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The Eternal Battle by Sister Sparky Marie-Louise of the Stinky Pokey Paw- Order

Cat show!

February 26th 2005 8:22 pm
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My mom went to a cat show today and brought me back some treats. She got me a new fur ball, I don't know why she would think I want that though...I swear another cat must come up behind me at night in the stairway and caterwaul and then run away when my mom comes to see what's going on. It is not me! I am far too dignified for that.

And I must add that I hate dogs! Adora comes up to me and starts butt-rumbling and doing little barks, which makes me angry. So naturally I growl and hiss, which only brings Beckham over and then he starts barking at me and trying to pin me down because I'm yelling at her. Dios mio...


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