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momma read me a story

momma read me a story

July 22nd 2011 5:11 pm
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Momma Momma i know you busy but please do you have time to read me a story. Yes I will little ernie this story called The Brothers
Once upon a time there were two boys each living in a different village. One day one of the boys was out fishing and the other boy seen him and ask whats you doing he said i a fishing would you like me to teach you sure said the other boy. Afterwhile the boys started to meet each day in this secret location cause both of their village were fueding. They shared stories, fished, treasure hunting and laughed. Forgetting about the troubles of the world they became like brothers. One day the villages started a war it was very bad brothers against brother, son against fathers it was so bad the two little boy had grown up by than and even if there hearts said no we will not fight they said we must stand by our villages. The two boys had seen so much evil during the war it change both of them and they would not remain pals no more. Time had past years gone bye one of the boys now an elderly man came home to try to make closure and find the boy he had so much loved as a boy to make peace again. But he found out this boy he grew up with had long passed away. This elderly man went to the spot were they had played as a boy and sat and cried his heart out knowing that it was to late to fix what the war had done.
The End

Oh momma that sad story I know Ernie but i want to learn in wars there are no winners only the sweet innocents ones get hurt. Ok momma i not fight no more i play nice with everyone and be there pals and i spread peace threw out catsterland too.
Yes sweet little ernie you are a good son to me i love you and time for you to go to bed now. Sweet dreams momma Sweet dreams little ernie




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