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Dear Diary

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May 26th 2010 7:02 pm
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What an icky week this has turned out to be.

First, our lovely Catster site was taken over by ALIENS who changed all the things we liked about Catster into a huge jumbled up, stinky "litter box" (to borrow Samoa's term). We did not really like the green, but this new one is just gross. It is so hard to find anything through all of the ads from questionable vendors and the "Catster Community" that is literally about to fall off into the deep blue abyss. We can't find our pages without having to jump through several hoops, our backgrounds are all goofed up, and our homepage is not easily accessible. We want to be able to see the COTD/COTW/Diary pick, all of out recent rosettes, and The Cat's Meow! We also liked seeing the new cats that have joined too. One of the reasons we joined Catster Plus was to decrease, or rather eliminate, the tons of ads on our pages. Mom is sooooo disappointed to see that was thrown out the window with the new changes. The only page in our family that even looks half way decent is Shadow's page.

The next bad thing that happened this week is that mom took me to the V-E-T, because of the severity and frequency of my attacks on Cleo! I have lost ANOTHER pound and a half! That means I am down to 8 pounds 12 ounces. They STOLE my blood and wrote nearly TWO PAGES worth of information about me, and my behavior. They may be prescribing Prozac to try to calm me down a bit. It all depends on the results of the blood work. The good news is that my murmur is at a II-III and she said that otherwise I looked like a healthy kitty :). She was very nice (minus the vampire thing)and spent lots of time with mom offering suggestions about what could be done to help ease the tensions at home. The vet seemed impressed about how knowledgeable mom is about our care, how could she expect anything different? Mom asked about grain-free, high protein, low carb wet food and she mentioned some flavors of Fancy Feast and Purina DM (BOO HISS). Mom asked about Evo or Blue Wilderness instead and she acknowledged that was a "very good food". She mentioned Wellness also. The prices were expensive, but not out of the expected. I guess it pays to be informed.....

Thanks Catster for that, but PLEASE BRING BACK OUR FAMILY HOMEPAGE!!!!!!


WOO HOO!!!!!! Today is my birthday!!!!!

April 30th 2010 6:16 am
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I am 9 years old today :)....


Sebastian LeBrat, "The Great Houdini Cat"

April 15th 2010 8:33 pm
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I just saw where my sister posted that she laughed at my great escape.... I am feeling the need to explain my position.....

You see, we had already been stuffed in our carriers for the fourth day of our journey across country. We had just left our "new house" and I was NOT PLEASED AT ALL! I was tired of traveling, my ears felt oh so funny, and I wanted it all to end, yesterday! As we were driving down the road, nearing Snoqualmie Pass in Washington, mom kept hearing this crashing/banging noise from the back seat. She was planning on stopping at the next exit to find out what the trouble was when she looks into her rear view mirror. Imagine her surprise she saw my gray and white furry face pop up out of nowhere! She asks, "Hello, where did you come from"? Ummm, DUH!

Well, I started to panic. I have never been free to roam inside of a vehicle, especially a moving one. I immediately climbed over the piles in the back seat into mom's lap and ever so desperately tried to get on the floor board under mom's feet! She scruffed my squirming self as she pulled over to the side of the highway (there were not any exits close). Cars and trucks were passing us at 70-80 MPH. Mom had to think quick. She knew that trying to step outside of the car would be incredibly risky. Not only for me, but for her too. I have to say I am truly impressed with how she managed to twist around in her seat while holding me (seat could not be moved back or even laid back). She stuck me back inside my carrier and triple checked to ensure it's security. It wasnt until later that she realized, I crawled out through the bottom of the door! The bottom part on one side was not secured, the other part had broken! Despite being completely freaked out over the whole thing, whenever she thought about my little head popping up into her rear view mirror, she had to laugh.

Anyway, when we got to our new place, the first thing I found was the top of the refrigerator. Then the top of the cabinets. Then I found the water heater. I was investigating the water heater when somehow I managed to get myself stuck! I started crying and squirming, and scratching, trying to get out, all to NO avail! The only thing mom could get a hold of was one foot and my tail. Mom grabbed my tail and quickly pulled me out. She felt bad for having to do that, but I was stuck, and if I went all the way down she would have had a hard time helping me get out.

I love sitting in the window of the bedroom. It is right over the bed, and my favorite thing to do is leap out of it while mom is sleeping. I usually land right on her stomach. I have earned yet another nickname.... Kamikaze Kitty..... MOL.....


My "great" escape

February 21st 2010 1:11 pm
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Mom was coming back into the house when I saw my chance. I snuck out of the door! UNNOTICED! Mom shut the door, and I was outside! Well, sort of. I did not last very long because it was two seconds later that I was crying to get back in. Fortunately mom was still close to the door. When she opened it, I bolted back in the house. Mom laughed and called me a "wimp" and told me that I knew better than to run out of the apartment. Do you think I am a wimp?

Things are a little crazy here, there are boxes EVERYWHERE. It makes playing fetch really fun though, running/jumping through the maze, hehehe.....


It's a Mystery

February 3rd 2010 2:07 am
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And so there we were, Cleo, Mom and I sleeping on the bed when all of a sudden there was a HUMONGOUS crash! Whatever could have caused such commotion? It wasn't me, mom saw me peacefully laying in my Morgan's bed. It wasn't Cleo, she was laying on mom's pillow. And well, mom was sound asleep, so it wasn't her either. There must be a ghost in here! What could it have been?


Somethings happening here.....

January 21st 2010 6:12 pm
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Mom is boxing things up.... she keeps saying she has "too much stuff" and "it all needs to go" and then there were the "get rid of everything and start over" comments..... I was watching her do all of this and offering to help, but she said "no Sebastian, I dont need your help right now".....

Well then she went into her closet and found all kinds of goodies! Including one orange, over stuffed, wonderfully smelling envelope...... I couldn't resist, I HAD to stick my nose, and then my whole head into that envelope. Mom turns around to see that I found a catnip cigar. "Sebastian, that isn't really helping me" she says..... "But mooooom, you CANT get rid of this! Tell me you aren't sending this wonderfully smelling, catnip laced, cigar away! Pllleeeeaaaasssseeeeeee, can I have it?"...... I gave her my cute face and of course, she gave it to me! But she HAD to, I mean, who could resist this face :D

I tried asking for the other stuff in that envelope too, but to no avail..... mom stuck it in a suitcase for safe keeping. I think Cleo and I are getting our own suitcase for our travels :) But mom is not sure that all of our stuff will fit into one suitcase. I hope that doesnt mean that the rest of our stuff is going away :O......


Blame it on the moon

January 3rd 2010 11:39 am
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Boy have I been getting into trouble lately! I have been attacking Cleo, not leaving her alone at all. Last night I lost all control and kept going after her, she was growling like a mountain lion (mom is actually quite amazed that someone has not complained about the "mountain lion" living downstairs, that girl can GROWL!), mom kept telling me to STOP and LEAVE HER ALONE! Oh and ONE MORE TIME.... Well, I wound up being banished from the bedroom. Cleo stayed in with mom, I was officially in time out.

I was out there for a while before mom opened the door back up. I attacked Cleo one more time. Mom told me to stop again, this time, I did and fell asleep in my Morgan's bed.

Sorry mom and Cleo, I dont know what got into me. I just wanted to play :(


Dear Santa Paws?, Claws?, Claus????

December 3rd 2009 12:09 pm
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Dear Santa,

Mom is always telling me that I better be good because YOU are WATCHING and making your list of who is naughty and who is nice. I hope you were watching mom as she TRICKED me into snuggling with her right before she stuffed me into the cat carrier and took me to the v-e-t. That wasn't nice, dont you think? I think she needs 20 lashes with a wet noodle, on the head; and while you're at it, can you send the vet Dr. Gaines some coal? He shot me, TWICE :( and then pressed his fingers into my belly and put his cold stethoscope on my chest. That was mean too, wasn't it?

I hope you saw how good I was at the vet, no crying at all. And I only made a few squeaks on the way there too. Can I use that as credit for the bad things I have done? I dont really mean to be so cruel to my sister. I can't help playing with electrical cords. Nor can I help sticking my nose into other places it doesn't belong.

And while I have your attention, here is my Christmas list:

1. foam soccer balls
2. pom poms
3. a new snuggly bed
4. more time with mom
5. foam soccer balls
7. feather toys
8. batteries for my under cover mouse
9. Did I mention foam soccer balls and pompoms?
10. and can I ride in your sleigh? I PROMISE to be good ;)

Thank you,
Sebastian LaBrat

Note: my vet visit was really good! The doctor could not hear my murmur and said my heart rate was really good! I am however still losing weight :( 10 pounds 1 ounce.... down two ounces since May. He also acknowledged that Wellness Core is a good food! Apparently a new vet in the office provided him information on some new catfoods :) He said he doesnt want me to gain weight or lose anymore and mentioned that my weight loss could be a predictor of Hyperthyroidism even though my numbers were normal when tested in May. He told mom to use whatever method works for me to continue to take my pills, I say give me the wet food! MOL


So incredibly sad

December 2nd 2009 11:21 am
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The tears are truly streaming. We just received word that a fellow cat lover passed away quietly in his sleep. He lived alone with four cats Missy, Taz, Zippi, and Ole Gray. We are thankful that he was not in any pain, but are deeply saddened by his loss. Please purr for his family and his four precious babies. Missy has a Catster page and can be found here:

The entire family can be found here:

Missy: ?apid=13720

Taz: aspx?apid=16833

Ole Gray: 3

Zippi: d=22431


Just me and mom

November 9th 2009 9:09 am
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Don't you love the days when your subject stays home and gives you all the love and pets you can handle? I could get used to this!

Things have been kinda crazy here.... Mom has officially finished her Master's degree and has been talking to a recruiter abut a job in SEATTLE! I'm not so sure about this Seattle talk, after all, I am a small town mid-western boy and Cleo says it rains a lot and said there are lots of trees and mountains and even an ocean nearby. Ocean=fish, BLEH ( fish makes me feel icky, mom thinks I may have a fish allergy, anytime I eat it I get sick). Oh well, if we go, Cleo can have my share :)

Between Cleo and I, we will keep you posted as to the happenings around here..... first things first though, mom MUST pass the national board exam.... *looks at mom "hit those books"*

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