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I wanna go outside!


September 18th 2007 9:44 am
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I have been given a special treat and am able to write this short note.

I just want to let my huMom know that I am fine and doing wonderfully.

This is a wonderful place, Mom. You wouldn't believe all of the open spaces we have to run and play in! Trees to climb and hide in, all sorts of little critters to chase and catch (but we never hurt them, because here, that would be wrong). I have made SO many friends! Even kitty friends, something that I would never do when I walked the earth.
In fact, I made a new friend this past week-end. A cute little schnauzer named Sydney. She told me that her huMom knows you! How cool is that?
Sydney was a bit nervous at first but me and the others (boy! are there a lot of others!) showed her around and introduced her to the Master and she settled in quite nicely. She is worried about her huMom, so, if you could, could you tell Christy that Sydney is doing fine?

Mom, I know that your heart is still very heavy because I had to leave you but, please, know that I am doing just fine.
I am able to 'pop' in on you, every once in awhile, to make sure that you are doing OK. I see you sad, so many times, and I do so wish that I could give you a head hug and let you know that everything will be fine, that I am doing well and am happy. Don't get me wrong, I miss you, very much, but, well, things are different now.
I think you know when I am around, for you stop and look and listen. Sometimes, while you sleep, I curl up next you and you reach out to pet me.

It never rains here, but, for some reason, everything is green and the flowers are always in bloom.

Mom, I know that you miss me dreadfully. I also know that you would like to have another kitty in your life. It's OK, Mom. I understand. We both know that no kitty can ever come close to 'replacing' me, after all, I was the bestest kitty to ever walk the earth! MOL*
But, Mom, you have a big enough heart to hold onto me (and Bat and Cubby - who, by the way, send their love) and to share yourself with another kitty.
In fact, I know for certain that there is a special kitty who needs you. You are just too deaf to hear the plaintive mews that are being sent to you. So, clean out those ears and listen for the mews!

I gotta go now, Mom. The Master is calling me for some special one-on-one time.

I love you, Mom.
Head hugs and purrs,

Guess who I get to sleep with (when I want)? Cricket!!!
Yup, little Cricket met me at the Bridge, when I arrived! It was SO great to see her again! She says 'hi' and sends her love, too.

*meowing out loud


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