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Growing up Cat

My New Bestest Friend

April 2nd 2006 9:56 am
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Ladyperson's being lazy again. But, I guess she can be. It's been a hard time for us all. But! There's happiness again. My ladyperson got me my own kitten to play with! She says her name is Gretchen and she's a little thing. She is giving me a hard time! It's so much fun. I now have someone to play chase and pull my tail and....and....well, Gretchen is grrreat!

My ladyperson took her away not long after she came. I thought she was not coming back. I pouted for two whole days. When Gretchen came back, she smelled funny and she had those strings in her belly. She didn't feel like playing much for a couple days, but I was so happy I didn't care. I hope Gretchen never goes away again!



November 12th 2005 12:27 pm
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Everybody's acting strange. My ladyperson's been leaking a lot. There is another of us missing. I heard all the noises and everyone went hiding one night; I knew something was wrong, all the fear smells. Alex went away and never came back. Ladyperson had the bad smell on her when she came home; but she didn't bring Alex back with her. Black'n's been sleeping lots and doesn't want to play. Gypsy has become bossy, but she still screams at me when I try to play with her. Ladyperson has to be reminded to feed us; usually Gypsy makes her pay attention.

House is getting normal again. Alex is not coming back; Black'n says he's gone to the Heavyside Layer. I want to go so I know what it is, but Black'n says I can't come back once I go, so maybe I'll stay here longer. Ladyperson is tending to us again, even remembering to give me my yucky medicine. I wish she'd forget that part!


It's Always....MERLIN! STOP!

May 27th 2005 4:42 pm
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It's tough growing up cat here. I'm always getting walked over by those big dogs! They don't act like they see me. Then, when I try to play with Gypsy - for some reason she doesn't like it when I jump on her (SURPRISE!). She screams, real loud. Then my human yells at me: MERLIN! STOP! Alex, he's the old guy, he doesn't mind when I play with him. The only problem is, he won't play back. He just gets up and goes away. Black'n still isn't crazy about me; he swats me back, but it's not nice! One doggie will play with me, but she just wants to carry me around in her mouth. Then I get all wet! O, well, will have to go find someone else to bug now.



April 17th 2005 4:26 pm
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I slipped out the window today while my manperson was fixing the screen. I got kinda scared. The doggies chased me! They usually want to play, but they acted kinda like they wanted to eat me! I climbed a tree to get away from them. Then my ladyperson came to get me out of the tree. I didn't really want to go inside, but she said I was a bad boy! Why?


When in doubt - RUN!

March 23rd 2005 7:07 pm
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The human thinks I don't know any better. She started giving us ALL kitty treat - from a can! I've never had this before; she says it's good. Hmmm.....something fishy's going on here. I taste that yucky medicine - fish flavored. Right! Those other two cats just lap it up - heehee. They don't know any better. Gypsy's caught on too. She isn't eating hers either. The human has that squirter thingy - the one that goes in my mouth. She's going to make me take it that way. Aha! I'll run.......then she'll chase me. This is a great new game. I like this one.

That didn't last very long. Now she is trying to act like she doesn't notice me. But, then.........and those humans are tricky, when they really catch you off guard, you're done for. She caught me.........again! Yucky - got to take my medicine.

This human is good! I will have to work on this.


Medicine - YUCKO!

March 13th 2005 10:16 am
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I have nasty stuff in my eyes and my human says I will always have it, but if I drink this stuff every day - TWICE every day, then my eyes won't hurt. Ok, if she insists. She lets me stand on her shoulder and she puts this thing in my mouth and makes me drink it. It really doesn't taste too bad, kinda fishy. But, this is a bummer. At least she's not putting that nasty gooey junk in my eyes any more. The best part: she cuddles me and pets me and tells me I'm a good baby when I take all my medicine nicely. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect...........


That Darn Squirter

January 29th 2005 6:59 pm
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My humans have been doing a bad thing! They have this thing that squirts water and they squirt it at me! Do they think I need a bath? I'm only stretching my legs and running around like an idiot, as the big cats tell me. Ya know, a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do. Everytime I try to grab those glass bells - they make a neat noise - they squirt me. When I try to swing on the curtains, they squirt me. My human throws pillows at me when I climb that bedpost. Well........why is it there? I only want to grab that fan that hangs from the ceiling. Why do they have these things that hang down everywhere if they're not for me to play with? For some reason, my human goes bananas when I play with the plants - again, why are there trees in the house? I don't really understand these human things.


The World According to Merlin

November 28th 2004 1:47 pm
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Growing up cat in this family is not an easy task. Now I begin to understand why I was sitting on that white stripe as those 4 wheeled things ran by me on both sides! That was my first test. I guess I passed cause now I'm dodging 4 legged things that try to step on me! I'm getting bigger! My human was so happy when she kept saying - 6.8. I guess that's a good thing. There is one 4 legger that wants to chase me and another who thinks I'm her play toy. But, my human looks out for me; she won't let the bigger ones hurt me. Alex - he's another cat here - is my buddy; he lets me sleep near him. They say that's a big honor - whatever that is. My human still puts this stuff in my eyes. Doesn't she know I can't see anything when she does that, but I like it when she cuddles me afterward. My human doesn't like it when I try to climb those trees she keeps in the house! If she doesn't want me to play in there, then why does she keep trees in the house! They say they belong outside, the scary place! I can see that place from my window ledge, but that's as close as I want to get! I got stuck in between the windows in the kitchen one night. Boy, was I upset; but my human found me and was so worried about me. Took her long enough to find me, tho. Silly human thought I was outside! She says something about putting a blinking light on me. Is that supposed to be funny?

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