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Hemi - my Gorgeous Angel Boy

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Picture of Hemi - my Gorgeous Angel Boy, a male Himalayan

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"Hemi's busted...not supposed to be on the stove!!!"

Sex: Male   Weight: 8 lbs.
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See, I'm no angel...I've got the devil eyes to prove it!

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"See, I'm no angel...I've got the devil eyes to prove it!"

Starting off the new year right!!!

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"Starting off the new year right!!!"

Finally, a picture without the

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"Finally, a picture without the "red eyes"!"

Finding another hide-out

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"Finding another hide-out"

Snuggling with Si

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"Snuggling with Si"

Bathing Si

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"Bathing Si"

What do you think of my colors?

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"What do you think of my colors?"

I'm sticking my tongue out at you!

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"I'm sticking my tongue out at you!"

Trying to get comfortable...Position #1

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"Trying to get comfortable...Position #1"

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Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:

June 14th 2006

Seal Point

Being out of the 95 degree heat

Simon crying at him (he spits at Simon when he sees him)

Favorite Nap Spot:
Anywhere but outside

Favorite Food:
Anything put in front of him


Arrival Story:
I feed several stray cats every day. About 3 months ago, Hemi showed up with the others to be fed. Hemi became a regular very quickly and would wait for me. It didn't matter what time of day I'd put food out. He was there every time. At first he'd follow me but when I'd turn towards him, he'd go the other way. Then after awhile he let me pet him and eventually let me pick him up. I found that picking him up was the only way to quiet him. He has the loudest meow I've ever heard. He was starving for attention as much as he was starving for food. One day, I went to put food out and it was starting to rain again and he decided that he had had enough of being outside. He knows my car and he ran up to it and sat down. I walked over to the car, opened the door and he just looked at me. I picked him up and put him inside. He sniffed around and jumped out but sat down by my feet and looked at me. I picked him up, put him in the car and he laid down. We sat in the car in the pouring down rain. I thought for sure he'd freak out. He didn't move. I brought him in the house and put him in the spare bedroom. He doesn't venture out past the bedroom door much and he definitely has no desire to sit in the window sill. What does that tell you? He didn't know what a litter box is for. I had to lock him in the bathroom and put Sunny in with him to show him what to do. So if he has an owner, the owner did a lousy job!

If Hemi belongs to someone, they really don't deserve him! His fur was matted so bad. He's infested with fleas and the flea dirt is clumped together if that tells you anything. I had to clean his ears because I really don't think he was able to hear thru all the dirt that had built up. Then there's his eyes. He has beautiful blue eyes, but you couldn't tell because his eyes had so much stuff crusted up and caked on his lids that he couldn't even open his eyes all the way. Now that I wipe his eyes every day, I think he's sensitive to the light. Poor thing! He likes to be brushed so that helps, but the fur is still so matted on his underside and extremely matted behind his back legs. There's leaves and prickely stuff embedded in the mats and I'm sure he feels it every time he sits down. Unfortunately, he won't let me touch either area. It has to be shaved. There's no way around it. I'm not sure how old he is, but he is full grown. I brought him in on June 14, 2007 and I'm saying he's a year old as of that date until the vet tells me different.

Forums Motto:
I know what I want and it's not outside

Diary of the Day:
Sep 6,2007

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June 25th 2007 More than 8 years!

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Hemi the Himilayan

Hemi got his wings today

December 13th 2012 3:49 pm
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I never saw it coming...Hemi crossed the bridge this morning. He showed no signs that I remember. Hemi loved being near me and was always at my feet tripping me up or being right in the middle of whatever I was trying to do. I was always having to move him out of the way to accomplish my task. He would just meow at me and go right back to where I was trying to move him from. As much as he was always in my way, that's the one thing that I could count on...I always knew where he was.

He never jumped up on anything in the kitchen unlike the other kitties in the house. So, Hemi was always on the floor and under my feet. Yesterday when I came home from work, I started cleaning up the messes that the cats and dogs made. Hemi was laying on the floor in front of the guest bathroom door. When I went to clean the floor, like usual, I had to push Hemi out of the way to get in that bathroom. As I moved him, I realized all 4 of his paws, his complete underside as well as his tail were completely soaked with water. I had no idea what happened to him. Did he fall in the water bowl? He wasn't anywhere near the water bowls and there was no indication of a water trail, etc. What happened to him??? I will never know. He didn't seem to mind being all wet but he was completely dry everywhere else. I went and got a blanket and wrapped him up to dry him off and warm him up. The weather forecast had us forecasted for the 20s and I didn't want Hemi to catch a cold. I picked him up, he meowed at me while just looking at me and then he started purring. I set him back on the floor but he staggered and fell over for a minute then got back up and walked away. I knew something wasn't right.

I set him on the bed and had him wrapped in the blanket and turned the heating pad on to warm him up. He laid next to me all night long and purred and snored like he usually does. I stayed up all night and pet him, talked to him and gave him kisses. I wanted to make sure he knew he was loved and wasn't alone. All night I kept watching the clock because I knew I had to get up at 2:15am to get ready for work. I told him that once I got up, I'd put him in the guest bedroom in the dog kennel so that he'd stay safe. I was undecided whether I should get up at 2:15 and get ready for work or call in. I didn't want Hemi to be alone but I also didn't think he was going to leave me. All signs were normal during the night and I thought he'd still be with me when I came home from work.

At 2am, he got up and repositioned himself on the bed and laid back down. At 2:04 he cried out in pain, stretched his legs and feet all the way out from his body and started tensing up. He took a few gasps and that was it. His pupils were already fully dilated. I listened to his heart and he still had a heartbeat. I cried and cried and watched his face. At 2:07 I listened for a heartbeat and it was gone. My Hemi was gone. Hemi made the decision for me as to what I was going to do. He didn't want to be put in a kennel and he didn't want me to worry about him or miss work because of him. That was his final gift to me.

I can't believe my little boy is gone. He was only 6.5 years old, way too young to cross the bridge. I have no idea why he died and never thought that I'd be saying goodbye to him so soon. There's so many things about him I'm going to miss. He was a unique kitty and will never be forgotten. I hope to be reunited with him again someday. Until then, I hope he has fun at the bridge and waits for me with all the others that have gone before him. Hemi is and will always be my gorgeous kitty. Rest in peace sweet boy. Til we meet again. I love you Hemi and will miss you and think of you often.
Hemi 14 Jun 2006 - 13 Dec 2012


Another year older already!

June 14th 2010 12:43 pm
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Boy time is really flying! Wasn't it just last year I had a birthday??? Well, mom tells me it's my birthday again today!!! She tells me I get to have a birthday this day every year! Is that cool or what??? Mom must really love me or something!

So, mom clicked on the birthday stroll link that Catster was so nice enough to send us. It seems there's 449 kitties celebrating a birthday today. Their mommies must think they're special too if they get to celebrate a birthday today too! Glad to know I'm not the only lucky kitty in the world!!!

So, to all the kitties having a birthday today, I want to wish you all a very happy birthday and hope we all get to have many many more happy birthdays to come! Enjoy your day kitties!!!


"The" Diary of the Day!!!

September 6th 2007 7:42 pm
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Mom asked me who that handsome kitty is on the homepage that was picked as the Diary of the Day? She said he looks so familiar. Of course I just had to look to see who caught mom's eye this time. Guess who was staring back at me? ME! Woohoo! It's me on the homepage!!! ME! I'm was so excited! I just had to strut my stuff in excitement (and then reality set in when Simon came around and chased me back to the bathroom). Party pooper!!! It doesn't matter cuz Simon is just jealous!!! I'm still on the homepage today thanks to Catster!

Thank you Catster for selecting me as the Diary Pick of the Day! I am so honored. Out of the thousands of kitties with diaries, they chose me this time! Is today the best day or what!!! Thank you Catster for making my day!

So I've had a very exciting day fulfilling my duties as the DOTD kitty and now I'm exhausted. So I'm preparing myself for a cat nap right in the middle of the kitchen floor again. I talked about a showdown between me and the humans in my last diary. Well, I'm proud to announce that I'm winning!!! I'm still not moving so the humans are the ones changing...they either walk around me or step over me. I haven't been stepped on or kicked in several days now. Are they trained or what?!!!

Well, my time in the spotlight today is coming to an end. This day went by so fast. Don't you hate it when you want time to go slow, it goes fast and when you want time to fly, it takes furrever! Well today is one of those days. I don't want it to go fast and yet it flew by. I guess I can't complain because I actually got selected today. That is an honor in itself. Thank you again Catster for selecting me to grace the homepage today. I've had the best day EVER! You made it absolutely purrfect! If you haven't heard it today... Catster... you're the best!!!

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