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Dear Diary


May 26th 2010 7:02 pm
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What an icky week this has turned out to be.

First, our lovely Catster site was taken over by ALIENS who changed all the things we liked about Catster into a huge jumbled up, stinky "litter box" (to borrow Samoa's term). We did not really like the green, but this new one is just gross. It is so hard to find anything through all of the ads from questionable vendors and the "Catster Community" that is literally about to fall off into the deep blue abyss. We can't find our pages without having to jump through several hoops, our backgrounds are all goofed up, and our homepage is not easily accessible. We want to be able to see the COTD/COTW/Diary pick, all of out recent rosettes, and The Cat's Meow! We also liked seeing the new cats that have joined too. One of the reasons we joined Catster Plus was to decrease, or rather eliminate, the tons of ads on our pages. Mom is sooooo disappointed to see that was thrown out the window with the new changes. The only page in our family that even looks half way decent is Shadow's page.

The next bad thing that happened this week is that mom took me to the V-E-T, because of the severity and frequency of my attacks on Cleo! I have lost ANOTHER pound and a half! That means I am down to 8 pounds 12 ounces. They STOLE my blood and wrote nearly TWO PAGES worth of information about me, and my behavior. They may be prescribing Prozac to try to calm me down a bit. It all depends on the results of the blood work. The good news is that my murmur is at a II-III and she said that otherwise I looked like a healthy kitty :). She was very nice (minus the vampire thing)and spent lots of time with mom offering suggestions about what could be done to help ease the tensions at home. The vet seemed impressed about how knowledgeable mom is about our care, how could she expect anything different? Mom asked about grain-free, high protein, low carb wet food and she mentioned some flavors of Fancy Feast and Purina DM (BOO HISS). Mom asked about Evo or Blue Wilderness instead and she acknowledged that was a "very good food". She mentioned Wellness also. The prices were expensive, but not out of the expected. I guess it pays to be informed.....

Thanks Catster for that, but PLEASE BRING BACK OUR FAMILY HOMEPAGE!!!!!!

Purred by: Gleek (Catster Member)

May 26th 2010 at 7:47 pm

Sorry to hear you had some bad stuff happen at the vet's office. Those vampires can be wicked. Has your Mom tried the Feliway stuff to see if that would help? I don't know about Prozac, but I'm on Valium for my seizures and I'm mellow as can be! But, I was never very aggressive in the first place. Sending purrs that you get that weight back!
Purred by: Sebastian (Catster Member)

May 26th 2010 at 7:51 pm

Yep, mom has tried both Rescue remedy and Feliway. Neither one of them have worked on me.




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