews and pounces from Laurie

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