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Age: 9 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 8 lbs.

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Little Guy, Momma's Little Meerkat

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

April 3rd 2007


Cuddling, golf balls, feather boa, crinkly ball, napping on the wicker chair, exploring, chasing bugs, watching paper come out of the printer, drinking from YOUR cup, playing in Mom's scrapbook bag

being in the cat carrier

Favorite Toy:
Feathers & bell on a string!

Favorite Nap Spot:
between the scratching post & wall, contorted in crazy positions

Favorite Food:
Wellness wet & dry

Meow when someone says my name, "Come", Walking on a Leash, Official House Bug Patrol!


Arrival Story:
We've been searching for a feline touch in our lives again for weeks via and shelters. I then read in the paper that The O'Malley Alley Cat Organization was going to be at the local mall on Saturday (6/16/07) and we went for a visit. I submitted an application on Monday, visited again on Tuesday and on Thursday he's home sweet home!

Aden became the apple of my eye very easily. When I met him he was very lovable and exuded a confidence that I admired and truely felt would make him the perfect new member of our family. It was his fearlessness, plus those remarkable blue eyes when he gazes up during a cuddle that I soon knew that he was the one.

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
The world's a toy

The Last Forum I Posted In:
I want a cat

How I got my name::
After clicking around many sites for baby names and asking the Dogster forums, it was brought to my attention that since his rescue has an Irish name that browsing for a Celtic/Gaelic origin might be a good idea. Aden means "Little Fire", and anyone who knows him know he he's a little fireball with his toys, can warm up to you sweetly, and melt your heart all the same.

I've Been On Catster Since:
June 21st 2007 More than 9 years!

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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March 25th 2008 10:44 am
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So this morning, Mom's eyes fludder open, and there I am! As usual I'm belly-side up when the sun shines in on the bedroom.

She pets me, naturally, and I purr away. Then, her eyes squint as she starts pinching above my eye. Ow! She saw two little fleas! I could see the displeasure on her face considering it's been maybe two weeks since she applied some smelly stuff between my shoulder blades.

She corrals me again though, and holds me close. She's staring at me. I can feel it. Oh, just looking at my "scar" again. I can tell she hopes it won't be a scar, but progress has come to a halt. Yesterday she caught me playing with the dog that created that little cut above my nose...and she broke it up. She gets so worked up the days to a cat show.

Oh ya, this time I KNOW there's a cat show involved. There's pins laid above our reach, but fabric all over the house...draped here, folded there. It's like she's gotten into that for hopes she can be proud of her work, even if I myself get scrutinized by the judges for my obvious stamp of "I play too hard with my fur family". Her worst fear, she told me, was that they'll think I'm abused, or an outside kitty.

Speaking of outside, both my parents and the dogs walked in last night & there I ZOOMED! Mom almost caught my belly on the door, but for the sake tht I didn't get squashed just yelled loudly & hurried to get me, & I think the loudness scared me stiff as I rolled onto my back, (a trick I learned from the dogs). She scooped me up & brought me inside...I guess she decided that scare was enough for the night.

But I had something waiting for her! When she started gathering things for her bath last night she ran vomit! Haha! Actually, it was the pull on my Dad's heartstrings that probably allowed him to feed me more because one of the dogs raided my kitty food yesterday morning...thus my belly said: "No More" even though my head said: "More's never enough".

I think I'll go sleep in the bed's my favorite getaway.


The Houston Cat Show

January 10th 2008 5:37 pm
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Well, with freshly cut nails & a bath, (which included the dog's hairdryer), I knew this was going to be a LONG weekend. Which, for all you cat owners out there, don't try that at home; sure Mom came out of the whole "bath" ordeal without any scratches, but there was an intense amount of patience with the hairdryer...since I walked from one end of the bathroom to the other & back after I lost my OWN patience . She told me I had to because it was a cool weekend & I was shaking.

Scene 1:

It's Saturday morning. I deliberately remember Mom saying a 7:45 wake up call was in order...but the break of dawn came & still the bed was full of a sleeping family. A quick jerk at the top of the's Mom! She's talking all high pitched & hyper. It's 9:30. Check in at the cat show ENDED at 9:30. Mom quickly lowered her excitement down a notch but still paraded around the house gathering things. Really, there wasn't a lot. Camera, my carrier, leash, litter box & a water bowl. Surprisingly all the two legged family leg with me in my carrier and the DOGS were left at home. Mom would like to interpret my meowing as: "nanny nanny boo boo" to get to go somewhere while the dogs stayed at home, but everybody knows traveling in the car inside my carrier is the worst thing a cat can ever experience. At least I think so.

Scene 2:

Fast forward maybe 20 minutes, Dad drops us off at the front enterance of this bustling place. Just to observe this massive building and all the people walking this way & that I stopped my meowing. Mom walked up to the main table & explained our circumstances as this booming voice rang out from the heavens.

"Household Pets we need you in Ring 7, Household Pets"

Mom started to become antsy, & the lady behind the counter advised us to just report there with our new assigned number, (#349), & also told us where our "bench" was located. Mom rushed past rows & rows of kittys, their wide eyes watching as a simplistic blue & white Petmate carrier rushed past them. Once we reached our spot, which on our right was a cage decorated in a "Cheshire Cat" from Alice & Wonderland theme. Mom quickly scooped me from my carrier & curled me in her arms as...I! Under the bright lights we walked to the area, and after a little explaining at the table my number was placed ontop of a wire cage...directly next to another cat in a simular cage. Mom opened the door & I crawled out of her grasp easily...but I sniffed around significantly. Actually, Mom told me all the cats nearby seemed to be measuring up their surroundings just the same.

My eyes never shook from a lady, who walked from one side...took a cat out, spoke as she pet it, and then brought it back to it's cage. A small red & white ribbon was placed above their cage & their number card was placed down on the cage....woh! Wait! As my neighbor had this done, she lady opened my cage! She noted how I was "in great condition", flicked a feather before me, (acknowledged that a bright pink nose I was sported meant I was stressed), & then I joined my neighbors again. I was then brought into my kennel again...& after Mom realized I may want out, fitted me in my harness & leash & I greeted our Cheshire Cat "owners" nearby. I sat on his lap happily...until Mom said she needed to leave for a minute.

Later Mom shared with me that she was eating with Dad at the concession stand when the loudspeaker announced: "Congratulations Household Pet Numbers..." and 349 was called! There came Mom skidding across the corner as she made her way back to me & returned me to "the ring". Once back in my cage the lady took us out one by one & after each the crowd clapped. I was given an 8th place ribbon!

As Mom said thank you to the judge, which autographed it, we returned to our "bench" where a new person was on our left. Her cat had won 1st so Mom congratulated her. She also found out there's more than one ring to report to in a day...THREE on Saturday and THREE on Sunday! Mom couldn't believe it but talked to the right authorities to allow me to participate for the remaining of the day and also talked to someone about setting me up a wire cage like the others around me.

What Mom didn't know is that each cage had to have some kind of cover on the "roof". The man who set it up said she HAD to have one. Mom replied: "What you see is what I have", as she pointed to her purse, my blue & white carrier, and my litter box.

As Mom gained more insight to what at "Cat Show" involved, she also did a little shopping.

Now on my wire cage was blue padding which faced me & on the other a kitty print, (I'm guessing it was made to be a bed). Ok, I now have a roof over my head. What DID impress me, & still to this day, was this circular bed that is brown & blue printed poka dots. Not that I'm into the print, because I'm too manly, but curling up on it is comfy...and after a long weekend I still curl in it when I'm not in Mom's lap.

Scene 3:

We're getting comfortable. I use my litter box & everybody watches me dig to China & in a jovial tone, comments. I then meet a man judge, who is much quieter than my last judge...and I don't place.

Scene 4:

I'm laying around when they announce the agility ring is now open for those who want to practice. Haha! What a joke I made Mom look like! She bought me a new teaser, & I didn't acknowledge it...OR the other 3 that were provided by the people putting this shindig together. I did walk through the tunnel...because what kitty doesn't like to explore one? But all & all I just made my round along the edge of the enclosure like a tiger on parade.

Scene 5:

Mom tells Dad I won't have to participate in that. I'm becoming good pals with my neighbor & her owner even shares that story with people who stop by & take pictures of us both or asks questions. It's HOURS later until our catagory comes up again & both Mom & Dad look tired as they either chat or stare out into space. Half the time Mom leaves open the door to my cage & we share special moments. However, most of the time: I'm napping.

Scene 6:
I meet another man judge who calls me back! He did happen to put me in the weirdest position though...all four paws of mine were outstretched as if I was in mid-jump. Whatever, it was over quicker than ever. On our way back to the ring after the announcement our neighbor lady, whose cat has won each of our catagory in 1st place touches my nose & says something as we swirl by. Mom & Dad are overjoyed & return me into the ring. I get a 10th place ribbon!

------------------------------------------------- ----------

Day 2

There's no sleeping late today, although Mom & me just stake it out together. After setting up in the same fashion as yesterday I'm in my wire cage. We're announced to go to the ring as Mom brushes me with THE DOGS wire comb! Why can't I have attendants treat me like a king like those purebreeds! Oh well...I'm LOUD this morning. All my meows equal: GET ME OUT OF THIS CAGE! I'm at the front of my enclosure at the ring meowing, in the same monotone, as I'm taken out just 10 minutes from being in the building. I'm full of energy & as I'm out on the pedistal my neighbor who had a winning streak yesterday walks in. He's placed in his cage as Mom picks me up from mine.

Mom's unpacking our things and tells those around us that she didn't think we did good because I was so rowdy. As she opens up a book...we were called! Mom looks shocked but returns me to the ring like she's walking on sunshine AND grease lightening!

Both of my previous places are called - I peer out on the crowd & Mom looks like she doesn't have the slightest idea what place I made. He's down to his top 3...and I got a 3rd place ribbon! Mom talks excitedly to me as we walk back...something about "a great start to the day".

Scene 7

I'm really sleepy. About 5 minutes from the first call for Household Pets Mom starts playing with me. She seems nervous. Later she tells me the lady judge with red hair got started with her own Household Pet before going to purebreds and walking up the ranks at the CFA. She thinks a ribbon from her would mean a lot.

She puts me in the assigned cage...and I lay on all four of my feet in a corner. She fluffs a toy inf ront of each kitty's cage and I just half watch. In fact, she tries to play with a toy with every kitty...but when I'm on the stage she holds me & whispers: "It's ok" & doesn't try to play. I guess she felt that I was feeling like two days of this was plenty.

I didn't get called back.

Scene 8

As the day goes on Mom reads and I lay in my cage half sleeping as people walk by & speak to Mom. She's antsy & walks away sometimes to view some of the finals of the purebreed cats, & checks on the "status" of my next ring. She returns.

"Are you ok?"

She asks me. I think she thinks I'm sick as I'm really not responsive. She tries to play with me & I just look off to people passing or close my eyes. I can feel her getting worried.

At the end of the day I return to my last judge. I treat him the same if I'm just there but my mind is elsewhere. I can see Mom cringe as the judge announces before the winners that: "cats can be so playful & outgoing at home but this is different"...since I was very happy & playful...earlier.

Scene 9

Everyone around me is putting up their things. The Cheshire Cat duo's decoratins go down. Both kitties are laying there together as their owners pack. They joke about how proud they are of their "honorable mention" red & white ribbons that are given to every house hold pet ring participant. They do sport a 2nd place ribbon for decorated cage & Mom shares with them how she enjoyed their company & best of luck next time.

The cat to my left, which exchanged paw grabs with me earlier, also stares at me...just a wired cage between us. He has won 4 1st place ribbons & 1 2nd place ribbon out of 6 rings, (plus a personality trophy). His owner leaves with a friend and him & later when we look for them they are gone.


Epil og:

After the last judge Mom put me on my harness and let me roam as she put up our things. I was fine to get my feet dirty again, ruffle my hair this way & that, and truely enjoy life. I was again just another cat which greets my Mom on her way through the door and play with my family. I could feel her calm again and our routine, of me laying on her lap as she browses online, waking her after her alarm rings, are all the same except for enjoying my new round bed.

We'll probably join in on another cat show next month Mom says, but only for the reason to keep me famliar with what it's like...just to keep me outgoing rather than a homebody. There's always that want for NUMBER ONE, but after one of those Mom says I'll "retire" ;)

If your Mom or Dad shares with you my story, let them also share with you that you too can do don't have to resemble any purebred standard at all. All you have to do is get your nails trimmed, take a bath, & BE YOURSELF. Yes, being curious and enjoying a toy can mean ribbons!!


It's going to be a LONG night!

January 4th 2008 6:23 pm
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Hey all you cool cats out there...

What are you doing at almost 8:30 at night? Probably in a happier mood sleeping or cuddling than I am.

I just finished enduring a nail clipper to ALL FOUR of my nails. Cuddling with Mom near the computer soon became a tug of war as I didn't want her to extend my front nails for a trim. My back ones were roughened down a little...maybe it was from walking to & from our home to the truck this morning & evening.

I visited my "daycare" today. Mom caught me sleeping in the cat tree & took a picture of me without knowing.Isn't that silly? I'm sure she'll be my personal paporatizi tomorrow at the Cat Show but really...I just hear there's a bath in store tonight & that's plenty of info to keep me on my toes tonight.

Until later, my friends!

PS: I may have been sleeping, but when Mom said my name sweetly, with arms outstretched, I woke up & walked towards her. The lady who works there said I must be a "Momma's Boy"! What do you think?!

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