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Moo (this is the noise he makes when he is getting to trouble, which is often), Moo Cat, Moocakes, Bad Cat, Precious, Presh-presh, Mookissa

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-mixed breed-part feral-cat rescue

July 4th 2004

Orange Tabby

A stick with string on the end, nail files, water out of the sink, snuggling. Halloween, Autumn, Kitty kisses from his Lily Rose, His wonderful and many and loving Catster furriends!!!

The garbage truck.

Favorite Toy:
His stick and string~He puts it in his food and water dishes to take care of it. Sweet thing!

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The bath tub.

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Iams hairball and sometimes the dog's food.

He is a hunter kitty at heart, and he practicaly wrestles people...and wins!


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Living in Maryland, my husband was in charge of stray animals on the navy base we were living on. Someone brought in this 1 month-old kitten saying he was just found on the side of the road. My hubby decided he was so small and cute, that we would take care of him until we could find a home. Yeah right! Find a home! Anyone who tries to take this cat from me will lose life-and-limb, so help me ;0) Since my husband is in the Navy, he is away a lot, and Lancelot has been my companion in places there have been no other. Not to mention, without him in the house the dog and I would be so bored! He is constant entertainment, and frinds and houseguests know: Beware- he will attack, but he always wins everyone over immediately to the "dark side of Moo".

He rules the house, beats up the dog, and I could not imagine life without him!! Lancelot is on his way to Spain!!! Our whole family so excited that we will there! We have wanted to be stationed there for years, and Lancelot cannot wait to put his Spanish Adventures in his Diary!

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Boarding Squishy

July 27th 2010 4:22 pm
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Hola Amigos,

Been away awhile, but I had to comment on the new Catster article about cat boarding. eed-When-Inspecting-a-Cat-Boarding-Facility-223

Of course the bestest thing is when mama can find someone to watch us at home. Even if it only means a litter change and food once a day, at least the surroundings are familiar and I always know mama will come back to me as soon as she can.


The ideal is not always possible, and leaving our vulnerable, sweet, scared tailless selves in a boarding facility can mean SSSCCCAAARRRYYY to not only us but our loving pawrents.
Mama used to work at a vet/boarding facility and so did her mama and so did my old kitty-sitter.
Here is what we think of the article's advice:

DO demand the tour.
DO notice the smells.
DO know that cats and dogs DO NOT mix in boarding EVEN if they do at home.

Here is what you may not know about non-spa places:

1) The lil toys and bedding and stuff you bring goes in a labeled bag with Squishy's name and he doesn't ever see it. For good reason. Kitties tend to mess on things when they are stressed (I think you know this) and the boarders don't want to be responsible for your property. If your kitty is getting his cage changed as often as he should, then they do not have time to make sure that his items are cleaned and make it in the right cage again. Hospital towels are best. They are always clean and changed as often as necessary.

PS- unsupervised toys are dangerous.

2) Kitties like small spaces. This means the leveled cages that the article warns against. YES, ideally a kitty condo all by his lonesome with no dogs in the building is pawsome!! But that is spa living with spa prices and not always available in all areas. I know it seems REALLLLLLLLLLLLY mean to keep a loved one in a small cage for a couple days to a week, when they are used to the run of their imagination, but think of this: they are scared and uncertain. They don't want to play or make friends. They want YOU and HOME. And if they cannot have that, then they need to feel secure. That means small area, no dogs, and a towel to crawl under when it gets too much.

3) "Your kitty will get played with every day!" Nope. And the reason is #2. Your kitty just wants to feel safe and get home. Imagine the stress of getting used to your surroundings, then: BAM out of the cage, BAM string, BAM brush. Yea- most kitties say, "no thank you." If the stay is very long, then that is a different story, and a reputable place would take that responsibility seriously and actually go out of their way- not because you are paying out the nose, but because a good staff understands boundaries, purrsonalities, and they love kitties. (Remember the follow your instincts advice.)

PS- and this important- your kitty is NOT NORMAL in a boarding facility. He doesn't want the same things he does at home, and he does not act the same as at home. Aggressive kitties become introverted and sweet lovies become clawing crazies. The reason is the same: They don't know what or why this is happening. The staff will do what they can to keep your kitty calm and eating and clean. That sounds like kitty jail, but in truth it kind of is kitty jail. There is no way to explain the WHY to them. But that does not mean that Squishy is not safe and well taken taken care of.

4) Some kitties love to be boarded. There are many exceptions to the rule. If your loved one is hiding under his towel, he may be ignored most the time except for food and litter changing. And this is most likely what a scared and untrusting kitty on a short stay wants. However, some kitties are just plain flirts, and if they show a WANT for attention, play, brushing, etc. chances are a good place will accommodate that kitty no matter how busy. The reason is that many people work at one facility, and almost ALL love kitties and eventually they fall prey to the same charm you know and love.

PS- The charmers are not who you would guess. See the PS of #3. A good staff knows how to accommodate, and the more one kitty stays with that staff, they even better know. It is in their interest and Squishy's interest that his needs are met.

5) Just because it is not a spa, it does not mean it is a bad place to leave Squishy. Trust word of mouth, your nose, your instincts. Just don't expect him to see his "favorite mousie" you left behind. ;0)

6) A piece of mind: If Squishy stayed longer than 3-4 days, a good place should have something to say. Such as, "He loved when I pet between his nose and forehead." or "He didn't eat much; he was stressed." A good place is honest. The more they see Squishy, the more they love him. Mama remembers many repeat boarders. And that was nearly 10 years ago.

!!MOST IMPORTANT!! Notice how Squishy acts after he comes home. Hopefully you know the difference between "you will pay for leaving me" blues and "I was traumatized" frightened. If you do know the difference, listen to Squishie, and again: trust your instincts as a loving pawrent.


Neighbor Kitty

October 30th 2009 3:37 pm
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You may have heard of the neighbor kitty that comes around. He is an outside kitty or as we call them here, free range.

Well, he came around the other day and Mago was all kinds of nuts. As usual. He was at the bedroom window making weird noises and he was all fluffed up on his back and his tail looked like a bottle brush! MOL.

Mama came and saw what was making him crazy and she laughed. I was there too, but I just kinda went "Mow" halfheartedly, because I don't threaten easily.

And Mago kept going CRAZY! Then mama went out later and saw that the neighbor kitty had pooped RIGHT there in front of us at that window!! The Nerve!

Not 2 days later The Trucks came for neighbor kitty's house. If you are from military, then you know The Trucks mean that you are leaving. Mama hoped and prayed that even though neighbor kitty was free range, that the family had bottled him up before the Truck Stress. (Not to mention this is 2 days before Halloween!)

Then she came home from work and saw none other than neighbor kitty peeing in OUR flower garden! She tried to approach him, but he is very skittish. But she got close enough to see that his fur was all funny like he never got luvies or brushies, and she started to get scared the family was not very attentive to their kitty. (Although she had suspicions.)

If you have read some old diaries of mine, you know that shipping pets back to The States is expensive and time consuming and too many people just abandon their pets.

Tonight, mama had a talk with daddy about neighbor kitty. He said that maybe they did not own him. Maybe they have just been feeding him. Mama then asked daddy that the next time he saw them, that he ask if neighbor kitty was ACTUALLY their kitty or if they had just been feeding him. If they have just been feeding him, then we will take over feeding him.

At least if they are abandoning him, it will let us know.

He is a skittish kitty about being close to humans, so it may be hard to tame him into unfree-range kittydom.

However, they may take him when they leave, but I doubt it somehow.
I just don't understand some people.



Angel Calvin

October 26th 2009 3:32 pm
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Like so many of you, I am thinking of Calvin and his family today. Never before have I wished so hard I could reach across the internet and give someone hugs. Calvin's family love him so very much and I know their hearts are breaking over losing such a wonderful soul.

I try to remember through my tears that he lived 18 happy years with his loving family and passed to the bridge before he was very sick or in lots pain, but he is irreplaceable in all our hearts and we will all miss him so much.

Kitties really are angels just borrowed from heaven for the all too short time they are here. Calvin was always an angel, but now he is an angel looking over his family and furriends.

We love you, Calvin.

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