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It's a pleasure to pet my silken fur

A new job for me...

November 27th 2004 7:34 am
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I wonder if they let cats work for Merrick? If so, I should really apply to be a taste tester!

On Wednesday, when my mom was sick, she managed to open a can of Grammy's Pot Pie wet food for me (with some difficulty, I might add due to her stomach flu). She claims that I was supposed to share it, but I think she's just teasing. I ate the WHOLE thing all by myself and I am not ashamed! It was tasty!!

Then, on Thanksgiving, I got to eat the Thanksgiving Day wet food, again - supposed to share, but this time Oscar did get to eat at least some of it. I can't help it - it's so good!

Today, my mom was getting ready for her shower and I was waving my paw frantically under the door to get her attention. When she opened the door, I told her in Squirrel that I loved her, and started to mark her & purr my head off.

I love my family!*

*except for Beckham, but he's occasionally tolerable




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